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-f ^fy\\\\ 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Trinity College School 

crmmay cocceq'e school 


VOLUME 97, 1993-94 



^Ai • ^«r h" M^^n 



Paul Futhey 

Associate Editors 
AshlcN Barr 
Ijura Kucey 

Alc\ Chcni; 
Courtney Christ 
Hoalher Graves 
Jason Liddell 
Brian Proctor 
Max Saegert 
Christie Will 
Scott Winfield 
Rodger Wright 

Ads: Jeff Ruhl 

Neil Stevenson 
Patrons: Sean Dempsey 

Tamara Kavander 

Rage Design/Typing 

Anthony Black 
Scott Feddery 
Courtney Green 
Bnxik Hamilton 
Jeremy Hammond 
Tamara Kavander 
Steve McCuaig 
Drew McFadzean 
Alex McMillan 
Richard Nanka-Bruce 
Michael Pihoresky 

Staff Advisor 

Mr Bruce Grandfield 

Special Thanks 

Michael Wallace 




Head Prefect 

Speaker of Debating 

Julian Whike 

Kabir Jamal 

School Prefects 

Editor of the Record 

Tara Hamilton 

Paul Futhey 

Brett Hayhurst 

Stephen Lee 

Head of Pat Moss 

Garth Nichols 

Michael Pohoresky 

Kyle Nichols 

Isabel Tremblay 

Head of Week-end 

Ceri Warwick-Foster 


Adam Cota 

Heads of Houses 

Bethune: Francois Bourbeau 

Head of TEAC 

Bickle: Kabir Jamal 

Tara Hamilton 

Brent: Rob Magwood 

Bums: Sarah Keelan 


Hodgetts: Jamie Geekie 

Daniel Salmon 

Ketchum: David Crosbie 

Scott: Rachael Scott 

Head of TIDE 

Group Effort. 

Head Sacristan 

Michael P^horesky 




Fall Term 


Winter Term 


Spring Term 






Speech Day 




Gord Turner (12) Landscape Box Project 


I "^ •• 



■ 2lp^ 1 


■A :- ^•^^"^. 

: 1 

^H /». ^T^ ■ 


■%..-\.- • 



^^^^^^L_ '^L^^^^fl 

Andrew Angus (9) Holiday Shin Project 

This actually Is a painting 



^^BS^iisi^"' HCYI 



1 ^r ^^':*?* ^.'' i~^jiM- Ji 


1^ ^■-iwai-i^..*^ 



O.A.C. Group Project In Oil Paslels 

Group Project (10) Raining Cats and Dogs 

Note: Sean Dempsey would like everyone to know that if the space were available, his proj- 
ect would have been in this book. Since it isn't, it was decided that his name should be men- 
tioned anyway, because he's such a great guy. 




Director of Admissions 

Mr. R. Wright 

Mr. B. Proctor 


Director of Guidance 

Mr. J Gcalc 

Mr. P. Godfrey 

Asst. Head, Academics 

Office Manager 

Mr. G. Junes 

Mr. J. Prince 

Asst. Head. Student Life 

Food Services Manager 

Miss. V. Turnbull 

Mr. E. Bogy ay 


Head Nurse 

Mr E. Norenius 

Mrs. J. Kedweil 

Director of Development 

Property Manager 

Mr. D. McCart 

Mr. L. Adamcryck 


Mrs. N. Alldred (Grades 7,8) 

Mr. D. Allen (Economics) 

Dr. R. Bermingham (Mod. Lang.) 

Mrs. P. Dew (English) 

Dr. M. DuBroy (English) 

Mr. P. Elsley (History) 

Miss L. Falco (Phys. Ed.) 

Ms. L. Goos (Science) 

Mr. B. Grandfield (English) 

Mr. A. Gregg (Art) 

Mr. S. Haberer (Science) 

Mrs. M. Hargraft (Maths) 

Mr. T. Hay (Phys. Ed.) 

Rev. T. Heaven (Librarian) 

Mr. B. Hedney (Science) 

Mr. W. Hobbs (History) 

Mr. P. Kedweil (Mod. Lang.) 

Mr. T. Langford (Maths, Comp.) 

Mr. R. Large (English) 

Mrs. G. Malenfant (ESL) 

Mr. D. McCord (Classics) 

Mr. A. McDonald (Science) 

Mr. J. McGee (Music) 

Mrs. M. MuUoy (Science) 

Mr. B. Phillips (History) 

Mr. B. Ramsay (Computers) 

Mr. R. Reynolds (Geography) 

Mr. C. Robert (History) 

Mr. L. Robling (Geography) 

Mr. M. Sandford (Maths) 

Fr. J. Seagram (Chaplain) 

Mr. J. Seagram (English) 

Mr. M. Sinnott (Music) 

Mrs. M. Sinnott (Mod. Lang.) 

Mr. M. Stevens (Maths) 

Mr. H. Stooshinoff (Art) 

Mrs. S. Tarasick (Classics) 

Mr. S. Taylor (Science) 

Mrs. L. Taylor (Maths) 

Mr. L. Thornton (Mod. Lang.) 

Mr. C. Venter (Computers) 

Mr. T. White (Athletics) 


■■\ TO THE 

"Come on, sing 

"Come on, let's 
get that brain in 

"You're gated, 
you're gated, 
you're gated, and 
you re gated " 

"I walked into 
the riKim. and I 
was surrounded 
by naked men!" 

The star of 
"Weekend at 
Bemie's " 

^ I 

Hit the DeVry 
grad. win the 

"Yes, I was 
pretty angry last 
night . . ." 
(Sir. you never 
get angry.) 

"You loser, why 
don't you put two 
and two together 
and gel your 
mark? " 

"Yes, score 
there. That will 
be^vf buhpees 

•Hev bud! 

A Chcmislwy 


Head of the aht 

"I thmk you 
should ice il for 
15 minutes this 

"Hold on. we 
have 8.3 seconds 
left to lake this 






AT T.C.S. 




1 U^ ^ 

k 1 










This year's running of the Oxford Cup 
was once again a cherished event. With 
many students, parents, faculty. Old 
Boys, Old Girls, and dogs in the run- 
ning, it made for an interesting show. 

Hamish Cowan won the cup for the 
third consecutive year, narrowly beating 
Adam Cota. As well, Adam Cola and 
Andy Harrison won the ro<im-mate cat- 
egory coming in 2nd and 5th respec- 
tively. Jon Saul, (junior faculty) placed 
a solid 4th. and Ainslie Ellis and Ted 
Wright both won their age group divi- 
sions for the second year in a row. With 
Hamish graduating, the field opens for 
a new champion to be crowned next 



On September 19ih the whole ^ehool 
took part in the Terrj' Fox Run. The pur- 
pose of the run was to raise funds for 
Cancer Research while doing it together 
as a group. (It's that bonding thing . . .) 

While some were serious and ran the 
whole way. some walked, some pushed 
babies, some dribbled, and others walked 
backwards for ten kilometres! That's not 
too shabby for an early Sunday morning! 
Anyway. Trinity raised about S4.880 
from the efforts of runners and their 
sponsors, and the event could very well 
be repeated next year. (Note: The pic- 
ture at top right is of The Terry Fox 



Back Row (L to R): Mr. Wright. Mr. Robert (coach). P. Futhey. S. Lee. K. Nichols. J. Geekie, G. Nichols, P. Sword. C. Begg. B. Spiewak, 
Mr. Skanks. (coach), R. Scott (mgr). Front Row: R. Rodrigues. R. Reid, C. Christ, J. Whike, M. Pizzuto, R. Leesui, M. Pirtovshek. W. Kellett. 

Upon our loss in the '92 ISAA fi- 
nals, we, the returning Bigside Soc- 
cer players, passionately promised 
Mr. Robert that we would win in 
'93. However, this was not to be. 
The collection of talented, jovial, 
committed, and kind players that 
compromised this year's team gra- 
ciously accepted third place in an ex- 
tremely competitive league. Regard- 
less, our lack of anticipated triumph 
was greatly overshadowed by the 
sheer enjoyment of being on the 
team. Many players would agree 
with Mr. Robert that Bigside Soc- 
cer was the memorable team with 
which to be involved. Thanks heart- 
ily to the coaches, Mr. Robert and 
Mr. Skanks. 



I Ins Pa(!c S(Kiiis<ircil B> MR & 
\\\js l">MI M( II IX I'M MA 

Back Row (L to R): E Lee. J-F Jourdain. P Rowe. J Walker. W Ma. A Ennals Middle Row: Trina. 
H Tong. J Herrera. T J Anderson. .A Hamilton. K Oniland. Mr. McDonald (coach). Mr Wright 
Front Row: R. Magwood. I Lcderer, T. Adantek. R Armstrong. P. Richer. R. Fernandez. S.H Lee 

This season the Middlesuli- 
Soccer Raiders made iheir 
mark on ihe rest ol the I.SAA. 
hierallv ' The leam \^as lackinj; 
in skill, hut made up lor it \a ith 
their aggressive play." 

We were captained by the 
mild mannered Tom Adamck. 
and the intamous "Red Canl" 
Richer, who led by example 
We Mitlered some early losses 
but finished oil the regular 
season by beating the unde- 
feated SAC squad, and a 
strong team from Country 
Day. We fell apart though, in 
the semi-final tournament 
against Pickering, as "rumble 
stick boy" KrisOmland, look 
on the whole Pickering leam 
(with a little help from a few 
leam-matesl) We wduld like 
to thank Mr. McDonald for 
his patience with this motley 
and disreputable crew . 


Back Row: (L to R): Mr Stevens (coach), C. Re/a. F Dc Palma. N. Ixik-Jak, B. Fraile. L. 
La\m. P Dc Palma. J .Milloy. Mr Wright Front Row: E Zavala. J Ni/iol. M Chestnut. 
J Costello. J Garcia. T Trueh,i 

N Fascl. 

Ihc 1993 version ol Litilc 
side Soccer was definitely one 
to be remembered. Led by 
captains Malt Chestnut and 
Joe Costello, the team man- 
aged a respectable ."ith place 
in the ISAA, and would have 
placed higher if not for some 
uniimeK injuries. The team 
proved thai they were a force 
to be reckoned with as they 
were the sole team to heal 
every other squad in the league 
at least once. The> were made 
up of many characters includ- 
ing the Mexican connection, 
the De Palma brothers, Nick 
Fasel and Andrew Sword. 
Many of these players will 
definitely make their marks on 
Trinity Soccer over the years. 
Many thanks to Mr. Stevens 
for a !:reat season 



This Page is Sjxinsored by MR. & MRS. 

Back Row (L to R): F. Bourbeau. M. Bayne. L. Arnoldi. A. McMillan. S. McCuaig, E. Laakkio, S. Martin, J. Trenholme, Joe Maynard. 
M Boisvcn. J. Maynard. C. Ball, B. Mumford. M. Saegert. J Powell. F.J. Cook. Mr. Powell (coach). Mr. Allen (coach). Middle Row: 
Mr Langford (coach). Trina Bear. C. Snaith. K. Rodrigues. J. Payandeh. A. Harrison. R. Gorrie. T. Howell, K. Chan, T. Grant. B. Lee. 
R. Ogilvie. A. Virick. R. Jamieson. F Chapdelaine. K Antaki. N Remillard. Mr. Watson (coach). Mr. Wright Front Row: J Kopas. D. 
Yiu. S. Casgrain. R. Nanka-Bruce. M. Denault. B Hayhurst, B. Clarke, J. Lloyd, C. Khaltar, D Swackhamer, E Howell, M. Ross. K. Big- 
nell. R Hansson. D Crosbie 

The 1993 Bigside Football team was one 
that did not possess any individual stars. 
We were a team composed of hard-working 
individuals who were striving for one goal: 
to become Three-peat Champions. We re- 
ceived a rude awakening against SAC and 
from there, we knew victory- would only 
come through dedication and hard work. 
We ended the season with a 4-2 record, in- 
cluding a 42-3 win over Ridley. In our semi- 
final game against SAC, we proved to them 
that we were for real, posting a 35-0 win. 
For the sixth year in a row. we went to the 
final game, this time against UCC in To- 
ronto. Although a great effort was put forth 
by all, we fell short of our goal losing 28-14. 

Congratulations to team MVP Francois 
Chapdelaine. and Distinction Award win- 
ner Brian Clarke. The team would very 
n)uch like to thank Coaches Allen, Lang- 
ford. FVwell and WaLson for a great season. 
To next year's team, gotxl luck, and bring 
the championship home where it belongs. 

Record: 5 Wins. 3 losses 
:nd in CISAA 



Back Row (L to R): A. White. A. Black. N. Pierce, J Trenholme, S. Gamble. J. Irwin, C Tom 
linson. David Koresh Middle Row: Mr. Taylor (coach). Mr. McDonald (coach). G. Phipps. M 
Puschcll. R. Conacher. M Eaton. C. Wells, M. Johnston, Mr. Phillips (coachl. Mr. Wright Front 
Row: P Trennum. B. Hamilton, B. Gibson. A. Rixiney. D. Stroud, B. Mountain. A. McFadzean. 

Linleside Ftxrtball had the t(x)ls 
lo be successful, bui due U) nu- 
nterous injuries we were often 
liirced lo play shorihanded Led 
by captains Darryn .Stroud. Bryce 
(iibson. BriMtk Hamilton and 
M.V.P. Andrew Rodney, the 
team had a respectable season 
iionelheiess The hijihiiyhls in 
eluded an openinj; season lie ver- 
sus Upper Canada (who had 42 
players lo our 2 I ). and a \ ictor\ 
i>\cr Ridlcs al iheir convocation. 
Individual highliyhis included 
Brad Mounlain's toughness and 
leadership, our bruising 117 
pound defensive tackle Mike 
Johnston, and John Trenholme's 
big-play ability. Special thanks 
to coaches. Hall, Phillips, Taylor 
and McDonald, for a great season. 


IfflBlf '^ 

Back Row: C O'Reilly, C. Horsley, E. Rcvill, V. Bharadwaj. K. Seagram, C Feddery. E. Black 
I Scott ^fiddle Row: Ms. Goes (coach), Mr. Hedney (coach). K. Fong, W Baker, S Tottenham 
F. Jauvin. J. Seagram. C.E. Wright. N. OToole, J. Saul (coach). Mr. Wright Front Row: L 
Wu. G Turner. S Gaudrv . H Cowan. I Trcmblav. M Plourdc. A Cota. S Llovd. R Hassan 

Harriers this year had an incredible season. They were Sr. Co-ed Champions, The Sr. Boys came 2nd at COSSA 
while the Sr. Girls placed 3rd. and a strong junior team proves that the future is bright for the Harrier team. 



This Page Sponsored by MR. & MRS. 

Back Row: G. Cudney, Trina, P, Pohoresky. Middle Row: Mr. Hay (coach), D. Salmon, J. Liddell, S. Feddery, The Headmaster. Front 
Row: M. Rodic-Mills. M. Pohoresky. A Brown, W Boyd. 

Once again. Trinity's Bigside VoUey-Ball 
proved itself a worthy C.I.S.A.A. competitor. 
The middle hitting and blocking from Austin and 
Milosh was superb. Scott and Jason greatly im- 
proved over the season to help get the team to 
the fmals as Woody consistently smashed our 
opponents with his left-handed spikes. 

Danny. Paul, and Gordon provided the back 
court play, serving, and some phenomenal set- 
ting which gave us the advantages we needed 
when we needed them. With eight returning 
players and the expertise of Coach Hay, Bigside 
Volley-Ball is sure to be a dominant force in 
the upL(iniinc season. Good Luck guys! 






1 his year's Middlcsitlc 
Volleyball leaiii was go- 
ing through a rebuilding 
stage, with only one re- 
turning player With re- 
turning captain James 
Chang. Coaches Award 
winner (ieotT Tomlinson, 
and many newcomers to 
the game, they stormed 
onto the Middleside 
scene. With the guidance 
of their fearless coach 
Mr. Hobbs and man- 
ager Jessica Johnson, 
they managed to pull off 
a 1-6 record. Many 
thanks to our fans, and 
especially Mr. Hobbs for 
making a great and pos- 
itive season for everyone. 

Back Row: Mr. Hobbs (coach). J. Deere. M Lcgault. K. Nopper. G. De Caires. G. Tomlinson. Fron 
Row: I Cheung. R. Palel. S. Ogundimu. M. Corsi, C. Whealon, T. Lee. J. Chang. 


Back Row: Tnna. M MacKav (managerl. E. Lai (manager). D Cheng. Mr Thornton (coach). D 
Ip. D Lin, The Headmaster Front Row: C Wong, R Tavlor. D Trennum. B Christ, i Juma, A 
Ho. C Milne 

This year's Littleside 
Volleyball team had a 
rebuilding year. With no 
returning players and 
the balance of the team 
being in Grade 9 or 
younger, the team knew 
they would be in tough. 
Although they didn't 
\s in often, they came to- 
gether as a team nicel> 
Evidence of this was ap- 
parent in an upset road 
victory at UCC. With 
many players returning 
next year, the future 
looks vei^' bright. Spe- 
cial thanks to Coach 
Thornton for his infinite 



This Page Sponsored by DR. & MRS. KEITH 

Back Row (L to R): Trinna T. Bear. S. Willis, C. Morley. A. Millar. C. Will, J. Rinas, J. Kamal, Mr. Elsley (coachi, Mr. Wright. Front 
Row: C Denaull. I Zouros. A McMillan, B Hamilton. L. Kucev. K McCart. 

This year's Bigside team had an 
unbelievable sea.son. After an em- 
barrassing first game loss against 
Lakefield High School, we came 
back to dominate the C.I.S.A.A., 
eventually winning the C.I. S. A. A. 
championships. Some highlights of 
the season were; defeating Haver- 
gal at our convocation, beating Rid- 
ley by 20 points at their convocation 
and defeating B.S.S. (at B.S.S.) to 
capture first place in the league. 

This amazing season would not 
have been pt)ssible if it weren't for 
some unbelievable coaching, and 
that we had. On behalf of the team. 
I would like to thank Mr. "Whoomp 
there it is" Elsley (no you're never 
going to live that down) and Scott 
"Coach" Willis for their dedication 
to the team. It was both admired and 
appreciated by all. Congratulations 
on an excellent sea.son girls. See ya 
next year! 

CISAA Champs! 



Back Row (L to R): M. Mibayashi. M. Bevan. B. Ho Middle Row: ^lr^ Alldred (Coach), M 
Nakagawa. H. Vaughan. C Sheeh\ , J. Cook. Mrs. Taylor lAsst. Coach). Mr Wright Front Row: 
S Mtxirjani. S. Stuan. F Ebbrell. K F.llioii. C Wona. M Cuhberle\ 

In Us first year of cxis- 
iciKc, I rinily CJirls' l.itllc- 
sidc Baskcthull hud un 
cntertaininf; season indeed 
led by lop stars such as Sa- 
rah Stuan. Karenza Elhott. 
and r-rances Fbhrell. the 
team played well together, 
had a lot of fun, and even 
managed to win a couple 
of games. Special (hanks go 
to coaches Alldred and 
Taylor, and manager Sarah 


Bantam Harriers Erin Revill 

The Adnan Smith Trophy Ken Haukioja 

The Marshall Trophy Natahe O'Toole 

The T W. Lawson Trophy Hamish Cowan 

The Jonathan Buchanan Trophy Wells Baker 

The Coaches Award for Middleside Field Hockey Paulina Gonzalez 

The Ness-Tarasick Trophy Tare Hamilton 

The Coaches Award for Littleside Basketball 

Karenza Elliott 

Sarah Stuan 

Bigside Basketball Most Improved Player Catherine Dcnault 

Bigside Basketball Most Valuable Player Alex McMillan 

The Coaches Award for Littleside Volleyball Peter Lui 

The Coaches Award for Middleside Volleyball ... Geoff Tomlinson 

Bigside Volleyball Most Valuable Player Mike Pohoresky 

The Coaches Award for Littleside Soccer Matt Chestnut 

Joe Costello 

The Coaches Award for Middleside Soccer Tom Adamek 

The Pinkerton Trophy (Bigside Soccer) Julian Whike 

Mauricio Pizzuto 

Bigside Soccer Most Valuable Player Mauricio Pizzuto 

The Jamie Eaton Cup (Littleside Football) Darren Stroud 

Bryce Gibson 
Brook Hamilton 
Andrew Rodney 

The E.J.M. Huyckc Trophy Andrew Rodney 

The Symons Trophy Craig Khattar 

James Lloyd 

Brett Hayhurst 

Martin Dcnault 

Bnan Clarke 

The AM Campbell Award David Crosbie 

The Coaches Cup (Best Defensive Player) Erkka Laakkio 

The Most Improved Player Laird Anxildi 

Cam Snaith 
Bigside Football Most Valuable Player Fraitfois Chapdelainc 



This Page Spiinsored by MRS VI- 

Back Row: R. Buchanan-Smith. T. Hamilton. A. Foster, K. McDonald. Trina Bear. Middle Row: Miss Ness (coach), S. Stacey, T. Kavander, A. 
Ellis. K. MacFarlane (mgr). Mrs. Tarasick (coach). Mr Wright. Front Row: S.. Chestnut. R. Abraham. E. Rodrigues. L. Cocker. S. Keelan. K. 
Chan. T Be\an. 

This year the team consisted of exper- 
ienced and inexperienced players who 
together prcxluced a highly competitive 
team. We were a dynamic team led by 
"Poosh" the Scottish wonder and the 
ever energetic dog trainer Mrs. Tarasick. 
The two Rachel's. Trish, and Tara backed 
each other up well and often delivered 
crucial protection too, for goalies Karene 
and Lise. Shelley the workhorse. Ains- 
lie, and Erika were tireless midfielders 
who fed our forward line of Sarah, Shan- 
non, Karen, Tamara, and Anikka. Plac- 
ing second in the C.I. S. A. A. league was 
a great accomplishment in a terrific sea- 
son. Good luck to the team next year! 



Tills 1 '2 Pugc Sponvitcd h> MR 

Back Row: (L to R): K WalLhorn, J Norman, S Br>son. B Finn, P Gonzalez. Middle Row: 
Tnna, Ms. Ness. J. Pearce. M Johnston, A. Barr, J Pcpler. Mr Sandtord (coach), Mr. Wright 
Front Row: C. Sands. A. Salmon, K. Matthews, M. Macklin. C. Green. L. Sheehy, M. Turner. 

I he 1W3 season was a . . . hum 
.... considering wc had a pile of 
city slickers, silly suburbians and 
country bumpkins, not Iikhi shabby' 
In the bcyinninj; there was a bunch 
ot pirls beinj: a little tini s(K.ial lor 
our coaches' liking (shut up girlsl) 
But in giHKl lime, with the skilled 
hands ot Mr. Sandtord and Miss 
Ness, we were moulded into hard- 
core hacking horrors. Road trips, 
making up the majority of our sea- 
son, proved to be great fun. with 
regular visits to McDick's, Horny 
Tim"s and Sheila's pump up. kum- 
baya tapes. This all led up to the 
ISAA championships. We per- 
formed nothing short of incredibly 
but came up short in the end. com- 
ing a very close second. A big thanks 
to Miss Ness for her patience and 
expertise, and Mr. Sandtord who 
listened to our female dilemmas, 
participated in pididdle and stayed 
at the front of our change r(X)m/ bus. 
"Let's do it for Monique Pylon! " 


Brian Clarke 

Anikka Foster 

Michael Pohoresky 


Only in front of a camera 

Quebec says hello 

Too cool to smile. 

. . and so she says to me . . ." 


Our heroes. 

DelinucK nm a pt^sed picture 

Autumn 1993 

Jean Crttien becomn Canada's 20ih 
Prime Minister . . . Michael Jordan an- 
nounces retiremenl from pro basketball 
the Toronto Blue Jays »in their second 
straight World Senes two 10 year -olds 
get sentenced for murder in England 

Hanush Cowan wuu third unight Olford Cup 
Girls' Bigsidc Bukethall t^ccomcs first Tn- 
nit> female team lo win CISAA Sunny Ttm 

rocks the OAC world with i «elUr »5^ lo finiih 
first in his grade Mr «nd Mrs Tjyior be 

come proud parents for the second time Mr 
Lanfford gets mimed anii li a proud fatltcr 
Aaron Dftivcr passes a Malh lesi 

BhisiiJl- SiK.ccr s twin lower coaches 


Yes. we alM> Jo school work here 

Lang just had to screw up the picture 

^H»* '^T? 





"Al least my shoes are clean!" 


Hu^ liic, tidbyl 

Cut mv hair' Never'' 





*ii^P\ P ^S| 



'V A i^yp 







Tomlinson spurts the wave. 

Say cheese'.' 

This dog was just loo cool lo look at the camera 

Ted proves he can bt>lh run and smile 








Riz displaying true championship form 

Wet painl? 

(iib\on and Irwin with a rare rest i)n the bench. 

"I swear I'll bicak ilic camera!" 





Iriiiilv (,<>ll('«i<' School 

Drama Society 

The Musical? 

Production Crew 

Director Ronald Bcrmingham 

Assistant Director Monique SinnotI 
Music Director .... Michael Sinnott 
Stage Managers Ken Bignell 

.. Rachael Mirvish 

House Manager Julian Whike 

Business Manager Martin Sandford 

Production Managers Peter Kedwell 

Gail Malcnfant 

Technical Producer . Ben Sandford 

Lighting Andrew Gregg 

Properties Ken Bignell 

Sound Jeffrey McGce 

Set Design and Decoration Andrew 


Set Construction ... Dale Heffernan 

Stan Ward 

Stage Crew 
Pit Band ... 

. Michelle Bermingham 

Anne McCaughey 



Martin Denault 

Bernard Francis 

Cheryl Horsley 

Edan Howell 

Francois Jauvin 

Michael Johnston 

Jean-Frangois Jourdain 

Laura Kucev 

Bungane Mehlomakulu 

Erin Revill 

Rachael Scott 

Catherine Denault 

... Michael Golani-Fox 

Riz Hassan 

Trent Howell 

Stephen Lee 

Aneal Virick 

.... Ron Reynolds 

Cosluines Joyce Bermingham 

Ethel Hobbs 

Sue Sandford 

Monique Sinnott 

Make-up Pamela Dew 

Helen Vaughan 

Chris Miinc 

Jason Yue 

Sarah Kisilevsky 


Dr. Sam Seward Philip Sword 

Mina Seward Meghan Johnston 

Sophie Seward Marte Towle 

Bubu Padoop Ashley Barr 

Nelly Norton Lesley Slade 

Boris Renfield Sean Dempsey 

Dr. Van Helsing Anthony Black 

Count Dracula 

Ceri Warwick-Foster 

Jonathan Marker Eric Lagerston 

Graves Milosh Rodic-Mills 

Lunatics and Villagers 

Rachael Abraham 
Tyrrell Ashcroft 
Erin Black 
Ginger Busch 
Marie-Claire Cubberly 
Gordon Cudney 
Aaron Drover 
Andrew Ennals 
Mary Evans 
Paul Futhey 
April Gadd 
Sam Gamble 
Stefane Gaudry 
Rob Gorrie 
Courtney Green 
Brett Hayhurst 
Kabir Jamal 
Jilian Kamal 
Sarah Kisilevsky 
Timothy Lee 
Katy MacFarlane 
Megan Macklin 
Melissa Niziol 
Marie-Jo Paquet 
Veronica Parliament 
Sarah Roberts 
Melodic Rodriguez 
Michael Ross 
Hilary Rowland 
Jason Seagram 
Kathleen Seagram 
Eve Tesluk 
Gordon Turner 
Katherine Wan 
Christie Will 
Chris Willmore 
Rodcer Wrieht 



WAIT . . . 





This Page Sponsored by MR. AND MRS. 

Back Row: C. Wheaton. M Boisvert. J. Lloyd. K. Omiand, D. Siroud, Middle Row: Mr, Langford (Coach). G. Mcintosh (mgr), R. Conacher, 
J Gregory. C. Khattar. D. McFadzean, J. Costello. K. Rodrigues, S. Dempsey (mgr). The Headmaster. Front Row: F. Bourbeau. M. Corsi. 
S. Casgram. F. Chapdelame. E. Rtxlrigues. 

This season was a rebuilding year for our 
young Bigsidc hockey club We managed to 
overcome ihe odds by posting two strong wins 
against Lakcfield and Upper Canada College 
when we were in danger of missing the play- 
offs This SCI us up for a home and home series 
against a strong Nichols team. Unfortunately 
we fell shon of our bid to knock off the heavily 
favoured and eventual ISA A, champs. 

Our year was highlighted by an ovcnime vic- 
tory against Upper Canada College to win the 
Queen's invitational tournament One highlight 
that deserves specific note was Francois 
Bourbeau's spectacular display of goaltending 
at the Ridley tournament when he turned away 
64 of 66 shots that he faced in a 2-2 tie against 
an overpowering Culver Military Academy 
A special thanks to Mr Langford. Mr Bara- 
nov and Mr Proctor who helped us through 
a long hard-fought reason. We'll get cm' next 
vcar Bears' 






ffr i 




Record: ^fc^ 
17 wins 
16 losses 


1 tie 

CISAA semi- 




Back Row: W Pohorcsk>. K. Legaull. J. Trcnholmc. C Begg. T Grant Middte Row: Mr. Ramsa) (Coach). 
M. Legauli (mgn. J Walter. L. Arnoldi. B. Ha>hursi. J Thompson. S Feildcr> . Mr. Large (Coach), The Head- 
master Front Row: T Benedict, D Crovbic. M Pohoresk\ . I Lcdcrcr. B Spies^ak 

lilt.- 4th M.'rsiim ol llic K 
A: K Kaidcps was m iho thick 
ol It again. They only gave 
way after giving up a late 
Crescent goal in the third 
period which kept them out 
ol the linal lour toumaiiieni 
Many players contributed to 
the team's success this year, 
including Mike F\)ho. who 
led the team in points, while 
Brett "Grinder" Hay hurst 
led the team in goals. The 
"Red Line" in its second 
year continued to amaze 
everytxHly by putting the 
puck in the net when it was 
needed most, and Scott Fcd- 
dery and Curtis Begg 
proved that they could do a 
sound ji)b at both ends ol 
the ice. Gcxxi luck to next 
year's team, and thanks to 
the coaches. 



Back Row: T Wnghi. J Garcia. D. Kerin. M MacKay. I Niziol. D. Robeawn Middle Raw: Mr Phillips (Coachi. 
M Saegen (A.ssi Coachi. M Johnston. G Phipps, J Trenh<iltrK. P Trcnnum. N Fa.sel. J Marleau. The Headmasicr 
Front Raw: A. Angus. F Ba/in. B Mountain. B Hamilton. P K)horcsk>. B Gibson 

Liitleside Hockey started out 
the year with a 7-2 win over 
St. George's. From there on. 
the scores never tended to go 
our way. The team was a real 
mix of players, in age and na- 
tionality. Dave Robertson. Jon 
Niziol. Mitth MacKay and 
Jaime Garcia will be able lo 
play in 1997. Brad Mountain. 
Francios Ba/in, and Paul Pohn 
led the team with their exper- 
ience and skill. Rixikies Jason 
Marleau and Andrew Angus 
did a gtxxl job in nel, while 
Brycc Gibson played strong 
defence. Captain Brook Ha- 
milton was a standout all year 
with his dedicated pla\ and 
strong leadership. Overall. i( 
was a rebuilding year, and 
good luck to the team next 



riiis Pajic Sponsored by MR, & MRS. 

Back Row (L to R): Mr. Elsley (coach). G. Nichols, B. Kellett, Joe Maynard, A Brown, P Rowe (mgr ), Mr Wright, From Row: C Chnsi, 
S Mjnm. J Whikc. S Willi's. J. Liddell. D Spence 

This year's Bigside team had a season 
like none other They came second In the 
cxiremely competitive CISAA, losing in 
the finals to heavily-favoured Hillfield by 
7 For the second year in a row. they 
cleaned up in the Kawartha league, and 
won COSSA. Going to OFSAA this year, 
they were ranked fourth, and finished a 
remarkable fifth. The amazing aspect 
about this team was its unity. Scott Wil- 
lis was a first-rate captain in all respects, 
and assistant Julian Whikc followed suit 
showing class at all limes The wins were 
team wins and likewise so were the losses 
Congratulations to MVP Counney Christ, 
and next year definitely looks gtxxl. with 
all but two players returning. That can 
only mean gixxl news next year for this 
lightly knit squad. 



Back Rotv: K Nichols. D Salmon, M. Baync. J. Maynard. A. Boyd. Middle Row: Mr Robert 
(Coach). T Howell. E Laakkio. L Sniilh. C. Snaith, The Headmaster. Front Row: S McCuaig. 
R Lecsul, R Rixirifiucs, R Nanka-Brucc, M Pi77uto 

Alter .in ama/int! 21-0 sc.i 
sDt) last sear, tliinjis ueredel 
imteh lough in repeat Hies 
did li)\c a game this year, but 
only ullcr adding nine (<> their 
impressive uinning streak, 
which was extended to >5 
games. Overall, their record 
vsas 1V2. their only losses 
coming lo .St. George's First 
Team Ihilonunalely , the sec 
ond loss came in the finals <>l 
the season-ending tournaiueni 
Clearly, this shows thai this 
team is, and has bc-en. the most 
dominanl second team in the 
CLSAA, only losing once to 
a second team m the last five 
years The team would like to 
thank Mr. Roben lor his in 
credible coaching, and lor 
helping lo make the team un 
paralleled in e.xcellence at this 
level tor so long. 


Back Row: Mr Venter (Coachl. M DulTield (mgr). C Tomlinson. B Christ. B. Mchlomakulu. 
J P Wu. The Headmaster. Front Row: J Juma. N. Pierce. G. Cudney. A Rixiney. N Lok-Jack 

Trimiy's youngest Basket- 
ball team wasn't Ich) shabbv 
either. Coached by Mr 
Venter, this team finished w iih 
a 10-8 win-loss record, and 
finished .'^rd in the CIS A A 
This team was captained by 
Gord Cudney. who switched 
from hiKkcy to basketball. He 
was the leading scorer, and a 
solid defender, getting many 
steals. Nate Pierce also proved 
he was for real by playing 
even' game with remarkable 
consistency. Andrew RcxJnev 
and Bnxlie Christ were terrors 
on defence, and their aggres 
siveness proved valuable to the 
team. As well, while Nick 
Lok-Jack towered over everv ■ 
b<xJy. J. P. Wu was nailing 
threes from all over Mans 
thanks to CV and hope thai 
this success is a sign of things 
to come. 



This Page Sponsored by DR. AND MRS 

Back Row: C Reza. A Harrison. A. MacFarlane. R. Gorrie. D. Swackhamer, C Denault. C. Benoit, C. Wells. Middle Row: A. Cota, Mr. 
Haberer iCoachl. R Taylor. L Ccx'ker. V. Bharadwaj. M. Chestnut. R. Mehler. A. Deluce, J Phelan, S. Gaudry, R. Armstrong (mgr) The 
Headmaster. P Richer Front Row: 1. Kopas, W Baker, R. Magwood, S. Chestnut. A. Ellis, M. Turner, 

This year's Alpine Ski 
team still did extremely 
well, despite the loss of 
those who graduated last 
year, and those who decided 
to play hockey. (Hayhurst. 
Gibson). Anyway. 4 of the 
5 teams still placed in me- 
dal standing this year, with 
the senior B boys winning 
gold for the seventh year in 
a row! The Senior B Girls 
look second and claimed a 
silver, and both Senior A 
Boys and Girls l(X)k the 
bmnze from fmishing third. 
The team owes a lot of its 
success to Mr, Haberer who 
had to coach aixl travel with 
the team all by himself this 
year With a decent ponion 
of the team reluming, next 
year looks very good in- 

... J 

wj ^^^^^Bol 




. Sr A Boys 

^ 3rd in CISAA 


^ Sr, A Girls 
Mf. 3rd in CISAA 


K Sr B Boys 
^M Champions 

H Sr, B Girls 
W 2nd in CISAA 


'i^^B i 

W^m i 



Iliis Page SpiinM>red bv OR AND MRS 

Back Row: L Wu. K. Baxter. I. Cheung. J Lai. B. Francis. R. King. T. McCord. Middle Row: Mt . Hobbs (Coach). A Marsh (Assi Coach). 
O. DaCosia. K. So. C Milne. J Dossor, Mrs. Mulloy (Ass'l. Coach). The Headmaster. Front Row: C Horsley. K. Haukioja. R. Abraham. 
D Pugh. K Spiewak. N OToole 

With the usual international mi.\ ot students 
from Hong Kong. South Africa and other snow- 
less nations, the Nordic Ski team had another 
very successful season. The highlight was the 
junior girls squad which won Kawartha. CISAA 
and COSSA. and qualified for the provincials, 
where they did well in a strong field of com- 
petitive skieni. On the recreational front, a well 
organized winter camping trip was much enjoyed, 
especially by the exchange students who had 
never seen sncjw before, let alone slept in it. Spe- 
cial thanks to the coaches for a great season. 


f" ISf^^ff^ 



This Page Sponsored by MR. JAMES SHEEHY. 

Back Rok: A McCaughey, C. Green, J. Hammond, G. Turner. C. Sheehy, A. Hall. Middle Row: Mrs. Dew (Coach), Mrs. Alldred (Coach), 
S Gamble. M. Rodic-Mills. A, Wcsilake. M Sandborn. K. McCart, The Headmaster. Front Row: A. Foster, H. Cowan, T. Hamilton. S. 
NSinl'icld. K McDiinald. H Ip 

Despite having the 
team down in numbers 
due to injur)', the team 
still did ver> well. The 
team came ver\ close to 
winning the Kawarthas. 
losing by one measly 
point. However, nothing 
deterred this never-say- 
die team. The boys won 
COSSA for the seventh 
year running, and Scott 
Winfield. Sam Gamble. 
Dcnise Ip. Claudia 
Sheehy. Courtney Green. 
Tara Hamilton all quali- 
fied for OFSAAI The 
team would like to 
thank its captains Scott 
and Tara. and their coach 
Mrs. Alldred. for getting 
such ama/ini; results 




I Ins l'ii|{c Spimsored bv 


Back Row: Mrs Dew (Coach). Mrs. Alldred (Coach). P. Gonzalez. C. Wilde. K. Nopper. B. Finn, 
M Evans. The Headmaster. Front Row: S. Roberts. R. Minish. J. Pearcc. S. Lloyd, J. Norman, 
K .Soaaram 

Miililk-Miio Swimming' 
this year had a fairly sue 
cesstui season. While in the 
shadow ol the achieve- 
ments ot Bigside, they did 
manage to p«)sl some very 
respectable results. Kim 
Nopper. tor one. regularly 
beat other first team's 
swimmers' He v^as also the 
recipient ol the Danielson 
Trophy for leadership 
Other strong swimmers in 
eluded Mary Evans. Alana 
Hall, and Cameron Wilde 
Many thanks to Mrs, AH 
dred lor an enjoyable and 
tun-filled season. With a lot 
ot" the team returning ne\i 
year, the tulure definitely 
looks very bright indeed, 
and so il should. 


Back Row: Re\ Seagram. S Robayo-Sheridan. B .Sandlord. K Chan. H Vaughan. The Head 
maMer Fronr Row: P Sword. C Ball. K Wan, T Bcvan 

Ihis year's Curling Bears 
had a challenging season ahead 
of them, but they met the chal- 
lenge with full force. The 
guys, skipped by Corbett Ball, 
went .1-5 in the regular season, 
and unfortunately lost in the 
Kawartha playdowns to Co- 
bourg East, a team they had 
handled throughout the season 
Other team members, such as 
Phil Sword. Kevin Chan, and 
Ben Sand ford, contributed 
when called upon 

The girls, skipped by Kath- 
crinc Wan. led a team of riHi- 
kics over an unforgettable first 
season While Katherinc is 
graduating. Trish Bcvan. Sa- 
rah Robayo-Sheridan. and 
Helen Vaughan can all return 
to plav . w iih their first year 
behind them 



Ihis Page Sponsored bv MR GEORGE 

This team, under the direction of 
coaches Mireault and Ross, and with 
a total of six rookies, took this team 
to the brink of the ISAA champion- 
ship, but fell short by two games. 
Team Captain and Distinction 
Award Winner Isabel Tremblay per- 
sonified the heart and soul of the 
team, and led the team both on and 
off the court. 

With all but one player returning, 
the future in fact, looks bright for 
Bigside. and quite possibly, the Vol- 
leyball crown will be brought to 
where it riphtfully belongs. 



This Pii(!C Sponsiirrtl b) 

Back Rov: M Nakigawa. L Sheeh>, C Moss, C Phelps. Middle Row: E. Clarke (Ass't. Coach). 
M C Cubberly. L Kuce>. A Gadd. C Fedden. Miss. Faico (Coach). The Headmaster Frvnl Row: 
M Bc\an. A Salmon. M Ni/ioi. B Hamilton. K MacFarlane 

Ihorc was lots ot talcnl 
und enthusiasm lo be lound 
at ihis level. In only their 
second year ol existence, the 
team posted an impressise 
6-2 record to win iheir 
league. The leadership was 
apparent from the three vet- 
erans Moss, Niziol and Sal- 
mon, and the rest of the 
team was enormously talent- 
laden vMth Bryn Hamilton's 
serve. Colleen Fe<ldcry"s 
bumping, Katie MacFar- 
lane's consistency, and Me- 
lissa Sevan's setting. The 
players on this team w ill def- 
initely make their marks on 
Trinity' Volleyball over the 
years, many at the Bigside 
level. Thanks to coaches 
Falco and Clarke for a most 
impressive season. 


The Peler Campbell Trophy Brook Hamilton 

The Boulden Trophy Paul Pohorcsky 

The McLean Trophy Brett Hayhursi 

The R W GtxKlall Trophy Sean Casgrain 

The V. Baranov Trophy Chris Wheaton 

The J.W Kerr Trophy Francois Bourbcau 

The D. Hadley .Armstrong Cup Cord Cudney 

The Jmi Kerr Trophy Ryan Rixirigues 

The James W. Barnctt Trophy Courtney Christ 

The Coaches Award (L'S Volleyball) Bryn Hamilton 

The Coaches Award (B S Volleyball) Isabel Tremblay 

Bigsidc Curlmg Cup (Boys) Corbctt Ball 

Bigside Curling Cup (Girls) Kathcrinc Wan 

The Coaches Award iN-Skiing) Travers McCord 

The .\ndrus Vasila Cup Ken Haukioja 

The Sifton Cup Rachael Abraham 

Da\id Pugh 

The Arnold D. Mas.sey Auiaid Luis Martinez-Lasin 

The Ron Reynolds Trophy Kent (\K>n 

The Philip Ketchum Award Stephen Lee 

The Charles F. Bullen Trophy Stephen Lee 

The Danielson Trophy Kim Noppcr 

The Pat Osier Trojrfiy Sam Gamble 

Scott Winfield 

The Coaches Award (M/S Girls Swim) Jessica Pcarce 

The Coaches Award (B/S Girls Swim) Counney Green 

The Sebastien Goulel Trophy Tara Hamilton 

Scott WinHeld 

The John D Armstrong Award Ryan Taylor 

The Ted Savage Tt»>phy Rob MagwoixJ 

The Bill Strong Memonal Trophy Maggie Turner 



The Headmasler. Mr. Hay (Coach). S. Moorjani. S. Lee. R. Hassan. A. Lee, F long 

This team lost three of its 
best players to basketball, but 
still managed to make a vei7 
good showing, including the 
defeating of UCC and SAC. 
The unquestionable star and 
leader was Stephen Lee. who 
lost only twice in the season, 
and it was to the same player. 
He completed seven amazing 
years of squash with his sec- 
ond distinction in the sport. 
Sarah Moorjani was a capable 
it! player, getting some excel- 
lent results against some very 
strong players. So, despite los- 
ing Stephen Lee, there are 
many coming up in the ranks, 
and the next year can only look 


Back Row: Mr Hay (Coach). J Powell. N Rcmillard. A. Marsh (Asst Coach). The Headmaster 
hrnni Rnw I fh;inp K Pivm S-H Ice J Tiini;. W Ma. P KriscLiphotiL's 

Middleside Squash had 
a transitional season. Only 
two of the six players had 
touched a squash racquet 
before the first practice! 
Despite the lack of expe- 
rience, they came through 
when it counted. Powell 
was the Division C cham- 
pion in Montreal, while 
Kent P(X)n was the Division 
B runner-up in the same 
tournament. Remillard, 
Ma, and Chen showed 
amazing improvement and 
won some great matches, 
while Tong and Lee proved 
to be outstanding leaders 
and players. The whole 
season, and its success are 
a tribute to, and a product 
of; Mr. Hay's coaching. 



Back Row: Mr Rc>nolds (Coach). A lr\ine, L. Maninez-Lavin, Ben Li, The Headmaster. From 
RoK- C W'onc. P l.ui. M Eaton. J Seagram. .A Ho 

Also in u rebuilding seu 
s(»n. Ijttlesidc Squash im- 
proved steadily The resulis 
did nut match the enthusi- 
asm, spirit and progress 
that the side achieved 
throughout the season 
Competition was fierce and 
the Bears faced it with 
courage. Of special note 
were award-winner Luis 
Martinez. Julian Irwin. 
Kendrick Fong and .Shevi 
Ogundimu. They and all 
other members of the team 
played every match w ith all 
they had. The squad nou 
knows they have a lot to 
build on for next year, with 
inany players returning 
The team would like to 
thank Mr. Reynolds for his 
accuracy, patience, good 
humour, and of course, 
his whistling! 


Stephen Lee 

Francois Bourbeau 

Isabel Tremblay 





Grade 7 

1. Erin Revill 

Grade 8 

1. Erin Black 

2. Bcnila Ho 

3. Kathleen Seagram 

Grade 9 

1. Keri Haukioja 

2. Simon Rowland 
3= Bungane 

3= Katherine MacFarlane 

Grade 10 

1= Tessy George 
1= Ted Wright 
3= Jilan Kamal 
3= Tyrrtll Ashcroft 

Grade U 
1= Barbara Finn 
1= Andrew Ho 
3= Laura Kucey 
3= Jason Seagram 

Grade 12 

1. Sarah Moorjani 

2. Kevin Chan 
3= Paul Futhey 
3= Jason Liddell 
3= Natalie OToole 
3= David Pugh 
3= Ben Sandford 

Grade 13 

1. Sunny Tam 

2. Tara Hamilton 

3. Wilson Ma 



WINTER 1994 . . . 

Canada has its most succcssftil 
^Vinler OKmpics c\t:r al Lillc- 
hanvr. Nonfc-<n Wj)ncGrctzk> 
NCiircs his 802nd career goal, put- 
ting him first all'lime . . THE 
erupts in South Africa over the 
pending naiHMul clectHms 

. . . Keichum wins (he fir^i c\vr 
House h(vkc\ loumamcni Drj 
cub: The MushtjI* is a great suc- 
cess in five nights o( performances 
J great spinl week ujs had. 
capped ofTbs aniMher trip ii> MLG 
the Crusaders had ihcir famiHJs 
win-streak snapped, hut only after 
It had reached thmy-fisc games 



'This is much bctier ihan the FACES book! 


When Pic speaks, people listen. 

Mr. Hobbs. despite the cold, keeps telling the jokes 


Somebody is not inieresied in having his picture taken 

It al 

seems so 



ri --m^ 









^i^i 1 




I . 


the eens>-weensy spitler 

.ViiIxkI) gcLs out ol here ahsc! 

and someday. I'll be on T.V. 


SKI DAY . . . 




This PagL- Spon«>ri-ii h\ MR. & MRS DAVID 

Back Row (L to R): S. Winfield. W Boyd. R. Armslrong, B. Hayhursi, D Wattam, M. Pizzuto. A. Harrison, Middle Row: Mr. Seagram 
(coach). M. MacKay (mgr ). M Pinovshek. K. Bignell. B. Lee. J. Kopas. C. Khattar. S. Casgrain. C. Hall (coach). D. Robertson (mgr), 
Mr Wrieht Front Row: F Bourbeau, M Ross, J. Geekie. K Nichols, R. Nanka-Bruce. E Howell. 

Bigside Rugby has had a season 
like no other. The ver\ talented team 
from all parts of the world managed 
to pull together and destroy all op- 
ponents in their path, Kyle Nichols 
and Jamie Geekie led this champi- 
onship team by example showing all. 
the true way to play good, hard 
Rugby. The coaches Joe Seagram 
and Campbell Hall also deserve a 
lot of the credit for doing more than 
was asked of them, and for improv- 
ing the side's skills and fitness to 
make them perform at their maxi- 
mun during the CISAA season. 
Thanks to Mr, Seagram. Campbell, 
and the whole team lor a thrilling 
and highly satisfying season ot 
classy rugby. 



This Page Sponvircd hy MR 
&. MRS WIl.i.lAM 


Back Row (L to R): T AJjmck. A Drover. E Lcc. N Shcch> , B C^js/jr. K Chan Middle Row: Mr Rohlinp 
iciuchi. Mr Wnghi. C Warwuk-FoMcr, J. Ruhl. P Sword. R Gordie. Mr. Stevens (coachi Hront Row: C 
Ball. M Saegen. B. Clarke. M. Morin. J. Whike. G. Turner. B Mumford. 

I 111- Kclicis v^crc .1 Icdiii 
u ith great ciKhusiastii and hard 
uorking players IhcN had 
siitlic cDiisistenl dclcals. and 
even though ihcrc was the oc- 
casional loss, ihcy gave every 
leani a gixKl run tor iheir 
money Julian Whike used his 
good leadership as captain of 
the leani along with assistant 
caplain Marc MorIn The team 
was made up of such charac- 
ters as they (lying Finn Krkka 
Laakkio. the H(xJgetls heroes, 
the Bickle Bullies. Ceri 'ansy 
tartsy' Warwick-Foster. Brian 
Bull' Clarke. .Saegen. Chewy 
Chan. Corbet! Ball and many 
more. The graduates will be 
sorely missed, but still the Re- 
bels will continue to improve 
and conquer. 


Ha. k Row IL 10 R) R Coiuthcr. A McFjd/cin. Y Min Younj. M Baync. B Kcllcll. D Sccdfum * Rndncv.K *nuki 
\hJJIe Row Mr Wnghl Mt Hiv uoaohi C WclK. J MjriMu. D Ip. B Chri»l. A Blj<.k. J Grcforv J Pavjrxfch. J CnMcllo. 
'. rtcnrjm Mr MiDi>ailJ i...jih. Fmnt Ron P Do Pj^rr.j r Rcm C Tnmlmsr.ii M ChcMnu! R T Oram B 
r,,h^.r s ^J^<:! T BcncJi ' ■ 

U-17 Rugby experienced 
a successful season this 
year winning ail of their 
league games. Although 
not an experienced team 
these Rugby players 
quickly learned to work to- 
gether and managed to pull 
through on lop. Thanks 
should go out to the coach. 
Mr. Hay as well as some 
ot the stars of the team. Bill 
Kellelt. Mike Bayne. 
Tucker Grant. Randi Ja- 
mieson and Brycc Gibson. 
The season was an unfor- 
gettable one and this is 
largely due to the fine 
young men on the playing 
field. Thanks and gwx] 
luck to next year's team. 



This Page .Sponsored bv MR. & MRS. 
[■;CKHART MEHl.F.R,'& MR. & MRS 

^IS*^' 1W»i , I I »■ 

f^ ^ -^ -f^ 

Back RoK (I. to R): B. Franeis. J. Liddell. R. Mehler. G. Nichols, A Cota, B. Mehlomakulu Middle Row: Mr. Gregg (coach), S.H. Lee. 
M Turner. K. McCart. R. Fernandez. S. Feddery. Andrew McMillan, D. McCoy, K. Morley. Alex McMillan, F. Barnett, Mr. Wright. Front 
Row: C Horslev. K Emerv. B. Hamilton. J, Pearce. S, Llovd. J. Howse. T. Kavander. K. McDonald. C. Feddery. E. Revill. 

The Rowing team this year had to 
adapt to a new practice site, but after 
that everything was looking up for the 
team. The strong staff of coaches were 
the basis of such a fine team this year. 
The individual successes are too nu- 
merous to mention, but congratulatit>ns 
should go out to all participants for such 
dedication and hard work. To top off 
the season we had the teams of Garth 
Nichols/ Adam Cola and Jason Liddell ' 
Rob Mehler competing in the Canadian 
Rowing Championship. These four 
combined to win a silver in the Sr. 
Men's Four. Good luck to those brave 
enough to join the team next year. 



Back Row (L to R): Jason Maynard. A. Brown. Joe Maynard, M. Rodic-Mills, S. Willis. D. Balogun. O. DaCosta. K. So. Middle Row 
Mr Thornton (coach). E. Rtxlrigues. M. Cubberly. P. Lui. P. Rankin. C. Denaull. T. Ashcroft. J. Kamal, K. Haukioja. S. Toiienham, I 
Wallbndpe. .A Ho. Miss Goos. Mr. Wrighl. Front Row: M. Plourde. F. Jauvin. H. Cowan. R. Hansson. M Dcnault. C. Christ. I Scott 

This year was a very successful one 
for the Track and Field team with 20 
athletes at Kawartha. 14atC0SSA. 11 
at the Eastern Regionals and 3 qualify- 
ing of OFSAA. The team was led by 
two worthy captains. Hamish Cowan 
and Russell Hansson and was made up 
of many talented students. The team's 
achievements were incredible with 
many new school records as well as per- 
sonal bests. Congratulations to all for 
a season well done, this is a tearii that 
will be hard to beat. 



Bock Row (L to R): I Zouros. R Mirvish. C. Will. I Tremblay. T HamiUnn Middle Row: 
Fmni Row: M Ev^ns. R Scoil. L. Cocker. J. Crawford. J Boddcn. K Maiihews 

. Faico (coach), M Callendcr. S Gaudn.. P Gonzalez. A Barr. L Kucc\ . Mr Wnghi 

\^cll. Ihc Bigside Girls S»Kxcr team had spunk, lunk (those cleats') 
jruJ d whole lot more this >ear- We improved considerably since 
*jur last season, as did our uniforms - no more psychedelic Michael 
Jackson glitter stKks or burgund) dais\ dukes! And "quite Iranklv" 
I.Mr Robert. Politics class \ we formed quite a formidable npposi 
lion Our season was a lesson in optimism where each and ever\ 
(Jav. according to Ms, Falco. "It smells like stxcer'". Our tough 
and iin\ ciuch (who suffered from occasional bad dreams) never 
forgot to bring along a positive attitude and a ton of oranges {o psyche 
us up iof evcr> game. It was also a lesson in cultural diversity, with 
players ranging from Mexico to Cayman to Bahamas to the Siouv 
to . . Pon Hope! And what fantastic players ihey were! Our in 
vincible defensive wall, consisting of Rachael. Joannah. Mar^. Pau 
lina and Tarn, was terrifying Paulina's incredible btwt and her eternal 
question '"Where's BilT'" will never be forgotten (Hmmm . Uwks 
fishy Mirv'i Kristin and Isabel taught us that, in soccer, a little ag 
grcssM)n IS more effective than a kind word: and Irene and Megan 
taught us sttme other interesting (four letter''^) words! We taughi 
them ti> watch their tempers' Laura, the indesiructible. will always 
be a wi»ndcr: jumping into those tackles, slaying on her teet. and 
leaving cver>orK* else grounded! Amazing' The adaptable Ashley. 
thrown inio any position Ms Falco could think of. was supreme 
no matter where she happened to be Lise and Jane gave us a text 
book description of impeccable goal lending and simultaneously bai 
tied the bumblebees that mistook them for flowers in their colourful 
garb Well Slefane. sorry but you can't fly and Chnsiic: "Vh. uh. 
uh '■ Thanks John Saul and Ms Ness, a k a Ptxish ■ we'll never 
forget you And Mr Robert, we really did get that drill in the end' 
G*Hxlbyc 12 minute (ha'i runs, timed drills with penalties. Couiine> 
and all that other stuff. Most of all, goodbye to the great limes and 
the great friends we made It was truly a fabulous time 



This Piii!c Sponsored by MR & MRS 

Back Row it to Rt: T MomgonKr>.R Abrjhjni, C Phelp\. J Rinas. L Shcch> , M J Paqucl Middtt Row: S\i Skanks (mdchl. 
B Hamilton. K Elliou. T Gcttrgc. H Gra\CN. B Finn. E Clarke Icoach). Mr McCord (owncn. Mr Wrighl Front Row: M 
Irsfcin. K Seagram, M Bevan F Fhhrcll M Jiihnslon. K MacFarlanc. S. Kccljn 

Ihis spring marked itic 
birth i)t Dark Side Soccer 
with such leaders as their 
owner, Don Vader. their 
evil emperor Mark Skanks. 
the ever lailhtul assistant 
evil Emily, and the team's 
captain. Meghan Johnstt)n. 
The team was made up 
with a whole range ot 
tunny characters such as 
Melissa Cruncher' Bevan. 
Jenna 'The Wall' Rinas and 
Frances Ebbrell. Dark Side 
was full of laughs, high 
spirits, and incredible im- 
provement. Watch for their 
return and victories in the 
seasons to come . . . may 
the force be with you. 


Back Row IL to R) Mr ),«» (CMchl. A Y C Lee. A Ellis. J CoMello. G CuJne> 

iji S Sluan, R I ccnui R R•^rlgue^. I TremWa> . J Saul lotachl 

7»Hjn>s, Mr Wnghl Fnml Raw F 

Ihc jcconiplishnicnts of ihis 
loam and Us players, so often for- 
gotlen. arc very difricult lo sum 
up in 100 words. In this very suc- 
cessful season. Sarah Sluan came 
in an impressive 2nd at COSSA 
for junior girls! Of course, thcdy 
namic icam of Ryan Rodngucs and 
Ryan l^esui once again came lo 
play, coming in .Ird al COSSA 
seniors R<xligues' graduation 
brings to an end the exploits of this 
painng. They first played together 
as Juniors in '89-'90and their im 
pressivc record al COSSA in pasi 
years speaks for ilsclf Lasl bul 
not Icasi. there was Disiinciion 
Winner Isabel Trcmblay. who 
once again came in 4th at OFSAA. 
a remarkable fcal indeed Thanks 
lo the coaches. Saul and Jones, for 
their patience and their insight. 



Back Row (L to R): Mr Adamcryck (coach). P McDonald, N Lok-Jack. P Richer. L. Martinez- 
Lavin. Mr. Wrighl Front Row: R Leesui. C Begg, R. Rodrigues, C Snalth 

The Bigside boys tennis 
team was honoured this year 
with some outstanding players. 
The big highlight of the year 
was our #1 and f/2 singles, 
l.uis Martinez and Curtis 
Begg, who showed TCS how 
the game is played. Ryan Rod- 
rigues and Phil Richer proved 
to be a successful partnership 
playing #1 doubles. Our 
record for the season was 
seven wins and four loses, 
placing third in the CISAA 
tournament final. Next year's 
team looks to be a promising 
one as six of the eight players 
will be returning. Thanks to 
our coach Larry and farewell 
to our stars, Luis and Pie who 
we'll miss terribly. 


Hack Row fl. to R): Mr Wright, A. tills. J. Kamal. M Bawdcn. Mr Heaven (coachi Front Row: 
K Rose. S L'nwin. A Foster. K. Walchorn. 

Many thanks should go 
out to Anikka Foster who 
led the team this year as 
Captain. It was an eventful 
season that will certainly be 
remembered. Congratula- 
tions to Steph Unwin, Em- 
ily Rose, Jilan Kamal and 
Ainslie Ellis for working 
together and making it an 
outstanding season. Men- 
tion should go to Michelle 
Bawden (ranked ff\) who 
arrived from South Africa 
just in time for the tennis 
season. Although we were 
competing as Doubles we 
managed to win five of our 
six games. Many thanks to 
our coach Mr. Heaven and 
good luck to next year's 



(/ fu Rl Mi *iUnKC>ck (c<»ch), Mr Mjrvh (coKhl. C Chnsl. K Omijnd. T Let. S Ogundimu, K Poon. Mr Wrighl 

C iiiiMiJciiii^ J sluhln season 
witlumK ihrcc iiial».'hcs, il \*aN 
wearisome lor an) star plas 
ers to redeem themselves 
Hi>vsever. there were several 
notable perlormanees during' 
this arduous term Worths ol 
coniiuendalion were the ever 
dormant captain Kris Omiand. 
Track star rookie tennis 
player Courtney Christ and 
Peter Rowt. playing as #2 sin 
gles The doubles pairs were 
Formed using combinations ol 
Tim l,ce, Kent Poon. Sheyi 
Ogundimu. Alex Cheng and 
Nick Remillard. Due to the 
lack of photogenic skills, some 
ol the above did not appear in 
the team photo. Special thanks 
to Larry, and Riwkie Coach 
Adrian Marsh. 


Back Row (L to R): K. 
Wnchi From Row: C 

Tail (coach). A Hall. C Sands. .\1 Nakagawa. Miss Ness (coach). Mr. 
Brooksbv. .S Sluan. K Riddle. Carmen Wong 

Littleside Tennis had a 
very successful season win- 
ning all four matches and 
placing first in Division-B 
Myra Ness kept us laugh- 
ing throughout the season 
as she guided us in the right 
direction. Katherine and 
Miho v^ere ranked as our 
number one doubles team 
and they were the strong- 
est in the CISAA. Sarah 
Stuart. Carlynn Sands, 
Alana Hail. Camien Wong. 
Claire Brookshy . and Ber- 
tila Ho should be congrat- 
ulated for an outstanding 
season. Kristin Tail should 
be commended for her ef- 
forts in coaching this team 
Thanks to Miss Ness and 
Good Luck to next years 



This Page Sponsored b> MR. & MRS. 

Back Row (L to R): Mr. Habcrer (coachl. L. Garcia. J Garcia. V Bharadwaj. J Dosser. A. An- 
gus. Mr. Wrighl. From Row: Canaan Wong. M. Eaton. G. Cudney. J Irwin, F De Palma. K. Fong. 

Junior boys tennis this 
year had a wonderful excit- 
ing season. Many thanks to 
Gord. our amazing leader. 
Juice, Jeremy. Rice. Franc, 
Andrew, Andreas, Matt, 
Canaan, Luis, Jamie, Vi- 
vek and Dave. I was proud 
to be a member on this 
team and the fact that I'll 
be returning again next 
year makes it even better. 
I'd like to thank our 
coaches and say that I hope 
everyone will be returning 
next year to play on this 
fabulous team. This past 
term, playing on Junior 
boys tennis had really made 
my year at Trinity a mag- 
nificent one. 


Back Row (L to R): Mr Wrighl. A. Stevenson (coach). S. Traill. K Nopper. W Pohoresky. S 
Gamble. D Arnol. Mrs Tarasick (coach). Front Row: C Sheehy. J Milloy. M. Sanborn. C. Green. 
J Walker. G. McLcod In Front: A Kayak In Front Of Kayak: Max (a dog). 

As no-one ever sees the Kayak- 
ers in action, the sport is gener- 
ally overlooked at Trinity; but this 
year in particular ihe achievements 
of Ihe senior paddlers should be 
recognised as Will Pohoresky. 
Mike Sanborn and Andrew Wesl- 
lake all made it to the National 
team trials. 

The South Africans made in- 
credible progress; Courtney and 
Claudia stuck together and tackled 
some fast water; Sam never quite 
understood that this wasn't the 
swimming season; Kim didn'l 
care, he showed off his rolls at 
every possible opportunity snow 
or sun; Jeremy "there's no way 
I'm going to do thai - you must 
be joking" Milloy plucked up the 
courage thanks to the gentle per- 
suasion of Jon Walker. Many 
thanks; Miss T., Alley & Suzanna 
(spam to all of you). 



I Ins Wife SpmiMircd h> MR & 

Back Row (L to R): S. Tanaka. C. Mack. W. Ma. S. Dempsey. J. Powell. M. Legault. D. Spencc. 
.Mr Venter (coach). Mr. Wrighl Front Row: R Ogilvie, F-J CcM)k, 1 Lederer. F Chapdelainc. 
J Schorn. M. Boisvert. 

What an unia/.mg season 
lor this year's soliball 
team. In regular season 
play we remained undc 
toated and showed ih;ii 
however \(uinj;. our soft 
ball prograinnie was al 
ways on lop. Thank you to 
our coaches Venter and 
McGee lor a great season 
Congratulations to all ol the 
players who made playing 
on this team such an expe 
rience. I.eds, Demps. 
Chappy. Oogs. Sheila. 
Heaver. Wills. Julian. 
.Shunsuke. I'll never forget 
you guys, you've made m\ 
tlnal season al Trinity a 
memorable one. Good 
Luck to next year's team 


Back Row (L to R): A Chada. J Lloyd. C Whcaton. S. Manin. N Pierce. G Phipps. Middle 
Row: Mr W'nght. E Lji. D Siroud. John Trenholmc. S McCuaig. C Benoil. Mr RcynoldN (coachi 
Front Row: R Magwood. J-F Jourdain. A. Brown. James Trenholme. G Mcintosh. R Taylor 

The Golf team held much 
more promise this year than 
ever before. It was an impres- 
sive season for the TCS golf 
programme and we would like 
to thank our coach Mr. Re- 
ynolds for that. We had our 
first team tournament w in and 
the enthusiasm here went on 
to fuel the glorious individual 
victories that came in subse- 
quent tournaments. Chantal 
Benoit was the top female fin 
isher at every single lourna 
nient and stotxi out along w iih 
Mike Corsi and Janne Tren- 
holme who were Captain and 
Assistant Captain respecliveK 
The effort put forth by all 
members of the team was ad 
mirable and we hope that goll 
ers of this calibre return in the 
1995 sea.son. 



This Page Sponsored bv MR & MRS. 

Back Row (L to R): Mr. Godfrey (coach), N. Swaroop. J Juma, F. Bazin, G. De Caires. P. Futhey, B. Hamilton. Mr Large (coach), Mr. 
Wright Front Row: R Reid, D. Yiu, D. Salmon, J. Herrera, L. Arnoldi, K Bughwan. 

This year's Bigside Cricket team had 
a reasonably successful season and learned 
a great deal at the same time. Captained 
by Daniel Salmon, the squad won 2 games, 
lost 1 and drew 2 in the C,I.S,A.A. and 
compiled a 2-4-2 record overall. The 
team's star was undoubtedly Kiran Bugh- 
wan. another outstanding cricketer from 
Michaelhouse School in South Africa, On 
the season, he compiled 180 runs for an 
average of 30 and 23 wickets with perhaps 
the best spin bowling that has ever come 
through TCS. His knowledge enthusiasm 
was outstanding. He was supported excel- 
lently throughout the season by the bowl- 
ing of Denji Yiu. Francois Bazin, and 
Geoff DeCaires and the batting Paul Fu- 
they and Jonathan Herrera. The future of 
the team looks bright with a solid core of 
players returning to next year's side. 



Back Row (L to R): Mr Conway (coach). B. Fraile. A. Ennals. C. Milne. R. Palel. B. Sandlord. 
E Za^alu. Mrs Dow (coach) Mr W'riphl Front Row: T McCord, T Wright. S. Moorjani. \V 
Baker. M Ri>dni;uc7. A. DaCosta. M DutTicId 

MuKllcMilc/U- 1(>'IJ- N 
crickcl had an inlcrcsiing sea 
Min to say the least We had 
players ranjiing in age Irom 
12 ti) IK and in experience 
Inim rDokies to .S-year vets 
This year also marked a I'lrsi 
for Trinity cricket as we had 
twi) yirls playiny. 

The season sianed off fairly 
slowly with a tew losses but 
by the lime we were hallway 
through the season, it was 
clear that we were improvini; 
Wc ended the season with 2 
wins on one day giving us .i 
record of 4 wins. .1 losses and 
2 ties. Many thanks to Mrs 
Dew and Mr. Conway for a 
great season. 


The Coaches Award ID'S Soccer) Meghan Johnston 

The David A. Galcliffc Trophy Rachel Scon 

The Coaches Award (B S Softball) tan Ledercr 

The Ci^aches Award (Ka\aking) Jon Walker 

The Coaches Award (B S Golf) Mike Corsi 

Jamte Trenholnie 
TIk Daniel Holmes Middle Distance 

Trophy Hamish Cowan 

The Darren Cunningham Trophy for 

Jumpcrv Jason .Ma>nard 

The Sprinters Award Erika Rixlngucs 

The Throwers Award Manm [X'naull 

T)k Jim Ganle) Cup (Top Junior 

Oarsman) Andrew McMillan 

TIk McNamara Trophy (Top Jr Female) Maggie Turner 

The Chapman Trophy (Top NoMce Woman) Kalie Emery 

The Ned Hanlan Trophy (Top Sr. Oarsman) Rob Mehler 

The Drew-Hobbs Trophy (Top Sr. 

Oarswoman) Stephanie Lloyd 

The Cojwains Crown Jen Howsc 

The Gealc Cup Ryan Rodrlgues 

Isabel Trcmblay 

The Coaches Award (U-I7 Rugby) Tucker Grant 

Randt Jamieson 

The Coaches Award (M'S Rugb\) Julian Whike 

The Beck Trophy (Capum B/S Rugby) Kyle Nichols 

Jamie Gcekic 
The Peier Kelly Bowl Ben Lee 

.Mall Pinovshck 

The Fred T. Smye Trophy Man Eaton 

The D.H Hunter Trophy (ifl Jr. Player) Gordon Cudney 

The Coaches Award (MS Tennis) Kris Omlanil 

The D H Hunier Trophy (#1 Sr. 

Player) Luis Maninc^ljvin 

The Coaches Award (U-16 Girls) Miho Nakagawa 

The Coaches Award (B'S Girls) Anikka Foster 

The «l Ladies Singles Award Michelle Bawdcn 

The J F. Calculi Cup (Best Bowler U-16) Chris Milne 

The I90: Challenge Cup (BcM Batsman U-16) Ted Wrighi 

The F M Tcvioidale Trophy (BesI Fielder 

U-16) '. Ben Sandford 

The Ford Sluan Strathy Trophy (Captain 

U-I6I Wells Baker 

The Rev J Scon Howard (Cjpiain B'S) Daniel Salmon 

The EL Curric Cup (Best Baisnian B Si Kiran Bughuan 

The Cricket Challenge Trophy (Best Bowler 

B'Si Kiran Bughwan 

The Old Boy's Fielding Cup (Best Fielder B/S) Francois Ba/in 



Krian Bughwan 

Isabel Tremblay 

Jamie Geekie 

Kyle Nichols 

Garth Nichols 
Adam Cota 
B. Loughecd (coach) 
Jason Liddell 
Roh Mehler 



This pa(!c Sptmsorcd b> MR 

Back RoKiL toR): S Lee, C Vkan.Mck-f-i)Mcr, B Hayhursl. K Nichoh. G Nn.hi>K Front Row: T Hamilton. Mr Wrighl. J Whikc. I TrL-inhld\ 

The prefects of 1993-94 
were a strong bunch, par- 
ticularly noted for their 
strength as a group. Led b\ 
Head Prefect Julian Whike. 
they were a solid example 
of citizenship to all. They 
led many events, rallies, 
and put together an excel- 
lent Spirit Week. 

Being a prefect can also 
be very tough, though. It 
is a constant job, and re- 
quires utmost attention. 
Now that there are fewer 
prefects than before, it is 
even tougher. However, a 
fantastic job was done by 
all. and good luck to 
Danny Salmon and next 
year's prefects. 

Sprifii^ 1994 

Mr While 

N'ctMM Mm 

hec<wnr% m prnud 

*JcU *im elmion 

Ijthci Tnrtitv 

In hcK««nK prcvi 

.clcbrjic^ lit iNih 

(lent of S<wlh Af 

hinhdi* t»n M*\ 

fKj. ihc firu lime 

1 u T«h«m»o 

BlKk% «rc jlkmnl 

Min the RKSB 

to v(4c m thai 



Thi> Page SfxmMircd h> MR. & MRS 

Pat Moss 

Back Row (I. to R): S Loc. K Nop- 
ptr. S OciupM-y. A Harnsiin. D 
Yiu, B Havhursl. D. Mk.Had/can, K 
Magwcxxl. J Whikc Middle Row 
Kaihcr Seagram. J. Seagram. J Ham- 
mond. J Ruhl. C. Snaiih, C Begg. 
S. Mivrjani. R Lecsui. J Powell. 
K. Maeh'arlane, L. Arnoldi. C Khal- 
lar. G. Melnlosh. A Ellis. T Gram. 
S. Willis. Mr Wnghl Front Row: 
M. Saegert. R Rodrigues. A. Foster. 
K. Bignell. M. Pohoresky. D Sal 
mon, E. Howell. S. Lknd. T Ha 
milton. P. Futhcy. On the Ground: 
A Cola. M Ross. 


Back Row (L to R): H Else (B.C ). 
G. Bertram (B.C). G. Dobrzensky 
(EC). F. Barnelt (BO. A. Chadha 
(India). C. Brixikshy (England). S. 
Tanaka (Japan). Middle Row: D Ar- 
not (S. .Africa). J. Dossor (.Australia). 
N. Swariwp (India). D. Waltam (S. 
Africa). L Tanier (Reunion). G. 
McLeod (S. Africa). K. Bughwan (S. 
Afnca) Front Row: M DulTield (Au- 
stralia). M. Locke (Australia), Mrs. 
Morgan. Mr. Wright. M. Bawden. 
(S. Afnca). K. Riddle (England). O. 
Grant (France) 


Back Row (L to R): Fr Seagram. J 
Sodden. A Foster, R. Hassan. P 
Sword. J. Thompson. E Howell. T 
Montgomery. Mr Wright Front 
Row: T Lee. D. Grant, Y-C. Lee. 
A. Harrison, A. Cola. J. Kopas 



nii> l'at!t- Sponvircd b> MR & MRS 


Hack Row (L to R): A Hurrison, P 
RKhcr. J Whikc, P Rowc. I. Smith 
Middle Row: C Will. K McDonjld. 
I I itinhla) . J Howse. J Trcnholmc. 
M SjL-jicn, Mr Wnjjhl Front Row: 
J Biiddcn. M R.Hlriiiuc/, M Ross. 
A. Cola. R. Nanka-Brucc. R. Mchler. 


Back Row (L to R): Dr. Dubroy. E. 
Howell. B Sandlord. M Sacgen. D. 
Pugh, A McMillan, M LcKkc. Mr 
Wright. Front Row: B. Denton. K. 
Jamal. J. Ruhl, C. Warwick-Foster. 
J. Milloy. 


back Row (L to R): Father Seagram. 
H. Cowan. W Pohorok). K Bigncll, 
B Francis. J Ruhl. Mr Wright 
Front Row: K Seagram. J. Seagram. 
M. Pohorcsky. M. Sacgcn. 



Ketchiun House 
"Purgatory in Longhorn" 

Jean LcMar, ihc Cajun mechanic Timothy Lcc 

Daniel Hawkins, the \oung prison warden Jason Liddell 

Dale Gra\son. the veteran prison warden Corhett Ball 

Father Br\anl. the devout priest Milosh Rodic-MilK 

Officer Libald. the police escort James Trenholnic 

Carlos Sanchez, the Mexican electrician Carlos Rc/a 

Reporters David Crosbie. David Grant. Mark Monn, 

Mauricio Pizzuto 


The action of the play takes place in an execution chamber of a 
maximum security prison in rural Texas The time is the present 



Michael Bayne. Tyler Benedict. 

Martin Denault. J-F Jourdam. 

Chris Wheaton 

Tiniothv Lee 

Bickle House 

"Hell's Ditch" 

Doyle, leader of the splinter group 

Kabir Jamal 

Jimmy. Doyle's right-hand man 

Adam Cota 

Brian, a member of the group 

Craig Khattar 

Kenny, another member 

Kim Nopper 

.Shamus. another member 

Niall Sheehy 

Alex, the proprietor of the pub 

Kyle Nichols 

I ylc. an outspoken patron 

Randall Jamieson 

Liam. another patron 

Andrew Harrison 

Terry, a terrorist negotiator 

Julian Whike 

The sniper 

Nicholas Fasel 


The action of the play takes place in 

the Cock and Hammer Pub. | 

Gavagh. Northern Ireland. The time 

IS present 

STAGE CREW Ken Bignell, 

Bernard Francis, 

Bungane Mehlomakulu 


Ceri Warwick-Foster 

Scott House 





Christine Will 


Marte Towle 


Jilan Kamal 


Melodic Rodriguez 


Amanda Salmon 


Isabel Tremblay 


Ainslie Ellis 


Katie Watchorn 


Barbara Finn 

The Guys 

Marie-Jo Paquet. 


Nagel. Sarah Sluarl 


The action of the plav lakes place in a living 

riKim. a high school 

corridor and a local 

park. The 

time is present 1 


Catherine Denault. 

Sarah Kisi 

evsky, Rachel Scott 


Stefane Gaudry 


Jessica Johnson. Marte Towie 

Hodgetts House 
"Do As I Say" 

Robert, peer counsellor, friend of Amy and Stephen 

Bryon Mumford 
Amy, a peer counsellor and Stephen's 

girlfriend Maeve Kerin 

Stephen. Robert's friend and Amy's boyfriend Bart Spiewak 

Jody. Amy's friend Kristin Matthews 

Zach. friend of Stephen Jamie Geekie 

Curtis, friend of Stephen Philip Sword 

Crystal, friend of Amy Veronica Parliament 

Shauna, friend of Amy Tara Montgomery 


The action takes place in a small-town high school and at various 

homes in that town. 

STAGE CREW Ashley Barr, Melissa Bevan, Frances Ebbrell, 
Meghan Johnston, Megan Macklin. Scott Winfield 


Ben Sandford 
Philip Sword 


MAY 13-14, 1994 

Burns House 
"Communication Problems" 

BjsiI ha»ll\. hotel owniT .ind manager Saruh Kcclan 

Svbil Fa»ll\. Basil's wile Anikka Hosier 

Manuel. Spanish hoiel worker Jennen Phelan 

PolU , hotel maid and receptionist Gill McLeod 

Mrs Richards, deal and cranky customer Rachel Abraham 
Major Gowan. senile, alcoholic army man lara Hamillon 
Hoiel Cuslomers: 

Mr Yardley • Hilary Else Miss Galsby - Giada Dobrzensky 
Mr Thurston ■ Mary Evans Mr Mackintosh - Sheila Bryson 
Mr Firkins - Irene Zouros Mr Kerr - Katy Macfarlane 

Miss Tibbs ■ Bryn Hamilton 


The action of the play takes place mainly in the lobby of a Pon 

Hope hotel. 

STAGE CREW Rachel Buchanan-Smith. Rachel Mirvish. 

Fiona Barnett. Stephanie Lloyd. Megan Irwin. 

Michelle Bawden. Helen Vaughan 


Sarah Kcclan 

Brent House 

"Christmas Trimmings" 

First Burglar 

Cameron Snaith 

Second Burglar 

Joseph Maynard 

Uncle Joe Bickford 

Rob Magvsood 

•Aunt Kate Bickford 

Sean Dempsey 

Mrs Jefferson P Saundei^ 

Brett Ha\ hurst 

Mr Jefferson P. Saunders 

Garth Nichols 

Ethel Saunders Matt M 


Jeppv Saunders 

Edan Howell 

Deborah Mosely 

Phil Richer 

Barbara Shields 

Austin Brown 


as himself 

Dozens of cameo appearances 


The scene is the drawing room of the Saunders' home in New | 

York City The time is eleven-thirty on Chr 

istmas Eve. 


Adrian Marsh 

DIRECTORS Sean Dempse 

. Rob Magwood 

Award Winners: 

Best Play: Ketchum Hous« i 

Best Actor: Bryon Mumford , 

Best Actress: Maeve Kerin 

Best Supporting Actor: Corbett Ball 

Best Supporting Actress: Jennen Phelan 





hy Tim Lee 

Venerable demon of yore. 

What do those eyes of fire look down on novs? 

The masons that conceived and then 

Gave birth to you do now in beds of ash 

And dust lie still. 

Held by the glue of Time 

On that granite platform 

And abandoned in a world of mortul arrogance. 

Your terrible cry falls now upon 

The ears of deaf pagans. 

O poor stone imp. you are outshined 

By that atomic brute 

Which can bathe the whole land 

With the brilliance of its glory. 

No. not even pigeons tremble 

In reverence of your decaying fangs. 

Instead they encrust your brow 

With their warm and fetid signatures. 

Your task is impossible, fiend. 
Your foes are no longer ethereal. 
And though in vain 
You attempt to 

Ward them off hallowed ground. 
Acrid mist still burns your nostrils 
And blackest rain still mars your tlesh 
With the omens of indulgence. 

Poetry Prize 

h\ Melissa Stewart 

Mother can we trade? 

Your Janice Joplin. 

For my Madonna. 
Your Volkswagon bug 

For my convertible. 
Your marijuana. 

For my 


Your virginity. 

For my pills and Pap Smears 

Your sling shots. 

For my magnum .35 

Your pregnancy, 

For my 


Your mother and father. 

For my 

Father, his new wife and my half brother 

Your generation 

In exchange for mine. 

What do you say Mom - 

Can we trade? 



Prose Prize 

h\ Ji-niujcr House 

A lired hand holds a cigarcitc bciwoon two hon\ fingers. 
It dcspcratds chngs onto its ashes, while the smoke crawls 
up into her bliH>dshi>t eyes. Claire does not blink, hut stares 
ahead, unaware of her i>wn diseoinl'ort. Her mouth has been 
painted brilliant scarlet, but it remams unmoved. She sits 
silent!) wantint: to talk, but unable to listen. .-N stranger would 
have said she was beaulitui it he were to dismiss her lonely 

She wears on her face the impressions of her past. Though 
her skin has become limp and colourless, it cannot mask 
the frame of solid hones that shape her. Her e>es. under- 
neath their perpetual redness, hold a faint glimmer of life. 
Once a deep brown like the colour of the earth, they have 
now been washed bv her tears into the muddv darkness. 

Outside, the nauseous smell i>f evhausi saturates the air. 
and (he struggled whee/ing oi the buses and the> pull out 
of the terminal are the only thing that capture her attention 
for a brief moment, a pause in her listless thoughts. The 
muted voices of the ocean of people around her are reduced 
to a constant buzzing, occasionally rising and then falling 
to the rhvthm of their emotions. The electronic board w ith 
its red lights spell out; "^L^: DEST. MONTREAL . . . 
18: 15"" she casually glances at the clock. It is five forty- 
five. She does not see the man whose twitchy eyes are pos- 
sessed, looking for her. 

The boy scampers by her. convinced that he is an airplane. 
He speaks to himself in his captain's voice, confident and 
pleased. He is locked in his world. Were the ceiling to sud- 
denly collapse and surrender to a vacant opening, he would, 
without hesitation, soar through the hole. Eventually he re- 
turns to land where his mother's arms reach out to hold him 
firmly beside her legs. 

The weight of her body presses down on the hard wooden 
bench. A voice over the loudspeaker announces another de- 
parture, and she watches the people exit through the heavy 
glass doors and assemble into a line leading to the giant me- 
tal carriage. The young lx\v flies along with a frivolous grace. 
looking up only long enough to catch her eye. In that sec- 
ond she recognizes immediately the familiar look of some- 
one she once knew, stirring something in her to life once 
again. But the brief encounter ends as spontaneously as it 
had occurred, and the child fiits off to explore again, leav- 
ing her to her thoughts. 

The twitchy-eved man grows more and more panicked, 
making his way through the crowd. He checks his watch 
for the third time in as many minutes It is five fifty-three. 
Anxiously, he twirls a set of silver ke>s around his fingers. 
Scanning the terminal for a hint of her. the faces have all 
become silhouettes, mounted against the blazing white back- 
drop of the station. He is suddenly lost. In his hands he holds 
a crumpled piece of paper scratched with the undeniable 
marks of her handwriting. Although she is right in front 
of him. he cannot see her. 

It is now two minutes after six. and she has found her 
way into the bathrtxim. She is staring at herself in the bright, 
unyielding light reflected by the mirror. She leans in closer 
to inspect herself carefully, prodding at the skin on her 
cheeks. Her dark hair falls around her shoulders, illuminated 
by a fiuorescent halo, and she gathers it into a bun with 
thoughtful indifference. The door is heavy, closing behind 
her with a steady thud as she makes her way to the platform. 

I (>ri>nto. Once she is ^onf, she will rcnwrnher details. 
liH oiiscqiHittiul imidfiUs , pa.wini; 'iinini;fr\. ihini;\ that she 
Mill ntvtr Iftivc Hic first linif into the cilv. in the htirrcn 
sirt'ft.s o) the carh nu>rmn\^ darkness. Shf will ahnns hold 
in her mind the siili-t\ of the motor \ muffled silence us Heter '.\ 
cur i;enil\ rolled oft o) hi\ih\\u\ 401. wukini; her into the 
uwkwuril tiuieiness of his home. .She i\ ulwuys there, in those 
curious pauses between ohliviousness and revelation. 

He told her once that she spent too much time ihinkinfi. 
It was July. 'Hie sticky restlessness of the niiihi hrouifht them 
ioi;ether in front of the fan which sat rattlini;. scattenni; a 
breath of comfort throut;h the kitchen. Her leits dan,i;led idly 
from the counter as she sipped from a i^luss of ice water. 
She learned to listen to him talk, ^atherin}' every piece of 
him to urrunifc und anulvze Utter. Her head was cocked 
slii>htly and her eyes watched his figure, his (me hand me- 
thodically animating his words. He was walkini; around and 
recalling; a story. She. uhsorbed by his voice, kept unchar- 
acteristically silent in her curiosity. It was these instances 
which he mistook for her thought. 

Peter patiently tried to teach her english. Gradually she 
came to understand well etioui^h to survive, and she learned 
how to create clumsy phrases through her accent. It amazed 
her how every time that she spoke she did not recognize her- 
self. In Montreal, where she f^rew up, she was notorious 
for bein^ the loudest in her family. At any given moment. 
Claire would be either singing, laughing yelling or talking, 
but always at the centre of attention. Now she stayed hound 
to the limits of a language that kept Claire silent. To her, 
silence was submission, dangerous and exhausting. Peter 
seemed to he strong enough for the both of them, und she 
had no choice but to trust him. Vie immths passed slowly. 

Months for Claire slowly blended into a year, and she 
said even less. Her fcmdness for Peter and his safety was 
soon buried deep within her, she continued (m believing that 
she had found her destiny. The time she spent was charac- 
terized both by resisting her fate and accepting it. She be- 
came so confused that eventually all that she could do to 
save her sanity was to resign to his world, and there, iso- 
lated and miles from her home, she remained quiet as ever, 
her soul asleep. 

If the house that she stayed in was her prisoti. the clock 
on the wall was her warden, and the time that she sened 
imposed itself in her mind with each tick. It was this sound 
that awakened her one day. and this day she could bear it 
no more. The day was cold and nondescript . an intention- 
ally average day like all the rest, hut in one second, in the 
gap between ticks, a violent pain gripped her stomach. She 
fell her insides seize, overwhelmed and impassioned with 
the hint of another day. She felt dizzy and attempted to stag- 
ger to the bathroom, but collapsed in a pile of cotivulsions 
before the clock, to which she whimpered in suffering de- 
lirium for mercy. Vie hlankness that enclosed around her 
eyes was her temporary salvation, and here she remained 
unconscious for hours. W7if« she awoke, her clothes still 
damp from sweat, she lifted herself up and steadied herself 
on a table. Quickly, she wrote to Peter on the back of an 
envelope: "Au revoir. " It had been .so long since she had 
even thought those words. 

It is six-seventeen. Claire is Uxiking out of the bus at the 
crowd below . Peter has emerged outside, and she finds his 
face through the dirt and fingerprints on the glass. Neither 
surprised or upset to see him. she stares w ith her cheek press- 
ing on the cold glass dividing them. She knows that he has 
seen her. but she doesn't turn away or try to hide from him. 
She watches as he falters among the few passengers stand- 
ing beside the bus. Her hand involuntarily raises to open 


the \sindow. sliding it across to invite the biting winter air. 
He stops beKns . awkwardly aware of her and suddenly si- 
leneed. She whispers goodbye lo him, bui he does not hear. 
The engines stir to lite and the wheels begin to roll. Claire 
tl\es her eyes on him as she pulls awa\. and ui this mo- 
ment, surrounded h\ the hush ot Februars . she watches Peter 
and his strange world disappear into the distance, and a noise 
echoes in her ears. It is the sound ot" the boy, who now is 
sitting across from her. He is laughing and stops for a sec- 
ond to smile at her. She smiles back and slides down in her 
seat, surrendering to a deep and complete sleep, filled w ith 
blankness and void of pictures. When she wakes up, she 
will ha\e nothing left of this city, her memories lost some- 
where on the \asi stretch of road between contact and iso- 
lation. She will be home, she will be delivered. 

Honourable Mention 

... In Sickness and in Health 

by Edan Howell 

She sat in the hard, unaccomodating chair and pulled her 
jacket up further over her shoulders to tight the chill that 
she wasn't sure was actually there. The hospital hallway 
was empty but for the short row of chairs. She looked at 
the faces of the two people beside her. blank and cold, just 
like the hallway. They were staring off into nothingness try- 
ing to look as if they were not nearly as bored as everyone 
else. She thought about speaking but decided against it. 
Everything about the place encouraged keeping to yourself. 

Several uncovered light bulbs provided the only light and 
they cast shadows into the corners that hung there like tow- 
els left out in the rain. She examined her fingernails for what 
must have been the tlfth time and let her mind wonder about 
what the doctor would have to say to her this time. Some- 
one beside her shifted uncomfortably in their chair and the 
steel leg scraped mercilessly against the linoleum floor. The 
sound echoed off of the blue concrete walls. 

The walls were empty and plain save for a single painting 
which hung just opposite the line of chairs. It was a nice 
little painting, certainly not a masterpiece, but it was a wel- 
come splash of colour in a corridor of blues and greys. She 
strained to make out exactly what the painting depicted but 
it was complicated by a long crack in the glass that covered 
it from one corner to the next. She rested her hand on her 
womb and drummed her fingers softly to a rhythm for her 
baby . 

It didn't really matter she supposed. There was nothing 
else to look at except her fingernails, the blank unfamiliar 
stares of her neighbours and the otherwise empty vsalls. She 
smiled at the picture and forgot about the crack entirely. 

At the end of the hall a door opened and the sounds of 
footsteps, their rhythmic clicks sounding hollow and far 
away, began to approach. She pulled her jacket up even 
further and tried to readjust her position in the chair yet again. 
She was nervous and the chill didn't help. 

She had never seen this doctor before and wondered 

whether he was coming to see her or not. She examined 
his approach with a carefully trained eye. His hair was neatly 
trimmed and the tufl of hair on his upper lip was immac- 
ulaiels trimmed into a handsome moustache. His features 
v\ere hard and seemed to be chiselled into a piece of granite 
so that when he smiled at her. at once answering her sus- 
picions, she wondered if his face might crack. His neck mus- 
cles tightened and lifted his collar ever so slightly. His tie 
was done up close to the neck and she imagined him stand- 
ing at his mirror that morning having spent enormous time 
getting the knot to be as perfect as any in the history of neck- 

He looked at his clipboard and spoke her name in an in- 
quisitive tone. She held her hand up timidly. The doctor 
held out his left hand with its naked, unadorned fingers to 
help her from the chair. She appreciated his assistance. Sim- 
ple acts such as that had been growing increaslingly diffi- 
cult these last few weeks. 

They took a few steps down the hall to ensure a degree 
of privacy and the doctor turned his back to the chairs so 
the silent figures would not see his lips. His words were 
near whispers which still manage to echo off the wall and 
the fltior. 

- I'm afraid these tests just confirm the previous ones, 
he said. It's ninety-eight point three percent likely that he 
will be born with a severe case of muscular dystrophy. 

Her mind retreated back into her jacket with her should- 
ers. The rest of his words slid off her like rain on a window 

- I know this will be a very difficult thing to go through 
with but I can assure you that you will almost certainly be 
able to have a child in the future. It's good thing though 
that these days we can spot something like this early on so 
as to prevent any further pain. 

Her head was tilted at a stupid angle and her eyes were 
fixed on the knot that he had tried so hard to make just right. 
Her mind was far away as she thought of her silent apart- 
ment, the job she didn't like, and the long lonely nights curled 
up in the covers of her empty single bed. 

Beyond the doctor's shoulder she watched as another doc- 
tor in the same white lab coat removed the picture from the 
wall shaking his head as he examined the long and jagged 
crack. There was nothing in the corridor at all now . . . 
and a tear swelled up in her eye. Her hands fell to her ab- 
domen, unprepared to let go. 

Honourable Mention 
The Silent Man 

by Kahir Jamal 

The door swung wildly, and I shoved myself forth, stum- 
bling into the foreign place. The door clamoured shut be- 
hind me and a sharpness pierced my ears as the lock clicked. 
The shop was brimnnng in a cloud of smoke, and now I, 
too, was part of the mist. The fog was all-encompassing, 
and told the tales of spent Marlboro and dU Maurier, sucked 


from ihcir existence h\ the hitler lips ot ragged dUI men 

1 waded my wa\ lorth to the eoiinter. and ordered «hat 
they sold -- cot'fee. No deeafor espresso, no donui on the 
Mde. just plain, hlaek eol't'ec. The lady behind the counter 
turned to tultll my request, so 1 circled around and scanned 
the room, searchini: 1 sa\s an old man at the far right He 
sat alone, reading his newspaper as he slowly sipped Op- 
pt>site the Newspaperman sat another, lonely woman .She 
coddled her cup, rolling it helween her palms Her hair was 
limp and tangled, and tutts were hanging o\er her eyes, 
drinking into the cold, hrmumng blackness. My eyes grew 
bored ot the C\>ddlcr's pathetic sight, so 1 turned to a man 
in a cowboy hat. Cowboy was seated with a large, volup- 
tuous woman. He sat staring at Tits before him -- her tired, 
inset eyes: her sagging, water-logged cheeks: her drooping 
breasts, Uxisely veiled by a thin rosy -coloured dress; -- Cow- 
boy stared at all of these with intensity, as he absently drank 
from the cup befi>re him. 

The woman behind the counter ripped n)e from my 
thoughts w ith a slam upon the countertop. The liquid rocked 
back and forth, spilling over in pools of blackness. She hit 
some bottons on the machine. 

■ 'Viat 'II he ninen-sLx cents, pal. ' ' she said, as she smacked 
her lips, chewing on a cud of Juicy Fruit. 

Without a word. 1 pulled out a looney and rested it upon 
the counter, lifted my ct^ffee from the handle, and walked 
over to the left corner of the room. I rested my cup upon 
a deserted table -- it gently rocked from the new-found strain 
-- and seated myself with my back to the window . so that 
I could continue my inventory of the old. bludgeoned shop. 

Before me. I could see all. The corner was a perfect place 
to drink my coffee. But the coffee was still too hot - I could 
see the steam rising -- so I waited. I occupied myself with 
the other coffee-drinkers instead. 

There was a couple seated at a nearby table, sharing a 
single cup of the all-too-popular beverage. The man was 
greying and fat. Chunks of flesh bubbled out between the 
buttons of his tightly-fitted shirt. Blubberman sat beside a 
frail aging woman. Her face was tired and worn from time, 
and her brows, furrowed from constant concern. Despite 
her looks of anguish, a faint glimmer could be seen in her 
eyes. Her gaze warmed whomever it caught, and at this par- 
ticular moment, it was me. Warmthwoman quickly returned 
her eyes to Blubberman, as he clumsily sloshed the drink 
into his mouth. He sw iUed greedily, leav ing only the clumpy 
dregs for his companion. 

I watched these two for a while - the quiet patience of 
Warmthwoman and the noisy bellowing of Blubberman. As 
1 watched, old Blubberman became noisier and noisier. He 
began sputtering remarks about nothing and everything, ex- 
haling his frustrations in a gust of bitter coffee that had just 
been drunk. Despite the clamour, no one turned to see the 
commotion. Everyone was drinking their own cup of cof- 
fee. Everyone else, except me. 

The sight was too annoying for me to watch, so I ignored 
it, and quickly scanned around the room instead. There were 
many people, indeed, but at this particular moment, I did 
not want to concern myself w ith the silly coffee-drinkers. 
There were far more interesting sights to see. 

My eyes perused the shop once again, and stumbled across 
the stout, metal frame that sat at the far end of the room. 
The metal w-as scarred with scrapes and dents, and the word 
"Cigarenes" was loosely affixed on the front. A row of little 
buttons were aligned underneath, seven in all. Two of buttons 
were glowing red. so I forgot about them. The other five were 
still available, though. I stared at the tattered old machine, 
until my mind grew bored. It was time to move on. 

This \^ay and that. I searched the rtH)m, until something 
peculiar aroused my attention. Placed high above the other 
door was a sign. It read "EXIT" ... but only sometimes. 
The bulb inside was flickering on and off, so some of the 
time the sign was alight, and other times it was not. I thought 
about the sign with concern. It should really be fixed so 
that It was lit all the time Then people would be more aware 
ol It in case of fire The people dkln'i seem to care that the 
light was flickering, though. It was probably better to leave 
them in ignorance 

My attention was shitted again by the movements of a 
young, well -developed woman. She couldn't have been more 
than seventeen. Her curls were a sumptuous blonde, and 
her face was fair and pure. Aphrodite held a mop in hand, 
and was slowly whisking across the floor, making it shine 
and glitter. I stared at her long, slender legs and she cleaned. 
At times, her skirt gave a small whirl, revealing her firtii. 
silky thighs I looked at Aphrodite as she worked, and 
thought about how she would use the money that she earned. 
Tonight, she would go out to the beach and get drunk with 
her friends. Then she would get laid by some opptirtunist. 
It didn't really matter, though. She was still attractive to 
look at. 

I looked across to the Newspaperman. He was still drink- 
ing his coffee in small sips, and still reading his newspaper 
. . . but was he'.' 1 stared at him intrudingly as he dared a 
glimpse at the shifting legs of Aphrodite. Dirty old man. 
His eyes peered across the room, and caught mine. He 
quickly buried himself in his newspaper. 

I kept my gaze upon old Newspaperman, waiting to reach 
a verdict. He kept his eyes well-placed in the paper, until 
one moment when Aphrcidite swiftly turned, letting her skirt 
swirl in the air. He couldn't give up the opportunity; he 
stole a glance at the Arm, robust thighs. The sight burned 
in his mind for his lonely night Then, the Pervert searched 
the room for witnesses. He found me. 

I fixed my eyes upon his intently, then raised a small smirk. 
Dirty old man. So silly. So ashamed. Apparently, the Per- 
vert became really upset by my revelation. Like a slingshot, 
he folded his newspaper in two. thrust it under his arm, and 
darted out the door. The light wasn't even on. 

Now I was bored. The Pervert had left. Aphrodite had 
hidden herself from view . I returned my eyes to the couple 
from before. Old Blubberman was still thundering at poor 
Warmthwoman. She just remained still. He was roaring 
about how there was no more coffee in their cup. It wasn't 
her fault. She hadn't finished it off. Before I could see more, 
Blubberman seized Warmthwoman by her thin, bony wrist 
and dragged her out the door. They, too, failed to wait for 
the light to turn on. 

With the absence of Blubberman the room was quiet. Only 
the faint murmur of insigniflcant conversations could be 
heard. My mind became empty. There was nothing more 
of particular interest. I searched furiously , and remembered 
the coffee that rested before me. The cup of blackness was 
no longer steaming. It was a dank, stagnant cold. I slowly 
placed my pinky in the liquid and shuddered. My coffee 
was a bitter cold. I thought about asking the Chewing Gum 
girl to replace it, but I knew she wouldn't. 

I looked at my watch, I twiddled my thumbs, but I knew 
what I had to do. I picked up the cup by the rim. hesitated, 
and swallowed in a single gulp. 

My cup was now empty . It was time for me to go; but 
I wouldn't go like the others. I would wait until the light 
shone brilliantly, beckoning me. The air was still stagnant 
and stifling from the smoke, but I breathed deeply. Inhaled. 
Exhaled. Inhaled. Exhaled. Then, the light suddenly flickered 


on. Now was my chance. 

1 arose, made my way to the door, and stopped. I peered 
around at those remaining -- the Chewing Gum girl. Aph- 
rodite, the Coddler, Covshoy, Tils. Then, my ga/e returned 
to the glowing sign. It still burned tor me. 1 apologized to 
ihetn all and left. 

Junior Prize 

The Not-So-Fortunate Fortune Teller 

by Hilary Rowlmul 

"I dunno it v\e should ... I mean, these places are 
spooky,"" Charles said. 

■"Oh come on,"" I coaxed, tugging at his shirt sleeve. 
"What could happen'.'"" 

We crossed the street. 

"There it is."" I said, pointing to a tiny store crammed 
between two Victorian houses. The front window had large 
gold lettering on it. "Fortune Telling."" it read. 

I was with my best friend Charles and his little brother, 
Simon. We were on a tree-lined street in the old Anne.x dis- 
trict of Toronto where the houses date from the last century. 
My parents had gone away for the weekend and I was stay- 
ing at Charles" house. 

I opened the shop door and little bells rang somewhere. 
As I looked around I slipped my hand into my jeans pocket 
for the umpteenth time to check that the t\\enty dollar bill 
was still there. The room was filled with large, heavily- 
framed pictures of what I guessed to be relatives of the 
fortune-teller. There were shelves of leather-bound books 
and suspicious-looking gadgets and a glass-doored cupboard 
with oddly-shaped bottles of powders and coloured liquids. 
A draft of foul-smelling air assaulted my nose and I looked 
over to see a fat old lady wearing brightly-coloured track 
suit and a woven shawl standing in the doorway to a back 

"You boys want your fortune told?"" It was more like 
a challenge than a question. 

"Yeah"", I said. The word caught in my throat. 

"Then sit down."" she ordered. "It'll cost ya fifteen in 
advance. Please,"" she added in a mocking voice. 

I reached in my pocket and pulled out the crisp twenty 
as the three of us sat down at a dusty, round wooden table 
in the middle of the room. The old lady waddled over to 
an antique cash register, pushed a button, pulled a lever and 
the cash drawer shot out with a jangling of bells. She re- 
trieved a wrinkled five, slammed the drawer noisily and shuf- 
fled back to the table to hand me my change. Next she opened 
the bottom door of the cupboard and carefully lifted out a 
heavy crystal ball the size of an extra-large grapefruit. She 
placed it on the table and then moved to the window to pull 
shut the beaded curtains before finally sitting down in her 
chair with a grunt. 

■"Turn off the lights, will ya kid'.'"" she barked. 

I g(n up. wondering where the switch might be. 

■"Over there."" She pointed to the wall near the back door. 
"Hurry up. I ain"t got all day." 

I stepped over to the wall and pushed the brass button. 
We were left in almost total darkness except for the light 
peeping in between the drapes. I could hear the shuffle of 
feet and then a match fiared and the old lady lit a brass coal 
oil lamp over the table. A soft yellow light cast weird sha- 
dows in the room. I made my way back to my chair and 
sat down. 

"Let us begin,"' she said 

The old lady stared into her crystal ball, her eyes wid- 
ening. She looked almost evil in the flickering light. 

■"I see ... I see a transport truck. Someone's been hill 
Someone new someone you"ve just met."" 

"Who'.'"" Charles asked. Simon began to cry. 

■'Someone . . .". she gave an exasperated sigh. "I can"t 

"Yeah, right, lady,"" Charles sneered. "What a gyp. Come 
on guys. Lets get outta here. 

Charles got up, grabbed his little brother"s hand and was 
out the door. I glanced over at the fortune teller and shrugged 
my shoulders. I could feel her eyes burning my back as I 
followed them outside. When I caught up with Charles I 
asked him why he"d left so quickly. 

"You don"t actually believe that crap do you'.'"" he asked. 
1 didn't answer. 

When we got back to Charles' place there was a huge 
moving van at the big white house across the street. We 
sat on Charles" front steps to watch the movers unload and 
carry boxes and furniture into the house. The Charles" mother 
opened the front door and we looked around to see that she 
was with a girl that none of us had seen before. 

"There you boys are! Tve been looking high and low for 
you three."" 

She turned to the girl. "This is Amber. She"s just moving 
in across the street and her mother doesn"t want her in the 
way while they"re unloading the furniture." 

Amber had short brown hair and she was wearing a pur- 
ple tee shirt and cut-off jeans shorts and her feet were bare. 

"Hi," she said, a little shyly. 

"Hi," we said in unison. 

"Want to see our fort out back'?" Charles asked. 

"Sure," she said, smiling. 

We jumped off the porch and ran around the back of the 
house, past the flower garden to the very back of the yard 
to the big beech tree. 

■"This is it," I said, and we all climbed the ladder to the 
wooden tree house about ten feet off the ground. 

"From here you can see into the neighbours' yard with- 
out them seeing us." I told her. 

"Cool." she said. 

We looked out the peep hole and we could see the neigh- 
bour kids and their dad playing catch. 

"Let's go get a glass of lemonade." I suggested, cutting 
into the silence. 

Inside the house Charles pulled me aside. "You don"t sup- 
pose . . .'"he began. 

"Let's not take any chances,"" I said cautiously. 

"Right,"" Charles agreed. 

"Can I have a popsicle'.'" Simon asked. 

"Yeah, go ahead"' Charles told his little brother. 

"Let's go over to my place," Amber suggested. "We 
can play with my new Nintendo."" 

"Uh, well ... do you want to make ice cream fioats in- 
stead? Charles. Do you have any soda and ice cream?"" 

■'Yeah, yes, we do. Good idea," Charles said. He went 
to the fridge and took out a bottle of ginger ale and a carton 
of ice cream. At that moment, Charles" mother came into 
the kitchen. 


"Amber, your mother u.mis \ihi home rijjht iiwuy," she 

Oh no, I thought 

"Can't she stay a hit longer. ' Charles asked. 

"No, her mom wants her home right away." 

We \satehed m siienee as .Amher walked down the hall- 
way to the tront door and sieppeil outside The mo\ mg van 
was no longer there. We ran to the li\ ing room and watched 
as she crossed the street Part way across she turned ii> wave. 
We held our breath and waved back 

Oh piftisf don I If I her \;ci hii. I repeated over and over 
in my mind. 

It seemed to take forever tor her to cross the street but 
when she was sately on the other side Charles and I both 
breathed a sigh of relief. \-ot a moment we just stood there 
ga/mg out the window, thinking. 

"Let's finish those tloats," Charles said llnallv. 

When we were done we joined Simon in front of the tele- 
vision. I picked up the remote and started (licking channels 

"Don't leave me . . ." Click. 

". . . best value ..." Click. 

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Click. 

". . . in the news a transport truck left the road at 
..." Click. 

"... you wanna go where everybcxly knows ..." Click. 
"Wait, turn back. Quick!" Charles squealed. 

"... fortune-teller is in serious condition in Toronto Gen- 
eral Hospital after a Wheaties truck went out of control and 
crashed through the w indow of Annex-area shop. Doctors 
expect her to make a full recovery. The driver has been 
charged ..." 

I kwked at Charles. He IcHiked at me. The reporter's voice 
seemed to fade into the distance. 

He was sleeping with the enemy 
And didn't even know ii. 
She was playing with his nund. 
And he was starting to show it. 

He thought her looks could kill. 
And she used them very well. 
He thought she was an angel. 
But she was straight from hell. 

He gave her all he ever was. 
And she tossed it in a ditch. 
She was anything but faithful. 
That goddamn cheating bitch. 


by Austin Brown 

He waits for her to feel his pain 
Of troubles built up inside. 
She should feel what she has done. 
The pain is justified. 

He finds himself always upset 
With the turn his life has taken. 
He blames himself for all that's bad. 
But he is sadly mistaken 

He found her at the perfect time. 
Just when his troubles came. 
He thought she was his saviour. 
But that's when it started to rain. 

At the time he thought he loved her. 
And thought he'd give it a whirl. 
That's when things got rotten. 
That's when he met this girl. 


Meant to be?! 

bv Joannah Bodden 


Recent Decree in Parliament Cau- 
ses Uprising in Subservient Male 

YESTERDAY EVENING, just outside the Royal Canadian 
Parliament building, roughly 250 men gathered in a futile 
attempt to riot. At the moment police do not know how they 
escaped from their cages hut it is believed that a few women 
were careless in locking their husbands in for the night, and 
due to this negligence some men managed to run away. 

There have also been reports that the number of S.C.U.M. 
(Success Comes Under Men) members is gradually increas- 
ing: the underground network of free men pillaged a few 
towns last month and three men were set free! But do not 
let this alarm you: two of the three were found the next day, 
cowering in a nearby forest. They were dutifully punished, 
naturally by castration, and sent to work for the rest of their 

The source of this riot seems to have stemmed from a 
recent decree in the House of Commons. The decree states 
that all men will suffer a cut in Food Allowances (due to 
financial constraints) and they will also experience an in- 
crease in Sexual Obligations: men will now be fed twice 
(not three) times a day and they will be fornicated with ten 
times a day, as opposed to only five times per day. Our Ho- 
nourable Prime Ministress has listened to our complaints 
and instantly adjusted the rations to better suit the signifi- 
cant portion of our population. 

Reportresses on the scene interviewed one of the men in 
order to discover the nature of S.C.U.M.'s adversity. The 
statement from Mr. (X) 1247 189 is as follows: 

"This is not a life! You women have no respect for us 
anymore: we are treated like sex slaves and our bodies 
are tools for your disgusting games. Day after day you 
subject us to humiliation and degradation. We must cook 
and clean and even do dishes!! I just don't feel masculine 
anymore! We have lost our identity as macho men and 
as human beings. How can we survive in a country run 
by women?! Man has no place here. Hey, we have feel- 
ings t(x), you know!" 
At this point (X) 1247 189 broke into tears and had to be 

carried away. (For a transcript or video of this statement 
simply call Canada's Funniest Home Videos or Canada's 
Funniest Gender at 1-800-MEN-HAHA.) 

The demonstration outside the Parliament building was 
contained relatively well and the police allowed the men to 
vent their frustration for a while, in a supervised area. But 
as soon as police proceeded to apprehend the demonstrators 
and return them to their wives, the situation took a turn for 
the worse. A rush of hysteria swept the area. The men 
screamed and tried to run for their lives, but to no avail: 
policewomen and angry wives encircled the zone. They did 
not even have a semblance of hope for escape. 

An estimated 73 were shot and killed while a further 118 
were battered to death by angry wives. (Rest assured, the 
male corpses have been processed and the widows will be 
assigned new mates without delay!) Two women were in- 
jured in the scuffle: one suffering a slight scratch to the leg 
and the other a soiled manicure. The ambulance arrived im- 
mediately to tend to their injuries and a recent follow-up 
indicates that they are doing just fine. (The ladies request 
no flowers or condolence mail from the public.) 

As unfounded as this adversity may seem, it was enough 
to work the men into a frenzy. Is the subservient male gender 
a legitimate threat to the stability of our society? Many are 
pondering the question. But what can they do? Can they 
jump up and reclaim the world? Not while we have the key 
to their cages! They have had their era in the limelight and 
now it's our turn. This is surely the way it was meant to be. 

Note: It should be noted that all of the 
many submissions for the contest were 
of high standard. Indeed, if The Record 
had space, all would be printed. 


Saturday Night Fever 

by Leroy S/niih 

Visions of beauty adorn the walls. 
Enchantresses and mistresses traipse the hails. 
There is a certain air, a certain feeling, 
all your desires fulfilled under this ceiling. 

Bawdy house. Cat house, all the same, 
one single cause gi\en man\ a name. 
All amimg to please, where yearnings cease 
An establishment devoted to man's release. 

Out the door 1 go down the road, 
yet as I walk, my pace is slowed. 
I stop and ptinder. I gawk and gape 
From the scourge there is no escape 

Sex surrounds me, all around 
Erotic filth emanates from the ground. 
Trapped in a world governed by desire 
Pervasive, pressing, burning - as a funeral pyre. 

The object of mans desire lives in a croth 

For opportunities to gain it, he is always on watch. 

The ins, the outs, the roundabouts are fun. 

Yet man must pay when the deed is done. 

A flash in the pan. a moment of glory, 
yet what comes next is a different story. 
A price to pay, a load to bear 
Anxiety, heartache, minds filled with fear. 

The sex yet great lasts only an hour 
The aftermath however has staying power. 
Possibilities are endless for what's in store, 
A variety of prizes are witheld by that door. 

A heightened sensation required I bare all. 
Now 1 walk. Pondering my final curtain call. 
What shall come, what does my future hold? 
Could it be a story already been told? 

Am I the man who burns all day 

His eyes bloodshot, his skin turned grey? 

The claps he cites as the cause, 

\'et his condition deserves no applause. 

Am I the man that parades in pride 
Too big for his pants yet hides what's inside? 
No beach, no sand, no surf, rather drab 
Yet not to the infestations, mighty little crab. 

Am I a man to lay bedridden and ill 
Motionless as cancers my body do kill 
AIDS they call it, not very old. 

Is it my fate to die of a cold? 

Which story for me, lies in store? 
Which epic adventure, shall make me no more? 
I know not what the luture holds, 
Impatiently 1 wait as the story unfolds. 

How dumb, how silly, how loolish. how inane. 
A fistful of fun equals a lifetime of pain. 
What once gave man life, shall take it away, 
Ever so softly, on the band shall play. 

Considering its worth, considering its cost. 
It is obvious man's resources are lost 
To a blinding desire deep-seated within 
Don't bother to check before we get in. 

Yet I am a slave to male desires. 

SocieiN fuels my raging fires. 

If I would if I could do what is right. 

However till then, there is Saturday Night. 

The Little Tree 

by Adam Cota 

The little tree had a simple way of life. 

He had the older trees to guide him. 

to tell him which way to grow. 

The little tree was always told by his elders 

of the exquisite light that awaited him 

if he did what he was told. 

The little tree was constantly told, 

how once in the light. 

he would get the chance to do everything he wanted to. 

It's too bad the little tree died. 

before he got out of the shade. 





These Pages Sjxmsored by PROF. & MRS. J D. 


Bethune House in 1993-94 had a really successful year. The 
sophomore tandem of Joe "Hey Guys!!!"" Seagram and Steve 
"Don't wake me up " Haberer were now no longer strangers 
to the ways of the house. With many new additions, including 
a whole shipment of grade 7s. 8s. and 9s. proctors, and Mark 
(the guy who has the second suite) Skanks, the house was ready 
to rumble. 

In the sixth form. Head of House Bourbeau called out names 
at house meetings (Sunburn, Migwig) like never before, while 
Clarke and Boner carried out quiet discussions on the side. 
Woody and Roots hung out with the fifth form, and Lloyd just 
stared out into space. While Sunn> Tarn proved to be a monster 
on the violin and at his studies. TeaJ was all ready to nominate 
Ir% for his weekly dog bone. Who can forget TlDH-man Brad, 
or Brutal? 

Of course leadership came as well from the fifth form. Mike 
Sanborn headed up the week-end committee, and was also a 
well-known member of the gitch-squad. Albert Chen headed 
up the band of orientalkinsmen and their gourmet cooking. The 
guys on the third floor helped out the proctors from time to 
time and made sure the juniors, led by Jeremy "He"s got an 
answer for everything'" Milloy and "ESL"" Chestnut, were kept 
in their rightful places. "The French guys"" Chappy and Beaver 
indicated that as long as they could play their football and hockey. 
cvcrMhini' w;is iusi fine with ihcm 

The house was also parleyed to many room switches this year. 
Tractor could always be found on the third floor, our walking 
T.V. guides Marleau. Powell and Spam had set up shop in the 
T.V. room, and of course a few too many characters could al- 
ways be found in the vicinity of the third floor bathroom. (It 
was too foggy to see who actually lived there, though.) 

So. it was a decent year, and the house had a lot to show 
for it. Many thanks to Joe. Steve and Mark for their patience 
and understanding. Next year looks to be the best in years, with 
a great group of sixth formers, led by new Head of House Scott 
Feddery. So, to everyone next year. Scott, the prefects, the 
sixth form, and the rest of the house; good luck, and remem- 
ber, Bethune is what you make it. 

House: Bethune 

Named After: Rev. Charles Bethune. 2nd Headmaster. 

Year of Inceplion: 1929 

Langmuir Cup Champs (since 1963): '66-'67. '71-'72. "81. 



Bickle House Is Truly the Best House at Trinity 
College School 

- Albert Einstein 

Perhaps Alben Einstein didn't say this, but with all his wis- 
dom, maybe he should have. Bickle House, once again, proved 
to be a leader of the school in all respects. Mr. Robling. who 
IS unquestionably the BEST housemaster at T.C.S.. led us val- 
iantly, along with his equally talented assistant Mr. Reynolds. 
The two forces outlined the ethos and atmosphere that filled 
the Bickle halls - character, respect, and honour. Just a quick 
glace at the sixth form of Bickle can reveal the attributes that 
they have evoked in all of us. 

Julian Whike. our head prefect, who took the school through 
another year of existence with few abrasions and accidents. 
■Adam Cola and Andrew Harrison, two well-rounded individ- 
uals who worked hard and played hard. Joao Ma and Jason 
Yue. who kept the Canadian automotive industry alive. Andre 
Da Costa and Curtis Mack, who kept Bickle's islander popu- 
lation alive . . . sort of. Hamish Cowan, who runs so fast, he 
picked up the Oxford Cup on his way to the liKal daycare. Mike 
Radford, who showed us all how to relax and take it easy. Thanks 
Menski' Peter Rowe. who slopped Alan I jw from burning down 
the house. Kyle Nichols, an admirable prefect, who helped to 
keep the house cohesive Thank you Kyle Ceri Warwick Foster, 
who saved the house to produce another \ en fine house play. 
Ken Bigncll. who entertained visiting old boys, and did a su- 
perb lob with middle flat Michael Pohoresky. who tried to save 

the world from Rm. 101. Kim Nopper, who showed us that 
Hitler is still alive, but is creating a perfect race of sincere and 
admirable fellows. 

Our sixth form weren't the greatest of friends, but we did 
manage to pull through the year with dignity. With the strength 
of the entire house behind us. Bickle shone in all school events, 
from house sports to the house play. Even our house chapels 
proved to be interesing . . . (no comment!). Overall. Bickle 
ruled. We even managed to take the Senior Debating trophy 
at the end of the year; and yes. we ARE the real Langmuir 

Next year proves to be equally good, with Randi as Head 

of House and Bemie assisting, leading the rest of the delinquents. 

Who knows.' Maybe next year Balazs will find God, and Geoff 

will find (he bathroom locked. One fact is certain, though: the 

Bickle is the best. Never forget it. 


the grey man 

House: Bickle 
Named After: Thomas B 
Year Of Imeplum: \9^1 
Langmuir Cup Cliampn: 












Brent continued its domininance at T.C.S., in both spirit 
and attitude. We were again the Langmuir Cup cham- 
pions: winning house volleyball, the Oxford Cup, and 
House Debates. We continued our tradition by having 
the most entertaining house play (with a special appear- 
ance by future Chippendale dancer Ooggs) - we even got 
adjudicated this year! 

The house wouldn't be the same without the ninja (Du- 
bie), patrolling the halls until all hours of the night, and 
Campbell keeping us all in line. Remember boys, when- 
ever you're doing or saying something wrong. Dubie will 
be there. The house also had lots of character; the sixth 
form yuppies, the fifth form basketball posse, the fourth 
form skids, the hardcores (Griff, Rocco & Gorrie), Russ 
the couch potato, Leds & Johnny T. keeping us up to 
date with the sports world, and last call Johnny Saul -don't 
change boys! 

Thanks to everyone, especially Dubie, Campbell, and 
the sixth form, for making this a wicked year, and good 
luck to Riche and the boys next year. May the tradition 
continue, and remember ... not cocky, just confidcnl. 

House: Brent 

Named After: Bishop Brent. T.C.S. 1882. 
Year Of Inception: 1929 

Linnmiiir Cu/i Champs: 'bJ-bS, '77. '8.1. 'SS-'Se. '89. '9l-'92. 




Well, Burns House has had another successful year Although we 
losi 10'* of Ihe house, we more than made up for it in exchange stu- 
dents and rumour has it that half of Scott House plans to defect to Burns 
next year. Why not',' We iire the better house! Notable activities included 
going to the 'Jays game, mdoor stargazing (the lunar eclipsel and that 
duct tape incident. The first lloor enjoyed Helen's massages and fre- 
quent visits from duty masters ("It's Mr. Taylor, can I come in'.' 
. . Can I come in.' . Can I come in? . . .), while the second floor. 
(also known as the Delta. Delta. Deltal became well acquainted with 
Madonna a la Moss. Jennen and Dahling continued their battle against 
restrictive clothing, or um. any clothing and Clare continued her quest 
to break the 200 mark for House Q's. While Burns North kept setting 
off the fire alarm. Burns South was quietly burning to the ground - 
loo bad they didn't have Sheila and Ben's handy SuperSoakers . . . 

Our sixth form became well acquainted with Belinda Seagram (per- 
haps It had something to do with wearing nylons on our heads') but 
still had lime for creative 6 o'cltKk clubs. The Codfish almost ruined 
our carefully nurtured and thoroughly enjoyable tradition of being mis- 
erable debaters, and Dahling told us more about BRYCEII than we 
ever wanted to know. We were obviously robbed of the Best House 
Play Award, but Sledge helped us drown our sorrows in the decanter 
set and Alex helped us keep our senseof humour about the whole thing 

This year has been unforgettable. Thanks to Mrs. Taylor and 

Ms Tarasick for putting up with us. and making the year enjoyable 
Mary. Sheila. Mrs. Taylor and the rest of the house - good luck next 
vear and mav the force be with vou 

House: Burns 

Named After: Charles Burns, T.C S. '25. 

Year Of Inception: 1981 

Uinfiumuir Cup Champs: '87 




Another year under our belt, with Mr. Row-Bear and 
Ms. Zard looking none the worse tor wear. Again, Hod- 
getts house maintained their famed academic strength and 
unfortunately gained the existence of a grade 9/10, ex- 
tremely foolish lunatic clan, geared for destruction and 
abuse. They clearly had more time on their hands then 
they knew what to do with. The girls, although only for 
a short time and only upon being bribed with ice-cream, 
got to see what the floor of their change room looked 
like. The boys were unable to wash their hands all year, 
but on a good note, we did not see the return of, ""writer 
of Satanic messages with shampoo man." As a house, 
we showed great support and spirit at all house compe- 
titions. We came so close to a win at the junior debating 
finals. Ah well, you can't win everything. Hodgetts house 
will most assuredly be mourning the loss of this year's 
sound sixth form. Who's to look after the house play'.' 
Who's to blow people up? Who's to amuse and delight 
with Simpson's impersonations? Who's to mind the 
house? It's a big space to fill, but there's no need to worry. 
Next years sixth form promises to be pretty solid with 
both Megan and Meghan on the scene. Definitely a year 
of day student domination. TTFN, Geek. 

House: Hixlgetts 

Named After: Bimie Hodgetts. teacher '42-"68. 

Year Of Inception: 1985 

Langmuir Cup Champs: "88. '90. 




Ketchum has always stood alone, and this year was no ex- 
ception. We were by far the most unified and proud of all the 
houses. This was in large part due to T.L., our great new House 
Master. As well, we had a tonne of great newboys; G-ON, 
Snoopy. Corb. and Wheaty just to name a few (well maybe 
not Wheaty). 

With a new House Master we had new pranks, including the 
ever-popular camera flash into sleeping eyes. The house also 
saw the inception of the 5th form common room. However, 
some things never change, like Chewy screaming down the cor- 
ridor in the dead of the night. 

The house enjoyed success this year, winning the first ever 
house hockey tournament. To his credit, Tim Lee put together 
a first rate production to win the house play festival. Interes- 
tingly enough, the adjudicator was an old Keichumite. 

Our sixth form this year was unique at best. On the front 
line we had Martin "'I'm not fat!" Denault. Dave (Cave) Grant 
always managed to waste the day, and no one can forget Golani's 
insatiable appetite. Skid . . . well, he never knew what the hell 
was going on. but he kept on smiling. Riz made it without kil- 
ling himself (or anyone else, for that matter). Nobody had am- 
nesty from Corb's wrath 

There's a lot of depth m our legacy, as Chunky and Co. take 
over next year. And don't worry guys - you don't have to run 
breakfast quancrs any more! As for the rest of the juniors, you 

better watch your step because next year's sixth form are a bunch 
of sadists. Good luck to the Prefects and Max Saegert as they 
take over next year, and make sure T.L. gets his sleep. 

House: Ketchum 

Named After: Philip Ketchum. 8th Headmaster of T.C.S. '33-"62. 

Year Of Inception: 1962 

iMnamuir Cup Champs: '70. '82. '84. 




We just want to say '"WOW, what an amazing year!" Our 
House consisted of some of the most interesting characters the 
school has ever seen. (Megan. Ainslie. Amanda, and Jilan) who 
always made life exciting. Making our mark once again in the 
TCS world of debating. Scott House repeatedly came out on top. 

Scott House Chapels were always an adventure thanks to the 
work of Marie-Jo. Jane. Heather. Claudia and Carmen and one 
TCS fire department. House bonding was particularly preva- 
lent this year, for we joined together to go out at night 
(STREAK!) and to STAY IN! We proved victories in house 
basketball in our very "bright' green t-shirts and gorgeous hats 
and boxers. 

The sexy six pack 6di form boarders and our adventures raised 
a few eyebrows throughout the student body and faculty (Mr. 

As you can probably tell, we tended to do things a little dif- 
ferently in Scott House. Therefore keeping with our twisted 
tradition we had a mystery house dinner that went very well 
and the activities after were . . . well . . . exciting? 

The masters for Scott House made every evening an adven- 
ture. Mr. McCord made us laugh and we got to know Mr. All- 
dred a little belter. Mr. Sandford kept us all focused on the 
task at hand, while Mr. Gregg made sure that we were distracted 
and were listening to FM 103. 1 . Mrs. Mulloy kept us sane and 
Scika kept us safe We hope that next year ihc sixth form will 

have as much fun as we have. Good luck to Jane. Stephane, 
Emily, Catherine. Alex, Marte. Natalie. Melissa. Sarah. Ca- 
rol. Jess J. and Jess P. Good luck Christie and Jane, have fun 
next year, and DON'T STRESS! 

Miss Goos (a.k.a. Miss Goose. Goo. God. and Booze!) Thank 
you very much for all you have done this year and good luck 
next year. Finally. Mrs. A.. WOW. you have made this house 
the best place to live and you have made our stay at Trinity 
a happy one. Thank you. 

Scott was definitely the happiest house with everyone getting 
along. We will definitely miss this next year. 
Thank you and Good Luck 
The Wall 
Sarah, Joannah, Jen, Isabel, Melodic and Rachael. 

House: Scott 

Named After: Angus Scott, 9th Headmaster of T.C.S. '62-'83. 

Year Of Inception: 1992 





■ Cixy crrated all men. but Winchester nuule them t-quiil. uiul ihui'.t 
juM the iHiv / think. " - Evil Knevil. I'd like to Ihank my parents for 
giving mc an oppi>nunily like this and supporting me through the rough 
tinicN. Mr Hcdnc> Thanks lor understanding and helping me. To all 
my friends Take it from me. stay out of trouble. Great Things; Mid- 
dleside stKeer. Devils HiK-key. The Chicken, Sega, The Marshniallow. 
League Hockey. Scon Stevens, Orthodontist appointments. Proline runs, 
eating contests. Sec you out there. ' 'Oh Cod. I 'm Blind . . ,"-AI Bundy. 

Tom Adiwwk '91 '- '94 

Rob Armstrong '90- '94 

' Didn t get to sleep that night till the morning came around ' ' (The 
GratefitI Dead). That sums up my experiences at TCS. Things and peo- 
ple to remember: Burns house, the MCR m the Tennis courts. Stead- 
man. Late night with Zippy. Poker in Bethune. Brown, The Bethune 
Boys •Up in the Clouds" (Tj. Clarke. Freak show, Lloyd. Casgrain). 
Islander Bad boys (Mcnski. Grinch. Monti and Kirk), Jen 1-4, T.O. 
road trip. Georgian bay reefs. & D.O.A. The Mustang, Westlake the 
SKUNK in the Elevator, Rugby tour "Stays on tour". It's a Lincoln 
"I ain't Slopping", Tim & Corb "want a Pepsi". Europe 91. Mid- 
dlesidc soccer "goons", (Ah Form TV room "Ducklales". Other Friends 
you Know who you are, Dougi "Good times Bad times" Mary "love 
the butterfly" Thanks to my Family for the' support through the years 
especially Mom. Dad, and Robin. "In that year mc had an intense vis- 
itation of energy" (Jim Morrison). "Reality is the best fantasy of all." 

' Judge not before you judge yourself ' Bob Marley. Jamaica '94: G52. 
Bamboo & Pineapple contraptions, shotgun, beanbag, 1 1/2 pounds 
(ughhh!), "I'm melting." 9:30 styles, late-night styles, the Bethune 
boys: Brian, Kirk, Sean, Grinch, Lloyd, Boner, Menski, Tim, Cor- 
bett, Westlake, Furball, Alcazar, Porno Mary-Jane: Thanks boys, I 
couldn't have made it without you all. Paul, Zac, Morrissetle, Brown: 
Gone, but not forgotten Mom, Pops, and Scott: Thanks for your sup- 
port, I love you all. To everyone else who believed in me, thanks. "I'm 
standing next to a mountain, and I chop it down with my hand. " J. 
Hendrix Cervesariis Feliciter 

Teaj Anderson '92- '94 

Wells Baker '89- '94 

Originality. How much of what we think, say, or do is truly our own? 
Surely someone in the past has shared the same ideas or actions. On 
that note, how much of who we are comes from other people'.' Our 
parents pass on to us their mannerisms, sense of humour and taste, 
just as they do genetic trails. We also gain much of our personality 
from our friends, peers, and role models. How then can we call our- 
selves individuals? Are we just a reflection of the people around us, 
living other people's lives, pretending to be someone we're not? We 
must cultivate the unique aspects of ourselves, lest we slip into uniform- 
ity. I would like to thank my family, (Mom, Dad, and Ash), for their 
support, and all of my friends over the past five years. TCS has been 
great. G(xxi luck to all the Grads, and all those returning to TCS. Above 
all else, remember, be yourself, and no matter what you happen to be 
doing "These things lead on. ' - J. Connelly. 

I can never ihank my parenls enough for supporting me all ihe way 
ihn<ugh 10 this stage of my life II was a big sacrifice on Iheir part. 
For anyone who wants to come to TCS, my question to you is: "Are 
you kwking for a challenge?" ■ because that's what this school is all 
about Also. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has just 
been there for me at this schiwl. Most of all. I dedicate this quote to 
all of my teachers and all of my friends back home And lastly . but 
certainly not the least. I thank my sister, Yai-Fatou. my salvation 

Ancha Bala-Ga\e '93- '94 

Mr Robling JIMS? " Seven years ago, 1 came to TCS and 4 
man dorms, burking dogs and endless whistling from Mr Reynolds 
I still wake up to them. A special thanks to Joe. Mr Stevens. Mr Hay. 
Mr Robling for the two ama/ing Rugby Tours which gave me a love 
for Ihe game of rugby Be careful o( dragging kegs, tabic dancers and 
lots of pints! As well, Mr Reynolds. Mr Kedwcll and all of my leach 
er. for pulling up with me. but also lor leading me Ms Tarasick. thanks 
for the tea. ualks. advice and most iniponantly l^dy ol Shalott hspc- 
cially Mr and Mrs Robling for whom 1 am deeply gratelul, 1 will 
miss Bickle. late night lea and your company Mom, Dad and Chris. 
THANK YOU for this opportunity and the help and support with which 
you have given me over the years. I love you all very much. 

Ken Bignell '87- '94 


A^^- ^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^ 




m^r * * ^\ 

Sf vVJji 





Joannah Bodden '92- '94 

Heyl "Laff every lime you pheel tickled ami laffonce in awhile eny- 
how. "So my motto isn't profound, thought-provoking, or even spelled 
correctly - but il makes me smile. Remember mc that way! Las Gra- 
cias: To Leroy for showing me the beauty of life, love and of myself. 
To Sexy Islander Girlies: Megs (under Isa's bed - 1 thought she'd never 
come!). 'Lana (69 sometime!), Kathy (innocence in appearances) & 
.Misa (Haagen Daaz and dark honey - mmm . . .) To Bad Boy Posse: 
Leachy. Bush. Rixits, Cam, Court, Oogs & Piggy from Bebc. To Jes- 
sie J. Janey Neeks. C.W-F. & Nipples Bros. To Scott House Babes 
and Sixth Form: Kisi, Jenny-Lou, Bella. Mel & Rachc. I love you guys! 
To teachers/staff: W.H., MM., K.V. & Mama Bear To Islander Crew: 
»\ CAYMAN! You know it. To my family. To others who touched 
my life in some special way. For midnight rendezvous, streaks. C B. 
- H.H.B. May 2-4 Weekend, Passion Pit. nippalitis, afro siylec. gee- 
hlies, PDA . . Thanks TCS. Love il all. 

Frangois Bourbeau '92- '94 

First of all, when I arrived at T.C.S. people knew me as "Little Bob" 
or "Bob Jr". With all my work and effort. I quickly gained respect 
to finally be identified as myself and not my brother. I would like to 
Ihank Mr. Wright and my parents who gave me the chance to pass two 
unforgettable years at TCS I will always remember Ihe Friday night 
hockey at TCS, the naked run. the rugby tour, the football champi- 
onship, and all other good memories. Merci, Panneton el Fafard for 
the year passed together. Il was a pleasure lo meet Isabel. Chappy and 
Beaver again, which arc friendships that I hope to keep forever. Thanks 
especially lo all my good friends that I met during my two years at 
Trinity I hope to see you again. To the boys in Bethune, keep it the 
best. Good luck everyone, in the real world. 

My onl> year ai TCS has been tvMh an educational and unforgettable ex- 
penenixr UK Rugb> Tour, bigsidc Volleyball and Rugbs. Crusaders, 2on2 
C"ha'i\ps, the beginning ol tl«." PACKAGE. To all my friends who made 
It such an aiiuyiiig year LE.ACHI iKeep goin WOOKA!). Feds (WORD!), 
KnIc, Track. iSip it. Snacks), Juue. Vinder (Check mv boy RUPAUL!), 
civith, Gary. DON HALI.MAN YOU'RE A .STALLION! Matty. Ross. 
Sunny iTOL'RE HARDCORE!) "Rico, Harold, Pie, Haish. Austin, 
Geolf. RixiLs (PSSST'), Mags. I'm really going to miss you guys. Mr. 
Wright. Mr Seagram and my teachers: thank you lor everything you have 
done for me. E.ilra special thank \ou to my Mom. Dad, Grdinma. and 
Dave. Thank yini for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime and thanks 
lor sticking with nie all of the v--d\. Miu can't imagine what your support 
nvcans to me The only regret I have about the whole TCS experience 
IS thai 1 wish I vwuld have come here much earlier, "lit this bright fittiire , 
»»• can 'l fon(ei lite ptisl. 

Andrew Boxd '93-94 

Ginger Busch '93-94 

Someone once said to me. now what seems to me like a very long time 
ago: ' 'Chi)<>se your close friends viisely, for you become nliai they are: 
I have always remembered this, ever since the very first time I heard it 
as a very good piece of sound advice. At TCS. I'd like to think that we 
kind of sifted out each other Anyway to get to the heart of what I'm 
really trying to say. I greatly appreciate the fact that my friends are always 
there for me. Basically, I really vrouldn'l mind at all if some of their more 
memorable trails rubbed off on me. And so, to all my friends and most 
of all. my family who bote me so well throughout the years and still do, 
I'm saying: "There is a definite need for a session of bear hugs!" 

My time at TCS has been incredible, filled with memories I will never 
lorgct: One of the First. ■ we made it: S.K.. T.H.. KM. K.W. Univer- 
sity visits: Montreal and two steps behind! Get me a bucket and traffic. 
Small boar shooting'.' Black market Rni. 4: Brila. slave lalx)ur and deep 
thoughts. We can't forget midnight raids, streaks and pranks Going to 
Chapel . .? Perhaps I'll sleep. Dracula and my 19th. Scotland field hockey 
tour. George, the beasts, and yes . . . SLEDGE, thanx for the lady lead- 
ership Pcxish! Long live Hemocult. Thanks for the memories. CLIFF. 
St) many people have made my time at TCS the best. Keener - we made 
it. I couldn't have survived without you. Thanks Mr. Robling. Peter - 
thanks for your advice from the bar stcx)l! Most of all to Mom and Dad. 
I cannot thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. 

Rachel Buchanan-Smith '91-94 

SeanCasgrain '90-94 

First of all, "Viaiix lo all the people who stuck nith me through all." 
(G'N'R). Life at T.C.S has brought forth so many terrific memories and 
it is those memories Mom + Dad that 1 thank you for. Stu and Ali I 
will always luvu. Also special thanx to Mr. Large and TL. for your ter- 
rific support over the years. 

The times: Uvisits, Club house, "9:30 styles", I can't believe (5xl/4p), 
Jamaica '93-94, Queens homecoming. "No Muff too Tuff, late night 
crew, the Jamaica crew and Kirk, dugout, weekend Forty's in TO, "Dude 
I'm stuck in the fence!!!", bamboo -t- pineapple creations. 
The friends: Lloyd. Clarke. T.J, Menski. Kirk, Grinch. leds and johnny 
o (#88 is #1), the pluck men, (Kells. Belly Butts, Baks. Sprice, Matty 
T), R.A, A.W. D.Y. B.H. R.N. Kctchum boys (you know who you are), 
R.M. PR. the giris and especially "Ma Grenouille!", I'll never forget 
you. And remember T-birds GEORGE will always be with us, UHHH!!! 


Fin.1 of all. thank you mom and Jad. lor givint! mt ihc opportuniiy 
of going lo TCS This ^ year ride has hccn mostly fun, though at times 
bitter Us all over now! This final year was supposed lo be my best 
year in high s*.hiHil. but for one reason or another, it turned out sour! 
The friends I inade here will last me a hie time My nxMnmate for 
6 yean.. J T (7 Fit. espe*.ially' The TCS Chinese Posse S L . AC. 
G -Tat. J Y . K W . E.W . J.H and the .V.(n-j«./> panying rixim. Tri 
nity »2. (My RiKim!) I wi)uld also like to thank Dr Bernungham. who 
helped me out tremendously during my bad times. l.asily. a word lo 
rcsl of the students who are still in TCS: ■YielJ lo lempiaiion 
II may not pass vour >«jv again. " 

- Lazarus Long 

James Chang '88- '94 

It is very hard lo write this Grad Quote, not because my first language 
IS not English It is because T C.S is |ih> much for nie 1 don't know 
how lo express my lecling euepi by saying Thank You 1 would like 
to thank my adviser. Mr Habcrer. my teachers in maths. Mr MclXi 
nuld. Mr Sandford and especially my English tutor .Mrs Malenfani 
In these two year.. I have had a very giKid time in TCS and Bcthunc 
House with my friends. I'll miss It all in my life, and my friends here 
J Y.. J.C . J.T. and E.W . especially to K S . A.H arid J M Thank 
You . . . 

Alex Cheng '92- '94 





Brian Clarke '87-'94 

7 years have come and gone. FINALLY!!! T.J. - stay strange. Caz - don't 
change. Uoyd - 9:30 forever. Grinch Kirk - stay true to yourself. Tim 
■ plaza styles. Boner • always true, Men.skie - hurry up, to the masters 
- maybe next time, to the TO. boys ■ it wa.s a Mr. Gnsgg - one 
good year in the sun. Goo ■ ihanx. Bethune boys of 91-92 - may it's spirit 
last forever, 1st football 91-94, back lo back. Captain 94, distinction 94, 
' ewnbixiy tncmj the viu/' is invr, eirnbody laun\s Ihe good f{iiys lost 
lUonard Cohen) MUM. DAD. TANYA, + ANDREW, I owe you every- 
thing To Ihe whole school - you can't bicak a heart of stone. "Time to 
he a man" (R.C.) 

Adam Cota '89- '94 

Thanks to my parents and T for all their support and cncouragcnKnl 
over Ihc past 5 years. Without vou none of this would be possible - thanks 
for the expenence of a lifetime The Fantastic/Core Four Thanks to all 
my friends (you know who you are so I don'l have to give a list of in- 
itials), you've all been an inspiration. Menxiries - Mont Blanc. Trcm- 
blant (Chalet Couvvnl & 2(X)2), Kleptomania (sec you guys in jail). Ca,sey's 
SR.B. 7 yrs. in a row. DW'ing. BEL BBJ's. LTC & E=mc-. Down 
Under (we look 'em by storm). Skiing behind Ihe landcruiscr and week- 
ends in TO. Harold you're right, wc arc a disgrace Rosser lets have a 
^me of Monopoly vinxrlime. I'm out of here, next stop - Ilx SlaiKin Blono. 
' '5»ra/ cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shcnver mII never 
reach. ' ' George Shechan 
"Km either make dusi or you eat it." Anon 
"There is no finish hne". NIKE 

A tally of four years bring-, back astounding monuincs. none of which 
Tin going lo share as ihcy arc uniinp»>rianl lo people who weren't there 
anci all those who were there can remember them all by themselves. 
Nonetheless, many dankeschon's go Ohop imports and to our future 
radio show, and to my favourite "Ij Kabeer Dry." to Swack my Nr. 
1 riximmate. (sorry Geoff you gel Nr. I negative advisor), and to Sam, 
Claudia, the smell of chlorine and the rest of that gang. Let me not 
forget Saul. Tommy. Kirk. Finos. Taco. Harrison. Turner, Baker, and 
in spirit Kim and Dcnault. or my divine Uxal acquaintances. Angel. 
Chara. and Jen. Most important thanks to the Hoss and especially Ross 
Large. Goodday to TCS and to all those that I'll miss just remember 
ihc words I live by in Russia: "Randy is Dandy but . . ." 

Hcimish Cowan '90- '94 

"The other thing is . . . uh . . . the Boston gig has been cancelled" 
"What'.'" "Yeah. 1 wouldn't worry though, it 's not a big college town. " 
- Spinal Tap 

1 may not be ready for the esteemed Ivy Leagues, however 1 certainly 
am ready, and I owe all of it to T.C.S. First in order of thanks has 
got to be my parents, thanks, followed by my buddies: Tim, Milo, Corb, 
Cave. Red line, Denault. Shiela B.. Riz. Denj, Golani, G-ON, Chew 
Bear and the entire Ketchum Crew (and we are the best.), and to Q 
and T.L.. the best House Masters I ever had. Seagram thanks for being 
there, and Mr. Godfrey for reminding me to apply to a university. Oh. 
I almost forgot to thank Hustler, and yes. it was Tim who put the tooth- 
paste on your pillow. 

David Crosbie '90- '94 



- ^f^^-' 





^■r*-*.. •-■T-,--,.v, t. 

To start my goodbyes off I have to travel four yeafsfiack . Toine orig- 
inal bottom flat (the five that are left), thanks for the great memories. 
eg. lighting the hall on firel. Thanks lo the Detroit Red Wings for 
having the best season this year ('94). Now a few notes to some peo- 
ple Danny, thanks for being there. Eddie. "I only wanted to pet the 
kitty. Mrs. Dew" ( lake it easy on the new boys) Bernard, thanks 
a loll - I am now addicted lo F-18. To the Caymans (Oscar, Paul), 
Barbados nilesl. To my roommate. You kept me up exactly 12.000 
minutes over the year Leds, "now explain to me again, why are Euros 
bad' " KhalUr, thanks buddy. Geoff, what are you going lo do now 
there are no Nazis left to bug'.'. To Chris and Doug, keep the snappy 
comebacks rolling and don't let next year's head of house off easy. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Aynsley Deluce '93- '94 

"I always knew that looking back on my crying nvuld make me laugh, 
Imt I never knew thai looking back on my laughter would make me cry." 
My memories of the last four years will live with me forever: Ring The 
Alarm '90. Collingwood nights, MaPanard '93, champagne and Dristan, 
Duke Trips. Mission 007, Hospitality Inn. Harleys and the men who ride 
them, 281, Casey's 19th b-days 'he has sex just dripping off of him" mono- 
poly'? I've never played!. Somebody lube me! DR '94. 3am phone calls 
from subway dwellers (ACMR), missions with commissions, mon petit 
chou, windshield repair men, Tremblam '94. Ellie, Ros, Jill, Steph, Kales. 
Carolyn, Isa. Chris, Shell, you mean the world to me. Boyeeez, mum 
Imcsyal Robbie & Brell - thanx Wicked cute, for always. TW, I'll never 
forget the trench doorways and Swiss dreams, mom, dad, D.D, Lindz. 
Maverick . . . Peachs loves you and likes you. The time has arrived to 
begin a new chapter and "it doesn't matter where it takes me as long 
as I can keep this feelin ' soarin through my soul ' '. 

This, my first and only year at TCS. has dcnnllcK been an enjoyable 
one. especially in (he 'Ice Box' Many thanks to Mum and Philip, and 
also my teachers, with a special thanks to Mr Ciodfrcy lor getting me 
into unlverMty Many thanks also to Rev. Seagram and Mrs. Closs who 
helped me through some of those anxious moments Sunny and Ancha. 
1 really enjoyed simic of the laughs we had Paul. I don't think I will 
ever get that back hand right By now the ghost of Boulden will dcl- 
initely be sick of those tireless nights of bashing away at the piano, 
especially with Karren And don't forget those Saturday nights nishing 
to w,itch Star Trckl When you walk into Swiss Chalet, don't forget 
to say. "I feel like chicken tonightl " 

Aimen' DeMalet '93- '94 

"Surri'utuI ymtstlj null i;.i.>./ //<i >/)/<. tiiiJ hiuhI llllll^:^ >\ill hii/i/ti ii 
(Jime\) To those good people Howard. I)enji. The Twii Studs. Matty. 
Ben. Mehler. Riche, Nanka. Pie. ten. Brother. |-:dan. I^ds. JT. 
Sneaker. Kinich. .Ash. and Meg thanks lor making my TCS so spe- 
cial Special thanks to Meghan, for keeping me sane, opening my eyes, 
and being a great friend, to Dr fJuhroy . lor helping me grow from 
an obnoxious little grade 4. to Pierre, lor being my hrench teacher, 
director and Iriend. to Pros- for getting me here, to Mr (jixllrey for 
gelling me out. and to Mr. Wright for liKiking after me while I was 
here: and especially to my parents lor providing me with this oppor 
tunny, a sacrifice for which I will be forever indebted Its been five 
long years full ol eternal memories and friendships To those who will 
return to TCS in September (especially The Kids), cherish the exper- 
ience "Do not iti> where the path miiy leail. X" insleud where there 
;.i no ptuh tiixJ leave a trail" {Emerson) 

Scan Dempsey '89- '94 

Martin Denault '92- '94 

The past two years have been formidable. I learned many things at Tri- 
nity but most significantly I learned about friendship. Thank you Jour- 
dain. Mathieu. Nairn. Julian. Skid. Dave. Chap & Beav. Max, Crabil. 
and to the one 1 owe being who I am. Big (la perle sort de sa coquille). 
Thanks to the many teachers that endured my 'slight' accent (I) and 
helped me go through these two years: Mr Elsley. Mr. Langford. Mrs. 
Dew. Mr. Large and the others. Mom & Dad. je vous dois inormiS- 
ment. maintenant je peux vraiment appnicier ce que veulem dire les 
mots sacrifices et amour. Je vous aime du fond de men coeur. "To 
be successful is not easy, if it was ii would not be called success" 

Brad Denton '91 -'94 

After three years, five roommates, twi) housemasters. Big Bad Disco 
Brad and Tideman it's all over. I can't say that I'm sorry that it's all 
over, because I'm ready to leave, but (here comes the ultimate cheesel 
I will never forget this place. I would like to thank my Dad. Diane 
and my Mom for support (in more than one way). As well. Mr Ha- 
berer, Mrs. Mulloy. Mr. Grandficld, Father Seagram. Mr. Hobbs. Mr 
Large, and especially to Dr Bermingham (hang in there, unless you're 
smart). To R K. smell you later. J.K How do you live with him? J.S. 
cheer upl To E.T.. S.K.. V P. and AT Good Christmas Dude! M 
R-M. According to the stars . . . M.G-F. Keep on swinging EH. and 
his 6000 word ISP. C P. You're legal now! G L. Where the hell are 
you'? K.J. It's finally over Thanks a lot to everybody. My time here 
may be finished, but I will never forget this place. 

During these two years thai I've been al TCS, Ivc learned a lot o 
things, in which 1 include English as the most important one. First o 
all. 1 wtHild like to thank my parents lor iheir support and for sending, 
me to this sehixil. To my brothers. eihxI luck in the future. 1 also wan 
to thank Mrs. Malcnfani for her help and all the teachers as well. Gihx 
luck to T.L. with the house and to all the Kctchumites. 'specially thi. 
spies Habrr si alitun din nos vemos v Ne^m pome Irucha con BUinca 

Roilhgo Fernandez '92- '94 

I ..^^JT 

^ -S> ^ 

M^^^fc ■ .... ^- 


"Life is the first i^ifl. love is the second, and understanding the third. " 
To my mom and dad. my entire life you have been my biggest fans, 
and because of this I am who I am. I love you. Your efforts and sac- 
rifices will never be forgotten. To my grandma, thank you for the mo- 
tivation to make you proud. And to my grandpa, you are in my thoughts 
always and will never be forgotten. 1 miss you. Kyle, for once I am 
al a loss for words with you . . . Thank you. Be careful. Love Anikka 
.Special thanks to: Canipgirl. Dumper, Myra. Chevy, Shelia, Brett, Jo- 
hannah, Courtney. Kristin, Johnny. Leroy, Ceri. Mary, Mrs. Taylor, 
Petie, Carlo and Alex. I wish you all the best in the future. Thank you 
to SL, JH. TK. KM for making me stronger. "Tlie way I see it. if you 
want the rainbow, you goua put up with the rain. ' ' 

Anikka Foster '92- '94 

Bernard Francis '92- '94 

"The most successful people are those who know how lo bring each 
situation into balance by reducing that which is too great, and adding 
that which is too little Such a person craves not power, but stable re- 
lations anumg men. ' ' Arulrew Welch. Thanks TCS . . . 

Jamie Geekie '87- '94 

IM AN UNCLE! A whopping thank you to my Sis and Moe. (BARN!) 
To the school on the hill, "... two roads diverged in a wood, and 
I. I look the one less traveled by. and that has nuute all the difference. 
(R. Frost) Seven years of me. You handled it quite well ' 7 can 't read 
and I can 't write but I can drive a tractor. " To Mr. Row-Bear, "look 
out for all that beastly mud and oomscow." Monty To Mr, Stevens, 
"if it wasn't for those who dropped math, there would be no one to 
hire those who took it." Thank you for all that much needed calculus 
help. To all TCS rugby players, may you all be shagged to death. To 
Bart. Scott and Phil. "KICK ME. IN THE JIMMY! " B&B To Ash- 
ley, "look out for those defective middle ones. " says Darnell. To Me- 
gan. I LOVE YOU (in mom). Till death do us part. To Mom and Dad, 
THANKS a whole bunch. TTFN 

Thanks lo all U bcuuliful people fiir reminding me about what really 
mailers ami U> all ihe 'perl'ecl' people whu miss Ihe pojni A cosinic 
Miyagc of learnin)> in a foremn universe I happily joined the dols and 
there was a sun which leaves no shadows'. CHI-.liRS AND I.UV 2 
Ciei>rge's weird logic, Isaac's Irails; Nick (Montreal hiKis' clubs). Pipes 
Vou ARE grunge (Brutal is lor musicl). Matsu, J Sam's intellect. 
Ancal's deep hair; Busta. Oixl (Milo, those abstract conversations!). 
Tim. DUDE'. Bob Dylan; Ri/wan's 'Cat and Eiddling'. Skid's poetry; 
Edan & Krislcn's kinky NhUics!. Me«iw; Tara (can wc talk'.'), Ennals 
(Where's my tape'), Mr McGec and other ja// cats And especially 
Neil's plan! and being sophisto J.J . you gorgeous weird purist babe, 
my sister's smile. Brad (who thinks too much) and my wite Dr. Ber- 
minghain. your inspiration has meant every ihing' (Philosophy 101). 
Ihanks to the patriots of the E«!tE who stuck with me 

Michael Gohmi-Fox '93- '94 

This was without doubt, an incredible year. First of all. I want to thank 
Mi> parents tor giving me the oppununity to stud) here It was a very 
short year, but one I'll never lorgct Chi C'hi. I won't forget the mis- 
sion trip when you bailed in the middle of the streets We had a lot 
of gcMKl times but that was the only one worth mentioning Fulfy It's 
bcvn great and I'll miss you. TQM Mao No cambies. porquc la priUima 
ve/ que te vea quiero que sigas igual de Iresa y pedante. No te puedes 
quejar eh '. ya lendriis cartas a recibir el proximo aho. GikmJ bye to 
all the "papacilos "' 

Paulina Gonzalez '93- '94 

Tara Hamilton '91- '94 

Can I just tell you . . ' Alright, before I leave. I need to collect the 
.1 years of memories TCS has given me; Ihe Wolf Pack (4 originals) 
"Tell me there's a fishl"; Tremblant 93; Traffic!! - Jen. quick call 
a cab the bug broke down! Steph. thanks for the directions; J-Lou's 
B-day. Tuck Shop?; Karcne - New Year's in a snow bank?; Tarn -Stop 
the Bus!. Field hockey in Scotland'- The 12 Days of Tour. "What! 
Who's . . ."■; Buch - "Oh Canada (chug)"; Yakkity - what?! (Poosh. 
thanks for it all - even Clyde!); Bonding at Brett's with Julian's evil 
fantasies (?). Ceri - Can I please just tell you . .?; Niks, get me a 
bucket'. Keener, would you like some soup''. What's the capital of 
■' You can't be replaced: Pipi, ihanks for being there. Mom and 
Dad. Ihanks for everything Buck, do you have any S? Ski. isn't that 
my . . .? Hang in there guys! Remember, wc need to live in the now, 
we will never pass this way again. 

Russ Hansson '91- '94 

"God created all men equal, only some work harder in the prelimi- 
naries" Reebok. Thanks Mom & Dad for giving me the opportunity 
to go to T.C.S.. although we do not always sec eye to eye. the support 
and love you offer giK-s straight to the heart, even if I haven't always 
shown it; all I can show for now is my love, appreciation and a great 
education - Thanks a billion. To Johnny T. Piper. Leds. Demps. Tara 
you guys are the greatest I would not have survived without you Things 
to remember: Hockey, late nights can be fun. and best of all I made 
a few good friends for life Radar. Your support was great, thanks for 
keeping me going when I wanted to quit! Track was a blast - Thanks 
Always remember "A n-alerfall starts from one drop of water, hut look 
what comes from that"? 

Il'» iKM ca\% lo puragraph ihc b<sl three years of your life. The legacy 
began with Taco in Australia (tire [xiking and bogans). Next, a couple 
of irip% lo Treniblani to party at Chalet Couvani and 2062 (6 o'clock 
club, lots of wax. poullnc. BEPs and well stiKked kitchens!). Toronto 
weekends iKopas' and Westhill). Montreal breaks (thanks Jason lor 
putting us up at the Ice Station). Cascys. Rugby tour, the best time 
(and longest consecutive party run) I've ever had. Thanks to the fan- 
tastic four tScnxla. Jcwlsy , finos, and Rosscr) and the rest of my good 
fnendii for great times. I won't forget you. Above all. I thank my mother, 
father and Tani for all of this. All my achievements are due to your 
inspiration and I owe you everything. See you later boys, perhaps, one 
day, "we will (once again) all . . . shower . . . together! " Moron 

Afuirew Harrison 

Four years in I. SO words. Yeah right. Most of it is either unprintable 
or incriminating. Anyway . . . 

I owe this incredibly diverse experience to a lot of people: my loving 
parents, for their sacrifice and their support, Ms. Falco, Mr. Seagram. 
Thanks to those in the Music Department who helped me to grow: the 
Bud (don't go changin"), Mr. S. (get off those chocolate covered cof- 
fee beans!), Mr. Prower. Thanks for being there. Les - especially when 
1 didn't need you around. Great times were had in Ketchum - a fan- 
tastic sixth form. csp. Skid, Corb, Cave, Rim, Golani. We always have 
and always will rule. 

Remember: neither time nor distance can destroy a friendship. That 
is the sole purview of those people who don't realize how important 
friends arc. Always treasure them. 
Until we meet again. 

Rizwan Hassan '90- '94 

Brett Haxhurst '91- '94 

"Why don't you %ho-w some bUtod or xomeihhtfi. or at least a groin injury" 
Reft Dunlop. Charlestown Chiefi My ihrce years al TCS have been the besl of 
timc^. As ihc road leads us away remember: Back to Back Football Champs. 
OFSSA Ski #1. Muskoka. skirls. Univ. Visits. Rugby Tour 94 (CHECK IT!). 
Raiders. Nighlhawks. The Pit. FRAMES. Leafs <CI (Sheds. Danny, Langc. Leds. 
Curl) Domi's. Prefect Bonding Crescent Thanks Hal. Mr Mac. Smidy. Oly. 
Brick keep in touch. To all my buds through the years -Gary. Nips. Wcndcl. 
iuice (Gr Can - Ex). Males. Pic. Nanks (Heaver). Lareusc. Harold. Star, Den. 
Zippy. Rosser. Howard. Duma. Richc. RuPaul (Don't go breaking . . .) never 
forget the goiid times (Muskoka '94'") To the ladies - Tink. Tam. Howsc (Walt), 
Tara, daughter Shetta. Niks I'll try not to squmt Ben and Pudge . . . three 
bfos wilh a great mochcr Aynslcy thanks for listening. Duby. Detonator. 

Pierre. The Bob A Rins Show. Mainframe. Mr. Gtxlfrey. Mr. Wright ... my 
educators and fnends!!! Louis . . . call II! Stcf . the best is yet lo come 
To Mom. Dad (aka Wayne). Boose, Lyndzer - I now realize the sacriHcc you 

Jon Herrera '92- '94 

Trinity - see ya later. Two years at Trinity and all I got from it was 
good friends. Thanks Squinty, Godfrey, Large and Roblin. Respect 
to the crew last year perd. smally, cheeks, spunks etc. The limes, Mon- 
treal times 2 thanks regular voyages with captain morgan and sal nights 
in manics room, kirk 18% is good. T-birds have fun finding a new 
terminal. To the remaining boys remember islanders will always rule. 
Jaime six best months ever I love you see you in the future 1 promise. 
Seagram. Chubb, eecroy, cam, joe, Courtney, coach hold tight. When 
you box don't wear gloves it feels better, manic think before you act. 
Ryballs learn to relax. Bethune boys will always rule. I'm oulla here. 

Education is no« jusi of learning chemistry thetiries, applying physics 
equations or solving calculus problems It is an opporjunily lor us lo 
learn how to think Besides, by hanging around with dilfcreni kinds 
ol pcviple. a broader mind will be developed 
In Hong Kong. I thought that studving was just lor obtaining a ceni 
tlcalion ol university in order to get a better job and to earn a better 
life. So did many people After I had come to T C.S . my thought was 
altered It was probably due to recogni/ing various kinds of people 
These pci>ple changed my thought Other than thai, by studying dil 
fereni courses in T C.S., I had learned thai I should consider things 
from different aspects. 

Thanks to T.C.S. for opening my mind. Also, specially thanks to the 
•"Pop Guy" Stephen Lee. for enlightening my thought. 

Ivan Ho '92-'94 

111 l)r Dubroy who is. in the irucM sense ol the most noble word in 

human speech my teacher, 

I o m> parents lor perlonning a thiinkless and trying job with distinction. 

To Kristin for teaching me lo belic\e in magic. 

To Mr Grandl'ield who introduced me to Yeats. Greene, and Joyce 

diHUways lo a work! I could not ha\e re.iched iiiysell. 
I'o my bursar Mrs C" S Cilassco without whose support none of this 
could have been. 

I'o Mr Uingfoid who told me lo get up out of ihc mud and play football, 
And to the friends who laughed with me all the while. 
My eternal love and gratilude. 
Refleilum.'i tm ilnnersily 
l»V will now iliuuM in a lililf more drlail iht urugglf for exisieme. 

Charles l)un\in 
Aiul whtil rouifli heasi. ils hour comf round al lasi ilouches lonvrds 
Bethlehem lo be horn. ■ W.B. Ki-u/i 
Behold. I stand at the door, and knock. - Revelation 3:20 

Edan Howell '90- '94 

Jennifer Howse '92- '94 

Two years in 150 words? (Here goes . . .) Remember: 2AM ducking 
sniper fire in Ohio. Waffle Hoase & ABC pizza; the Spint of Jen; Thelma 
& Louise conquer the world; Traffic; whoa Nellie. (I love youl); Bar- 
bados; Absolutely endless nights in Rm. 12; preparing for UG . . .; 
Katarina & Jodie the avengers; "Come here little boy ..." Dean & 
Crystal; Favourite sister; To: IT. KM T H. M.E. T.K. C.W. T R 
CM. S.K. Mrs. A. J.C M C. M-C. G N (wanted in 3 counties!); 
K.N.; J.W.; C.F (wherever you are . . .); D L W.. J.D. & FT. you 
saved my life Mom. Dad. & Andrew, thanks for believing Mel. thanks 
You deserve a medal - don't forget the shy one. Steph. what can 1 say 
- - you're amazing. I love you lots & never forget: love sucks, but 
we'll gel them all. 

Robyn Hung '93- '94 

The greatest thing is graduating from Trinity. Great thanks to Emily 
for being such a good roommate. Mr. Reynolds who always wanted 
lo push me up to the third floor. Mr. Stix)shinoff who was always there 
to help me. Mrs. Alldred who really contributed a lot to my 'happi- 
ness' this year. Special thanks for my boyfriend. PS. I'm not lliat lazy, 
just a bit lazy. 

' And ij \t>u jfiif me »'feJ, whiles and wine, and you slmw me a sifin, 
I 'II be ^Mllin ', to he movin ' ' " Little Fcal 

The last two years have been intercNlini; Rcincmber: "Don't drink 
dixl bcaj". Sylvan Glen, girls rui;by, speeches from the lloor and 
bruises I could never have survived without the expert advice ot my 
advisor. Mrs De» Thanks also to Anne and B.H. A person couldn't 
have belter Iricnds. 

"Ami Utile people know, H^len Utile people fight, they may look easy 
pickings hut they've got some hite. So never kick a dog. because he's 
iusi a pup. He 11 fight like twenty armies and he won t give up. ' ' Lcs 

Kim Itfl '92 '-94 

I have always wanted to learn how to fly. but my parents told me they 
could not afford it. However, one day a man said he would teach me. 
so I went to his house and performed many chores, but I was left alone. 
The next day. a boy told mc there were planes hidden in a far off shed. 
The third day was spent in planning, and when everyone was asleep, 
I broke in. Inside, rested an aircraft, but guarding it were hissing snakes 
and snarling vermin. I tried to shut the door, but the lock was broken, 
and when I moved away, it swung freely, revealing the horrors inside. 
The fourth day. the man returned. t(K)k my hand in his, and together 
we entered into the darkness I just hope that when he is gone, I can 
lly my plane out of that abysmal shed. 

Kabir Jamal '90- '94 

J.F. Jourdain '92- '94 

II has been two years already, there are so many things and people 
to mention: the Crusaders 92-9.' streak, the Middleside soccer team, 
the golf team. Dracula, my roommates: Riz. Tigrc, Max and Chunky. 
3rd floor meetings. .102 Club. Cobourg Club, zodstax. nights at Pikn's 
with Cave beast. Firepimp. Drew . Stylin. Sanger, Les Quebecois, Mar- 
lindicn. Mathieu Capone. Nairn. Special thanks to my parents, Gen- 
evieve, Eileen and the school that gave me a chance to come at Trinity 
10 learn English. Also thanks to my adviser Mr. Elsley and my house- 
ma.stcni .Mr Stevenson and T.L. Salut a tout le monde a Boucherville 
el spccialemcm a Pcct. Sylvie. Marie. Mela. Julie. .Sylvain et Justin 
Merci encore Michael Jordan "Le sage considere les obstacles el gran- 
dit avec eu.x". J'ai grandi cnormement en deux anslll Bonne chance 
aux Quebecois I'an prochain. Good luck to all the Grads for your fu- 
ture plans 

Rob Kamal '89- '9^ 

"I'm on a plain . . . I can 'I complain!" NIRVANA. 
To all my friends: if you're real friends I don't need to mention you, 
you know who you are. "You gotta bleed a little while you sing, lest 
the words don 't mean a thing. ' " The Cult 

Special thanks to Shanny and Muff. ' "Her light eyes are dancin. She 
is insane . . . The schizophrenia is takin me home. " Sonic Youth 
No thanks to: Joey Ramone and Iggy Pop, Moo, Green Sweater, Wel- 
lesley. Piggy, Clapper, MM. "/ gave my life's pain to keep up this 
fighting dream! " Metallica 

To those who tried for me: Dr. B. Mr. G, Mr. S (thanks for all the 
chances), Mr. J (No more Sloppy errors), and Mr. T. "You're a prince. 
Ackley Kid" Catcher in the Rye Kid. Oonagh Nora Duncan. In all sin- 
cerity an extremely special thanks to my dear Muffin, Jilan, and My 
wonderful Parents for all their support. "BRUTAL is for Music" "WE 

Ill roc yeiir\ .11 TnriilN ami n»» nil inln Ihc unkiumii Itiiniis 10 if 
Tiiembtfr laic nii:til deep ihnughN. Btila Wars. CI. 111'. Rimhii 4 hlaik 
iiiarkcl clHKolale anJ slave lalxnir. univerMi) vjmIn. Iwn steps hetiiiiil. 
Keener Cuts. iralTie. jsel nic a buckec!. Aliee. ehapcl allenJaiice 1 '1. 
«iiuld >ou like some snup.'. HEMIX'ULT, A-B' No', the Seollaml 
lour, George's beasts. 

To Rach ami three memorable years (1 coiilJn'l have made it vmiIuuh 
\ou) To Tara. Sleph. Johnny. .Sheila. Alex. P(H)sh. basketball Kns, 
Burns bth form and the rest ol you who have made my time here 111 
tercslinj; and special To Mr Keduell lor putlint; up vviih me. to Jor 
dan lor your Inendship and most especially to Mum (»e did 11' 1 II 
you can fly. s^iar 

Sarah KeeUm '91- '94 





Jeffery Kopas '91 -'94 

Well, it vkas a hell of a go! Work hard, play hard, and boys we played 
hardi To all my friends whether kilcCKi. To. or T.C.S. you know who 
you are. thanks for all the great times and terrific memories, we par- 
iicdl Remember to always keep in touch Latenight, To weekends (E = 
Mc .». Rugby tour 94 (Double r + c club), ski team •91'94. S.G.C 
beverage fndays. Tremblant. Conage weekends. Kleptomaniacs. "Lunx" 
adventures. Koparracuss (What was in it' I. On the West coast .... 
Bethune 306 (Thanks Don). Cobourg club '9r94. fence hopping 
. eecash!. Kilcoo forever. University visits '91-'94, and all ihc many 
more never forgonen. "B" and Ron thanks for guiding the way Mom 
and dad love always, without you it wouldn't be possible. A memory 
IS only a thought without those friend.s one makes il with What the 
..I graduated. 

I f'ucss tills IS my chance to tliank all my friends Ivccuusc it's you guys 
who kept me Irom going insane .So to l-.r.vcr dark country roads are 
all the Rage but walch out lor Mike's eyebrow Ronnie: You can have 
the Clacks on those roads, but I'll keep your keys il promise not t<i 
hit anyone), and I still have to meet your goat Plummer I am honestly 
not touching the gas pedal' Joannah I stored some hugs in Wrinkles 
lor you Jane I's in the Siki. Weee! Answer Tcki much to say Here's 
to green MP s and Sandy Beach by night Ihe ceiling will forever be 
pink (Kim thanks Irom me and Answer) And of course, you might 
be Clueless, hut you know I love you. Ski day: Ihc first and last lime 
I'll ever win a game of p<Hil 

I think I can safely say I now intimately know Ihe inside of every coffee 
shop in town. The giMHl limes aren't over yet. I'll be visiting next year. 

U>ve, Quad. 

Sarah Kisilevskx '92- '94 

Paul Krisdaphongs '90- '9' 

leaving TCS is like leaving a home. 1 had four wonderful years in 
Brent house, and they went by very fast 1 will feel sad to leave the 
campus on speech day. but I will be proud to be a TCS Old Boy I 
have been a very lucky person to go to Trinity, and I would like to 
thank my parents for giving me the great opportunity. I will always 
remember the good times I had at the school. Many tfunks ui Mr. Wright. 
Dr. Dubroy. my teachers, and the TCS community. I will be looking 
forward to visiting the campus in the future. Also, thanks lo Curtis. 
YC Lee, Sunny, Wilson, and Francis. See you later! 

Mom! Dad. Chn> and Mark Trinily. "It's all been so incredible to 

experience n'ul I feel vfT grtiieful. " - Larry BinI The last 4 years 

M 1 nnitv h.ivc been nKnH>rablc ones, thanks to; Piper. Bouncer. Crusl. 

'".!-.. CLirke. Nanka. Pipi. Lero>. Captain. Chunky. 

., ihc Kids, the Brent .Sixth form and the 1 442-44 

!. ;jhle mention Fd and Campbell Hall. Mr. Wright, my 

2 I J rvxiiiuiutes. (Roh. John and Demps). Will Karam. Andrew Brown. 
The Boys from Scarbi>rough. SyKain Turgeon. George Bell. Dan Ma- 
rino and Larry Bird! Great Moments: FulTDev. HiK'key Sim. Hockey 
Nighl in Canada. Cotxiurg Club. Scoring .S goals. Attending the Sen- 
ators Franchise (Ipener. Birds Birthdays. Meeting Lindros and Jimmy 
Key. Dolphins healing the Bills and the Habs winning Lord Stanley! 
■ I jmi keep tryin/t In Jo ii/iu/ Jim Jtines <i/ii<jv.v says is the right thinx' 
'SurnHiml \imrself with itotnl people and ifoix/ things will happen. ' Over 
the years. I do believe I have succeeded in following that advice. " - 
Larry Bird. 

Ian Uderer '90- '94 

Benjamin Lee '90- '94 

' Don tjust give your child a fish, but leach him how to catch it. ' ' This 
was one of the reasons why my parents sent me to T.C.S. While learn- 
ing how to catch a fish. I had some great experiences at T.C.S. Most 
importantly. I learned how to speak English (believe me, it was damn 
hard) Also I learned about football and rugby, and how to play them 
Now. I love these games, thanks to all the guys who played with mc. 
you guys are the greatest! Especially thanks to all the U.K Tour boys, 
who called me '14' and 'J.D', i will never forget you. Thanks and 
good luck to you all! Thanks Mom and Dad. 

The past three years were great in Trinity. Special thanks to worka- 
holic Willy, for showing me your ultimate way of studying; Ping Pong, 
lor all the night lime noodles; Francis, for all the free dancing perfor- 
mances; Eric, for being such an excellent friend; Sunny and Curtis for 
being such a great help and always cheering me up. An obvious thanks 
to Messrs Wright. Robling. Reynolds. White. Jones. Hay. Heaven, 
the two Seagrams and Mrs. Malenfant for supporting me. Finally, 1 
want to say something to all you, who have become a part of the fabric 
of my life. The colour and texture which you have brought into my 
being have become a song, and I want to sing it forever. When the 
lime of our particular sunset comes, our accomplishments, won't really 
matter a great deal. But the clarity and care with which we have loved 
others will speak with the vitality of the great gift of life. 

Adrian Lee '91- '94 

Jto Be oT/Vof- Tc St 

fi- / 2>- / £'-/ 2>-/ 
I — 8_)f— 8— (I — 8—11 — 6-f 

5 O G e> Q <5k 

Stephen Lee '87- '94 

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - Top right are things that I'll 
never forget. Top left are things that I've learned. Bottom left is me! 
And bottom right is just ... a message. If you can relate yourself to 
any of the things abt^ve. then please let me say "Thanks" because you've 
made me the person I am. My future is up there as well! See if you 
can find it! Other things that I've learned: - to make others happy; to 
hate as few people as possible; to be real; to be original; to have con- 
fidence; lo push yourself to the limit in order to see your full potential; 
RESPECT - how lo give it and how lo earn it; to have fun; and most 
importantly, to understand myself. To Ma and Pa. thanks for sending 
me 10 T.C.S. To the rest of my family, thanks for the support. To every- 
one else - I love you all and hope to see everyone again, except for 
. . .! Take care! It's time to move on! 

U\ nine lor me to ino\c on since ii scenic ;ill ol u once greai herd have 
now lell. Five \ears have llown by. and u\ been intense To my par- 
ents, thank \ou To the Ixns Bakes. Belly. Price. Dana. Meats. Ca/. 
Clarke. M T. Raymond. Menski. T J you're *l Kells. Thanks ftir al- 
ways being there lor me, buds always! T-Time. .SO- 50. Airport. M:.W 
styles "Belhune Bad Bt>ys will always be the baddesti" Kirky. stay 
bad and always keep in touch "Open your evfs luul Itnik within are 
\i>u stilisfiea wiih ihe life your livin. "(BOB) 'Mo\-e over rover and 
lei Jimi lake over'". (HenJrix). SEE YAAA!!! 

James Lloyd '89- '94 

The last while has been bb MK "you understand, we just need some 
lime alone', SK, IT. M, TK. KM love it. MR. Ah, KN please 
show me how I walk again. Dean & Crystal. J&I.. FT. DLW. JW. 
CWF . . To imlTic ■ wmcone call an ambulance, TH - you're my 
hero, gn&sd GN - happy to have fun with you God you two are deep 
- JLH ■ who's next'.' - P. gel me an orange' Jcnni-lou. you're the best 
. . lime to calch thai bus. 

Stephanie Lloyd '92- '94 

Joao Ma '91- '94 

During the past 3 years. I have learned a lot from TCS. The life in 
Bickle House was a very enjoyable one. and I would like to thank all 
the teachers, especially my housemaster. Mr. Robling for teaching and 
guiding me through all these years I'll always remember the good and 
bad times in Bickle with J.Y.. K.W. and E.W. (But no more tobog- 
ganning') And the after-hour parlies in Trinity House, with hosts. 7-Fi 
and J.C Finally, thank you "City Gang-Hay", who has brought me 
happiness, sadness and SURPRISE, in this last year. 

Wilson Ma '93- '94 

My first and last year at TCS has been filled with great memories and 
valuable experiences through the school's excellent education, extra- 
curricular activities, house duties and sports training. I admit sometimes 
it has been a bit stressful, tiring, bonng and in a sense, "long" during 
the three exciting terms but I am certainly satisfied with what I have 
gained: friendship, academic achievement, school life experience and 
most precious of all, independence as in learning to take care of myself 
alone Thanks to my mom and dad for their spiritual support behind 
me. I couldn't have succeeded without them To my friends; Paul, Ad- 
nan, Curtis, Sunny and Francis, thank you for sharing our school life 
at TCS. I would also like to express my deep thankfulness to my house- 
master Dr. Dubroy. my advisor Mr. Allen, and all my teachers for 
their meaningful advice and leaching. Goodbye, Trinity! 

Thanb. Mom and Dad. Vhis opptmunity lo attend TCS was one of the 
K • ■ r^ \mi could have made. Although 1 stayed for only one 
i'lniiciy been one of the most memorable. Boaring schixil 
lu- ti (vcri a whole new experience which 1 thoroughly enjoyed, 
and II has taught me a valuable lesson in mdependence. Some nicin- 
ones that come to mind are the many latc-nite nixxllc tests, weekend 
food. -30" wmlcr (do 1 ever miss the sun), and the trip lo Montreal, 
Thanks Pablo "Now. where exactly is St. John's'.'.'"; Adrian: "What- 
ever F"armcr Bo>!". Willie: "Stop working and watch the game"; Sunny: 
"Nevermind . . thanks for putting up with me"; Fran: "Is it foggy 
oNcr there"' ', Dr. Dre: "Is it Combo No. .S again'?" Trinity was a 
great home for a year, but Trinidad will always be ilie home. Thanks!! 
' ' Yttu ne\tr know when you 're making a meimiry " - R. Jones. 

Curtis Mack '93- '94 ^^^ 


^■^ """f i^^f """ ^Km 




fl ' ^ * '^^B| ^^^t 

"Why do today, what you can put off til tomorrow?" Four years at 
ihis place and I'm still sane . . . well sort of! Special thanks first of 
all to Lee and Chuck for paying for this whole adventure and always 
supporting nie, and lo Rimmcr. Pat. and Dougy. for keeping me hon- 
est. Thanks also to Sam. Shannon. Brett and Matty for pulling up with 
me. Dubie and Les for keeping mc in line. Steve (Guys. Guys). Pierre, 
and lo everyone else (you know who you are). Memories - Mont Blanc 
')2-9.1. Tremblani '94 (condo 2062). skiing behind the Cruiser, South 
Africa '92. Ben hair-cuts!!, my TCS mothers. Kilcoti buds. W.A.O.S.P, 
Team Alizer. Vinders cottage, late-nights in Brent (just a few of them!). 
Skirts, shaquing with Sheds. Kleptomania. I'll visit you in jail some- 
day Taco!!. ski team '91-'94. Rupert, me - an atlitude'?. UK rugby 
lour '94. I've been concu.sed!. "what goes on lour . . ." "Memory 
is not what we remember, but that which remembers us. Memory is 
a present that never stops passing. " Thanks for the day comrades. 

Rob Magwood '90- '94 

Andrew Matsubara '93- '94 

Thank-you to my parents for giving me the opportunity to go here for 
my final year. Things (up 'till April), besides work: JAMMING (BRU- 
TAL!), the whole U.C.C. weekend, dances, my idol: PHIL People 
. . "Claude": Samsara?. WEIGHTS. Sunday mornings and Hodgells. 
"You're the best!". R. ("I gotta go work now") K.: SARCASM, 
MENTA PAIN, "okay-bye". NO MORE JUNIORS!!! Speaking o 
juniors: M. "MUFF": computer games, weird sayings. K.S.: one day 
I'll work as hard as you! C P. (meow): "the spot", "George' , Davies 
movies More people . . Ennals. Hh-Jilan (80's). LIMY-slimy (3's), 
A.V (grunge), MAX!, K. McFlec. EGadd!. M.S. (weed), the many 
others who say "hi" in the halls and the rest know who you are. sorry 
if I forgot to mention you. TCS's words lo live by: "YESGUY! Be 
a model student!". Alistair's: "Bung In the numbers!" and Martin's: 
"Some people are rather nice. Others are RATHER NASTY!" 

Jason Maxnard '92- '94 

I can't believe this is it! These past two years at T.C.S. were definitely 
an experience. Filled with memories that will last a lifetime I will never 
forget it. First. I would like to thank God for always providing me 
with the proper guidance and direction. Special thanks to my parents 
for their many sacrifices. 1 cannot express how much I owe you both. 
Tall my friendz. PF. (BACK TO BACK). RL (MBOY). GT (KEEP 
(PSST!). CC, AB, SM, MS. JL. CS. CH, JB. LS. KR. SB (S.W), 
thanx and don't ever change. To the rough islanders, the 5th form, 
and ma Cuz, best of luck in 95! Thanks to Mr. Godfrey. Mr. Wright 
and Mr. Large for helping mc through. It was fun, and all I can say 
is life is short, enjoy it! Peace. ROOTS!!! "Education is a noble pur- 
suii. But it is important to remember that anything worth knowing can- 
not he taught. " Oscar Wilde. 

WOWI 3 years arc ovcrl I'll remember . . . Treinblani; New Vc.ii ^ 
inuNnowhaiik: girls in muskoka: 'iced leas'. Murlimer's. CONSKN I 
ING ADULTS; Woll Pack (4 Tirsls") • "1 jusi Ihouglii ihose were noi 
mal noiNCs! ", Theliua & Uuiise p s. llianks JD. pmiieer year, volvu 
surnng, iJiihemian RhapMHly . farm, rirealarms during inierhousc vis 
its, the DW boss, sireaking, Belair, Monlrcal weekends cukuI's. Jen's 
tv-day - luckshop. what'' Scoiland 12 days ol tour. Sledge. Ji//, 
McNah.''. CKde. 'N'akkitv-sak - "Brilliani!'' (Thanks si) much Pinishl 
To SS, TR, MC, l.H. who've come and gone. TO: MK, Hcidi, AH. 
JUICE. PlPl, MM. ON. AC, Burns 6lh lorm. T BAG IT OUT. Sleph 
- "remember me", Jlou-part 2 THIS summer, MELS - no southern 
comfun for you, IS.^ eepies. kisses. & ciH)kles. Tam - Iihi much to 
say. & Phil - for fondue conversations, the eg. players - thanks. I'll 
miss you ummk' THANKS GUYS. 1 LOVH YOU' Thanks M & 
D. arid Joanna I'm all that you've made me wnuldn't have made 
it without you 

Karene McDonald '91 -'94 

"lis ISI inilf.s III I'huano 

Wr'ir v" ii full lank «/ X'H. 

half II /Hiik of iiiiarrilei. 

ll'\ dark, untl wr'rr wvaring nui-filuisfs 

nil IV 

Hliifi tinilhers 

Who wtiuld have guessed ihiil so many memories, friends, and incredible 

experiences w^niKl come out ol just Iw*) years at Tnnily Mtmont\ Hockey 

NighLs. I'adnHis. Ski reailiy.''W, riemhiaiil '44. Kleptomania. Barbados 

4.1, Rowing, Vinder's Cottage, OC , Coaching Novices. Austria. Climb 

ing the SchiKil. Winter Biking. Night Hawks. The Walum. BC tA, luiw 

rence Parties. Teniiinalors. Wild Boys. Ihe Tree. Bulthead's on Duty, 

Sir Crank-aT>ol Bike Repair, Advenlua-s with the Cruiser lhunk.1 iii 

Richer, Grilf, Ben, Pudge, Vinder, Gary. Nips. Taco. Harcild. Juice. Pic. 

Nanks. Dcnj. Demps. lulan. Chissy, Kilcoo, ami the I'irsi MiKir B<i)s 

Spfiiiil ihiinks in: Mom, Dad. Chris, and the Big F lor all the support 

Pierre, Duby, and Camhcll for all the advice and help Just w-jtch inc nuw' 

Robert Mehler '92- '94 

Tara Montgomery '92-'94 

T\w) years gone by faster than I wanted them to. Goodbye and thanks 
to Melissa (keep cheering on the BEAR'S hockey), GO HABS!!, wolves, 
Carol 'Phleps' (cnp) and Claude, always stay 'Forever Young'. Amanda, 
"love those Almondsl!" (the stalker). Mike (the only other existing mem- 
ber of the 'natural high club'). Jenna "I love the basketball posse" Rinas. 
Pipes. Russ, T.A , S.K.. S.G and to Kristin, remember: Cruisin' in the 
caddy. "SHOOP". good looks (MB. MP. K.O.. "J-C V.D"). Why 
do French guys always wink when they say hello??. "THE SIGN". 'I'm 
not a rat. I'm a weasel', lost licences!! and Eulan. Thank.s for all the g<X)d 
atkJ bad I love ya!! Thanks to the best advisor. E Heaven. Special thanks 
to my mom and Darrell. for sending me to TCS. my little brother. Gar- 
rett, and to my DAD. who remains in my heart forever 1 love you!! '\^'hat 
15 man Milhoul Ihe heasis ? If all the heasis Hrre itiiiie, men nvulJ die 
frvm a ^reai timeliness of ihe spirit. For vihateivr hoftpens to ihe heasis 
uxtn happens lo num." -Chief Seattle 

Richard Nanka-Bruce '88- '94 

Before you know it you've arrived through the gatc^ and spent your first night 
at school while you gel to know your roomnvitcs and then sports hanging out 
und academics seem to take up your life followed by ytnir first ever sci of exams 
but then all ot a sudden you're back home for the Christmas Holidays und return 
in January even though you might be homesick but life is still grand because 
you have nude so many friends however the year ends and and then summer 
IS over and then while the cycle is repeated twice more and your into the groo\e 
BANG there's co-ed where at this point you sun to grow up and become aware 
of all the politics that can be mvolsed with so many unsuspecting things and then 
the next thing you know this segment in your life changes but your friends re- 
main white new ones are made and your having the best time of your life then 
sixm enough you have to start thinking about university and unting a grad quote 
and at this point your running out of room so you don't have lime to reminisce 
on all the fond relationships and nwmones that such a great place has granted 
you but more importantly give thanks to all the pmple that have left before yiHi. 
those that you're leaving with, those you leave behind and all tho&c you lost along 
the way. 

K\le Nichols '89- '94 


To those who made this memory painless. God Bless 
To those who caused the pain, POGUEMAHONE 
Special thanks lo THE GUYS", my teachers. Les Robling, C.W.F. 
and to Anikka for canng. 
To Garth, my brother and best friend. 

Give me a call Gary. I already miss you. 
To my parents who have given me such an opportunity, 
I thank you for everything I am. 
BOOM Mr. Nips 

Garth Nichols '89-94 

To closest friends: B-Ball 93-4, Crew 93-4, Brent 94, Teachers Pudge 
(2yrs). Vlnder, Juice, Pie, Nanks, Woody, Taco, Harry, Mags, Mehls, 
Demps, T, JB&LS, Riche. SS. Tarn, KS, SL, CM, DY, KM, Snaith, 
Duma, Leechi, Leds, JT. Kavi. Hais, Frames, all those before me 89-94, 
Sis', D. Wills. Special Thanks To: Sleph (GNandSD). JH, MR, CWF, 
EH, Dr Dubroy who helped me learn many valuable things. "Think 
where a man 's glory most begins and ends/ And say my glory was I 
had such friends. " Yeais Especially to Kyle, my best of friends: Wom- 
bie Forever. Mom & Dad, I realise your sacrifice and I owe you more 
than you can imagine. Courtney, "Be yourself no matter what they 
say" DubbaDubba, Sigma. Hawks, VindersCottage, Florida (F.T.), 
Howsemates, Miss Saigon. 1 move forward with the past, and the past 
moves forward with me. Magic, Friends and Love , . . 

"Tl\e woods are lovely, dark and deep. 

Bui I have promises to keep. 

And miles to go before I sleep, 

And miles to go before I sleep. " Frost 

Kim Nopper '92- '94 

Nope' No Quotation. First of all, I want to thank my parents and my 
grandmother for giving mc the opportunity to attend T.C.S.. I am ap- 
preciative (WAI) to the staff that stuck to mc in tough limes and espe- 
cially you, Mr Robling, for your continuous support. Thanks Claudia 
and Sam, Yes Kevin, you're in. Tonight's the nighi . . . Jerry. Can 
I borrow some money? Having spent half the time @ T.C.S with you 
behind the arena or @ Olympia . . . You Knowl Little Pipes: Where's 
my hat? J P., take care. Catherine: Dis quclque chose, comme Gig- 
gles! Kyle: Nob Gobbler says goodbye, thanks for putting up with me 
for one year. Poho Bros : Thanks and stay the way you arc. Mary 
Schlonka: Sorry about the picture but you arc loo cute. Remember the 
Tennis Courts! Ich werde euch nicht vcrgcssen: Kajakers 92'-93', Hans, 
LiuleShm. Andi + Max. RyanCancr, H.C.. MC. R.G., R.H., K.J.. 
A d r Th.ii's II 1 am out. Gone. YABBA DABBA DOO!!! DANKE 

Matt Pirtovshek '90- '94 

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue. 
Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch . . . 
You'll he a man. my son. - Thanks Mom 
Many thanks go out to: my family for all their sacrifices, Mr. Wills 
for keeping me in line, Pierre for taking over, Dubie for being my par- 
ent away from home, Mr. Stevens for giving me a chance one year 
early, and Campbell for all the beats and good times. Kyle and Garth 
from beginning to end, Brett and Rob still more to come, Pie thanks 
for all the laughs, lo my Stand off for always catching my balls, Tam 
thanks for the shoulder - 143(x) and to all the rest who I will never 
forget. Remember a submarine has many different compartmenls, so 
if one springs a leak it does not have lo sink. - G.K. 

There is a full nuxin The stars arc shlnint; The tide is high. It is time 
to dive in! Five long years and l"ill> -thousand memories Never forget. 
Euro tour, Montreal, Monibassa. Kenya, Togo, France, NICE, Do- 
minican. Daylona, Bottom Hat Bickle, red wine. Love, Friendship, 
Arby's, and Long Hair To the Beautiful people in my life. My loving 
familv, MOM. OAU. WILL. P.M'L AND NANA Asantc sumi, for 
evervthing. I Love You DAN THE MAN, HAMISH (radio). KIM, 
ISABEL, PADRE, [XXTTEUR. LES and GOD, vse vmII always be 
in touch Nata.scha, I Love You, man' "/// were a chfeif. I would 
he a Brie. " "Cnxxtness and Beauty eMsl and are pennaneni but the 
wxinis b\ which m* ;rv lo express ihein will never he adei/uale. ' 

Michael Pohoresky '89- '94 

"I am reiii/inizing thai the \oue inside in\ head is urxinn mt to he 
nnself. hill never follow someone else, cuz opinions are like wices. 
We all have a different kiiul, sojusi clean out all your ears, these are 
mv views and you will fitui . . " Tribe I thought it would never end' 

Thanks iiHim, dad. und Dubie • it's been great .Skini - alwayi 
funked. Lloyd and Cas - we'll always be walking. Gnnch - Eton'''.' 
Clarke thanks lor the driving lessons. T.J "shotgun'". Kirk "I 
think I'm going loco" 420 • you know who you are Chris and Ryan 

sniHip Tico hungry'.".' Pigs - "Big Mac and a ConcI " M J You 
showed me the world Furbs beach bum Girls "You know who 
you are'" Islander/ runlings forever. "You can lake the low road but 
I 11 take ihe hinh one. ' ' Rascalz see ya . . . 

Mike Radford '92- '94 

Kirk Rodrigues '91- '94 

"Gtxl must love crazy people, he makes so many of them" Ha! Ha! 
Thank you God! It's been three long years. I've never backed down 
and my chin is still high . . . nice try guys, but I won. To those who 
doubled me . . . T-birds. thank god I'm near the hospital, you guys 
rock. Islanders, weekends in TO. Gnnch - quickest hand in town, but 
18* sucks. Ryan - fashion's a bitch. Chris "best glimpse of heaven 
IS on the way to hell". Pokes - Killa don't bust da chain! Malcolm 
-1- Joe - I'd kill for you. Carolyn - I've gone but left you my heart. 
Hick! Port Hope police - wasn't us! Hobbs -t- Gregg Thanks Joe -"Hey 
teacher leave those kids alone!" • pinkfloyd. MaryJanc - I love you. 
Mr Wright - wild hearts can't be tamed "Some people have ways 
and means" - Bob Marlev One dav vou will all read about me. "POI- 

Ryan Rodrigues 

Thanks Mom. Dad. and Charmame for the best six years ofmv life . . - 'SS- '*M 
The legend of Pipi • From Bums Jr . lo Brent sixth form, it's been a long won- 
derful experience Thank you lo ihc teachers ihal laughi me lo enjoy learning. 
Mr Jones. Mr Kedwcll. Dr Dubroy , Mr Robling and Mr Rotten (RESPECT 
•M.WAYSI To my fncnds, and leammales who base made my lime here so spc 
ual: thanks for always being there when I needed you Memories I will u/nmi 
cherish. Bums Jr . New boys picnic, house (Mjiings. "giiching". prixiors. pre- 
fects, chapel, O's. 6 o'ckxk club. Jims pi?u. luck shop, house compelilions. 
"sun dial cricket". RKSB. Bums icnnis courts, the "glass hallway ". bus rides. 
Ihc grade nine core/ "backbone ". "Room 50". ihc last year of ALL BOYS! 
CO-ED. B-ball liHir lo Cuba. Brentwood Exchange. Trcmblani, .15-0 Crusaders, 
Univcrsiiy visits. Charily Work - Day. Hycling. Speech Days, and Grad Nighl 
To my friends who made Trinity mean cvcrnhmg ip mc. / Ime s«>u all 
& TARA. you made girls pan of my Tnnily .1 141592654 

Two yean al Trinlly have (aughl me to live. They have laughl me to 
laugh and to cry . WOWI! It's over . . . Mum & Dad. thanks for giving 
up all you have for me 1 love you! Thanks Mrs A • mom, Mrs. M 
I made it To my friends ■ my heart goes out to you all for making 
these the 2 best years of my life. REMEMBER: Tremblant; Rowing; 
S-Comforl; Whoa Nellie; shootmg ice tea; streaking; photocopying; 
cookie dough, hllleboys; Zerben ... To: KM. IT, S.L. M.C, H G, 
R.S, E R, J B, J C, .\C. .\H. A.R, III miss you all Jenny - 1 luv 
V. don't forget me or Barbados '94! Mike - you'll always be my blue 
smaniel Drew ■ don't work so hard! Garth - lAWY. Everyone else 
that made me smile, thank you. "My friends arc with me. surrounding 
m> heart with hands of love, molding my destiny ..." Karen Gold- 
man Never say goiidbye . , SEE YA LATER!! 

Mclodie Rodrigue 

Thanks to the Man upstairs for sparing my life, so that my caring par- 
ents could send me here. Big "R ". you are the best foster parent in 
the school. Now for the btiys. the late night crew nuff respect is due 
lo you and only you. T-Birds. the Pro Shop will always be open for 
you. Silly, I want you to funk hard for me and Tico you will always 
be dear to me. To the 'ISLANDERS" from all over the Caribbean 
we will always run things for years. Nuff Respect to Islands like Ba- 
hamas, Bermuda, Barbados, etc ... To my girls from Bahamas and 
Cayman I will never forget you, you all know yourselves. Now for 
Melissa you arc always in my heart and if you ever need me 1 will 
always be there for you. Nuff Respect to all the Massive of T.C.S. 
Skinny gone!!! 

Peter Rowe '92- '94 

Rachael Scott '92- '94 

"There are those who are very special lo each of us - maybe not for 
very lonit, maybe only in passing. But they make up the most beloved 
and cherished group we have. These are our nearest angels. ' ' (Good- 
man) Mom and Dad. your patience and support have not been over- 
looked, thank you. Isaac and Daniel, good luck! Please don't forget 
Paddington, Snuggles. Wild Boar Shooting or French Vanilla Bonbons. 
You guys are wonderful. Jessica. Rachel. Joannah. MR., E.R., S.F., 
I Z , W K.. Joanne and Pam. Scott House you were all stellar. Mrs. 
Mulloy. you're outstanding! Mrs A., smile! For. "we'll be together 
for ages, eating and sleeping and turning pages. " (Mo.xy Fruvous) So 
Long For .Mow! 

Leroy Smith '87- '94 

"Future, n. That period of lime in which our affairs prosper, our friends 
are true, and our happiness is assured." - Thank you Trinity for lend- 
ing me the future. To my teachers, esp. M.D., R.R., G.J., and W.H.; 
"Thanks for your support" To my mother, I truly appreciate the sac- 
rifices. Formalities aside, "what a lime I had". In my 7 years I've 
grown a foot, doubled my weight and made beaucoup de friends. Cam 
- "Where's the Ninja?", Kirk- "Trinidad! ". Leachy - "No Problem", 
Artsy - "Boom ", PIE!. Nanka ■ Nothing fancy, only thanks for the 
memories. Nipples Bros. - "Stay black". Bush - 'Brent House Bo- 
geyman". Roots - Tutorials at 7:30. Mad respect to the Islanders. "Gym 
Rats ", and Night-Hawks: Leds. H W. and Demps. ToJoannah. thank- 
you for your love, patience and affection. You helped me find my true 
self; "I believe in miracles . . ." "Well, this is the end of a perfect 
day." (C. Bond) 

Kern- Revill '91 -'94 

AlMa> > remember. "The only Jay \ui.i yrstenlin! ' ' BVDIS Mem- 
ories, Barbados and New Zealand with my iwm. Greece and Italy with 
Bannian. swimming, self defence with Jen. soccer and hiKkey games. 
1'2 and Hip concens. Nova Scotia, and the ski trip to Quebec (and 
of course tartufo'l) Man\ thanks to mv mom and dad for their contin- 
uous support, patience and love - GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR ERIN!! 

Bart Spiewak '87- '94 

Hardcore! 1 just want to thank my parents lor all of the opportunities 
that they have given me Also, thanks to the teachers who tolerated 
me (especially Rev Hev). I don't think I could have made it through 
the past seven years without the help of some special people and events, 
namely: The Posse. Primus crew, 'colours. " "flowers," Nay-V-Seelz. 
Johnny Drag, tartufo, Panlcra crew, bus ■rides", Ganny racing. Ho 
House rough sports. Raiders!. Splatball. 'She Sells Sanctuary'. 
Flash/Bandit/Maggie. Disciplesof the Watch. U.SSOCOM NAVSPEC- 
WARCOM NSWG-2 ST-6 OP-06D Thursdays and the House of Un 
caster, my psycho sis. the Tuksier's parties, the Parthenon, Black 
Sunshine. W7.UP. Also thank you to the Rcvills for everything umi 
solus villus nullum sperore salulein ' Ban! Why yiiu little ..." Homer 
Simpson Hoo-ya! I'm oulta here! 

yV^/7 Stevenson '87- '94 

This is the end of a career which has taken up seven years of my life. 
Trinity has created who I am today through its giMxJ and bad influences. 
To my parents - m\ heartfelt thanks for giving me the opportunity I 
otherwise would never have had. To those who supported and believed 
in me - Miss. Turnbull, Father Seagram, and Mr Wright Thank you 
I will never forget - the bygone era of a unisex school, third fltxir Be- 
thunc, Bethunc boys '94. Branksome semi's, sessions in T.O.. Miami. 
Mike's place, campaign '93, and Pete's stories. To all my friends, espe- 
cially Mike and Nick. Eddie. Kristin. Rachael. and mostly Jeff and 
Peter We've had some great times and special moments. To the Be- 
thunc juniors ■ good luck and all the best for your future years at Trin- 
ity. To Ian - I always looked up to you and will remember you for 
vour kindness. 




Phil Sword '89- '94 

Thanks to my father and mother for sending me here. 1 mean. Port 
Hope High is a nice place to visit, but . . . Thanks to Bart and Jamie 
(PRIMUS SUCKS!), Scott (Ulin Scholar). Dr. Bemiingham and the 
Padre for inspiration. Mr. Wright for support (It's never loo late to 
suck up). Thanks to Mary Doig for being such a wonderful influence. 
To the people who will never read this: Jon, Ed. Sleph. Christine, Der- 
ek, Rob. Michelle. Steve. Sam, Nancy, thank you so much for under- 
standing that I'm not a loser even if 1 do have school on Saturdays and 
that I may not be able to write to you as soon as I'd like. Coffee Way 
will never die. Fun stuff; DoAsI Say . ., S O.T.W. -t- Ashley's condo. 
Theatre Ontario (the best lime of my life), 

I'm a fish. 

He 's a fish. 

Were fish. 
So long, farewell, auf wiedcrsehn, good night. 


A year al TCS is lix> short for nic. I dare lo say that this jcar is the 
happiest moineni in my life. TCS is a piece of golden soil and 1 really 
enjoyed working on it. I had a ginnl time with my "grandma" in senior 
visiting. Thanks for the ehances thai were given lo me in sports like 
squash and softhall As a member in string ensemhle. I was delighted 
to play the niusit and learn from eaeh other. I really feel al home with 
all the warm welcome and acceptance lo this newcomer, especially from 
my house of Bcthune Finally. I would like to express my deepest thanks 
to my parents who back me up and give me the faith that I can over- 
come every challenge. I love you and miss you TRINITY! 

SumiY Tarn '93- '94 

■ 'Only the Great Ones Deliver! ' ' { Dominos) I have several distinct mem- 
ories of Trinity: Burns House (pre-coeducation) and Brent House (af- 
ter). I wish to thank tny brother Dave and the rest of the posse (J.J., 
Jesse. Mike and Austin) for being there for me throughout my Burns 
years. As a Brent Houser 1 discovered new friends who 1 will never 
forget: Ian. Rob. Russ, Ceri. Sean. Wells (Jenn. Jcnn). Will. Dan. 
Rob N-B, the kid line. Caz, Tom. Denji and BROWN. Trinity will 
always be Brownie Brawls, Hockey League Sim.. Raiders, Sportsdesk 
and lasting relationships. Leds. 'i9 + b\ forever. Piper, lets go to 
McDonald's, but no more claping game. The Cull is wicks. Jilan. 
MTFBWY. Where's Russ.' Oh, yeah. Ceri, Al/Geo Salute. Finally, 
special thanks to my parents who I love and care for dearly even though 
I don't always express it. Remember, ' It 's A Great Day For Hockey! ' ' 
Badger Bob Johnson 

John Thompson '89- '94 

Francis Tong '91- '94 

Three years of life at Trimly had given me a lot of memories and ex- 
periences Thanks to Mom and Dad for giving me this valuable op- 
portunity lo study at TCS. I would also like to thank all the teachers 
who had either taught or coached me through these years. I have really 
learned a lot from Ihem. To PK: "you are now the jello master! " To 
MC "I really enjoyed watching your game of "Golden Axe'! Some 
people should definitely be put in front of the firing squad! " To JL: 
"Driver, take me lo Causeway Bay now! I'm in a rush! . . . Beware 
oftiaps from the little master!" To Cun: "O.K., B.G.!"To'YC: "Don't 
break your cup " To WM: "See you in Vancouver, or else I'll have 
lo call my ordinary friend every night!" Goodbye T.C.S.!!! 

Jimmy Tong '88- '94 

I would like to thank my parents, who sent me here and let me have 
these six unforgettable years in TCS. In these six years, I had a lot 
of fun in both Burns and Bethune House. Other than my parents, I would 
like to thank my advisor, Mr. White and all my good friends here. 
Especially my roommate, J.C.. all the guys in Bethune, C.L.. S.L., 
AC. Also the boys in Bickle, G-Tat, J.Y., E.W. and K.W. This was 
the most exciting year I've ever had in TCS. primarily because one 
of my rooms had became the Chinese Student Centre, where there is 
always a party going on, I got into quite some trouble with my house- 
master this year, but the fun I had was well worth it.!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! 
(Jimmy Tong) 7-Fi/Jong Je/Siu Yuk Dan/Tai Yun G Tsi 

I'll Stan off b> thanking Mum and Dad for ihf Trinilv c\|x-n>.MKc llou 
.iiiui/in)< those two years were! Ca n'arri\e ifu'unc lois dans une nc. 
m'nu Thank you for trustinj; nie and holies inj; in nic Respcit 

pour loujours Mr Wright. Mr Mobhs. and Mrs Alldred. >ou helped 
nie through TCS. your ualK are keeping a lot of secrets, laughs and 
thoughts anil those I'll reiiK-iuher . "Pooface iCC). night to K. streaks, 
Bellair Where's the dress' Farm, 2»\. Bye Dread, Buiierlly, 
Tremblay 's guns, late nights 20A. hyeling. and the hest with my bests 
Kahk Yes I' Pie, Juice. Vinder, Malty . lab, MikeP, Uus, Sharky and 
FranijOis. you're my heri>es .To Mrs Vain, eepies. Tat (I sursived). 
ram. Meg. Mel. Ayns. Stcph L' & L & G. G-Nu. girlfriends; ymi 
nude my days Sean. I A L.l'. XO Bros and "mes qualrcs". je sous 
aime For Shelley and Christie, love forever. I miss you already It 
vkas worth every second "A la prochaine mcs amis". Tink. 

Isabel Tremhlax '92- '94 

"I'm lUmi' hul "him muliiiti lui\ ii /iruf. " fl^My price was small 
in comparison to all I have learned and the friends and memories I have 
made GBC. cruisin' in RHIM)I. Dickey. l.PCI semis. CBAl.R, Club 
:k| '91, Casey's hdays. Dance Mu 'V2 at Metcalfe's, Fully' Western 
t)melettes (IC) Can I touch those'' (DRi Spatula tricks and NP at the 
gardens Ancjo, and monojuily ' NF.VF.R' ( ACMRl I'hal's one tiK) many 
wake up calls Mom, Dad and Mike, thank you for all tlul you have 
given me and all the d>Hirs that you have opened To all my friends 
■hat have helped me gel this far. Deed, Ash. Syd. Linds. Rogers. Chis. 
Char. Andy. Jefl, Bel. Chris. Ayns and Nikita Snickers. Ayns and 
Dave; you were my strength, you liH>k a piece ol my heart and so my 
love is yours forever. Believe in yourself and "Oc nhul lou line' Thr 
ri:\i ctimes. " 

Stephanie Unwin '93- '94 

Katherine Wan '91- '94 

When I was young. I always dreamt about how fantastic and splendid 
my high school graduation would be. I guess I won't have to wait for 
long, the lime, that I have been looking forward to. has finally come 
and yel it's extremely hard to say goodbye to a place like TCS. Not 
only have I received great leaching from here. I have also learnt how 
to interact with people and assist them whenever help is needed Thanks 
to my teachers, especially Mr. Stevens and Mr. Taylor who have been 
incredibly patient and helpful I will never forget all the fun and laugh- 
ter that I have shared with my housemates and friends. Lastly, lots of 
thanks to my parents' positive advice, support and their kindness which 
provides me with this precious opportunity that has made my exper- 
ience at TCS an unforgettable and enjoyable one. 

Throughout these years, I have changed and grown, experienced and 
gained wisdom. To Kyle, Lcroy, Scon, Hogweincr, Julian, Steve, Glenn. 
Dcmpsey. Ashley. Carter, Chris. Ross L. Lcs R. Brian H. Paul G. 
BriKk P. Dr D, Ed. past, present and future friends: Enjoy life • let 
il be everything you want. To Dorcen and Jack, my parents' best fnends 
Thank you for everything - 1 love you both more than words permit. 
To the future: Peace, love and commitment To the idiots (of whom 
ihere have been many): Pogue mahone. 

Sometimes I feel like being nispy 

And once in a while I feel like being dry 

But ne re doomed and »e re drowned by this feeling we surround 

S<> I hope that I get old before I die 


Smell you later, 


I have only lilllo to say: Tritiily has been everything tor Ihc pasi five 
years, umi il will be a proud pan of evcrylhini; I am and do from this 
day forwards. Countless thanks to my friends: peers and faculty; to 
my Mom & Dad and Chris & Trevor - someday I'll pay you all back. 
because 1 leave this place with so much more than what I arrived with 
"/7iij ij/><)if nil: lo ihiiif nwn self he true. " W.S. 
' 7 run evert red liithi on memory lone. " D.S. 
"GtMHlhve. it's been o sweei love. " L.S. 
I'd rather m>t witc down my memories. Sometime, wc"ll sit down to- 
gether and share them. Slater 

Julian Whike '89- '94 

Denji Yiu '87-'94 

One iltiy \iiu'll lixtk lo \ee /if gone . . ." (The Beailesi but seven years ago I 
didn't think that this day vwiuld come so sixin Thru all the highs (oh wiw!!) & 
all Ihc lows (oh @#$^| then: arc some things I'll never forget: Bums Jr.. Masked 
Avengers. Sundial Cnckct. LCC Hockey Tximty Ottawa Trip (Taco. a sign of things 
to cooxf"). Kuropc Vi. the switch to Brent, late nitcs. Racing Division '92, CORK 
"92 (oops!). Nighthawks, Tnsport, Football '92-94, Muskoka weekends. Jumbo. 
IM CrKkct 9.1'94 & The FAM Thanks U) Mssrs. Allen. Bonnin. Hedncy Jones, 
Dubatn>n & all my other teachers & coaches for their patience & guidance Thanks 
in ihi>»e who made Uk years fly by especially Can & Dan. Will, Dcmps, Vindcr, 
Ben. JT. SJE. Uk 7 yr club. Campbell. Richc. RM, Duma, Lcds. MMP. Gnnch, 
GN & KN. Jimi, Pie, Steve, JK & my tiwuritc bark eating, iree hugging, earth 
muffin - '7 ^^^ll iter by .." The Grateful Demi To Dave & Pierce: Thanks for 
always being there to keep mc in line To Mom, Dad, Chrisiinc & Eric: A special 
thanks I really do rcali7£ Sl appreciate the sacrifices you've made Mr. McCord 
I cant possibly thank yvu enough for everything. Don't Change. ' Hey Star. Catch 
\'aU im the flip title'!" 

I.ookinj; back, I now reali/c the difference that Trinity can make in 
siimciine's life. Being in Hodgctts house for the past five years I've 
had the best of both worlds (I could parly whenever I pleased). It taught 
me that T.C.S. is not just a school it's a way of life (just as well. I'm 
glad to be finished). I'll never be able to thank my family enough for 
giving me this opportunity, and my friends for the experiences (astro- 
nomical quantities). Ceri enlightening the world as to the status of my 
neck'. Rev. HEV , Kurope, Barbados, House of L.. the BIG SWIG, 
and many more stupid little "inside" key words that only a few people 
would over understand). To all my teachers - thanks very much. Well, 
it's time to move on to BIGGER and better things. N.B. My original 
quote was awesome, but as Ice-T would say ' 'Freedom of .speech 
. . . Belter watch what you ,suv.'" 

Scon Winfield '89- '94 

Jason Yue '91 -'94 

It's been a blast T.C.S. , but all good things must come to an end. My 
three years here have just flown by and I have been changed and moulded 
into a different person. Many different people have entered my life 
and changed me forever, "Porno-star" - My roommate and true friend, 
I'll never forget our late nights and adventures. K.W. - My confidante. 
We'll always be there for each other, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. 
H.H. ■ My "Energizer Bunny", Get some sleep!!! Stevie - "Happy 
Birthday!!! . . ." I.H. - "U. of T., Classof ■??" E.W. + K.W. - Bickle 
buddies till the end. J.T. -(- J.C. - "Trinity House Adventures", Every- 
one else - Good Luck and keep in touch for friends are an essential 
part of life. See you all at CASABLANCA!!! Special thanks to Mr. 
R. -H Mrs. R. for looking after me, and my Father for sending me 
here. Live now for the future is HERE!!! 

Thank you. TCS!!! 

Kenny Yung '92- '94 

Tim Ue '89- '94 

'l.l.l'm still alive. " - Eddie Veddei. Hard to believe, ch? 
Five years is long enough for ihis dude. Thanks lo Milo. Skid. Nean- 
derthal. Corb. Brian. TJ. Boner. NS. KR. SB. MB. TB. Chunky. Mo- 
ron. Farmer Bob. Taggart. Johnny Drag and the rest of the Kelchum 
crew. I am forever indebted to my parents for sending me here and 
to Q and TL for putting up with me. I also propose a toast lo all those 
fellow anti-social Ketchumiles out there; may the DSC burn in Helll 
■ 7 have been auilry of kicking myself in the iceih. ' ' - Layne Sialey. 
I am very lucky to be writing this quote. I had many gixxJ limes at 
this school, but I can't say it's changing for ihe belter Later kids and 
remember, expect the worse and you will never be disappointed. 

David Grant '90- '94 

Wow! Four years already. Where have Ihey gone? It's been a slice though. 
Streaking, nite caps wilh Rimmy. drunken stupors. Far-out niles with Lucy. 
CNY. Plaza. 409. Montreal. LBICE. Disney Land. France, and all that Thanks 
to Mom and Dad. Rim. Frank, Milo. Corb. Skid. Martin. Corky. Golani. 
Chunky. Sni. . . . bud Jian. Raiders. Ketchumiles. T. Q. Sandra etc It 

was the best of times, at Ihe worsi of all schools. I was never good at good- 
byes, so I'll just say so long for now and remember if Cave's nol wasted, 
the day is! "/ don 'i know M/if re / 'm goinf;. but I know where I 've been. ' ' (SFBl 
' 'And when your deepest thoughn are broken . keep on dreamin ' boy. cause 
when vfl stop dreamin it 's time to die. ' ' IBM) Later! 

Corbett Ball '93- '94 

' 'If the arrow is straighi 

And the point is slick. 

It can pierce throufih dust no matter how thick. 

So I'll make mv stand 

And remain as I am 

And bid farewell and not give a damn. 

Boh Dylan 
I guess its lime lo lake off now. ch? Il's only been a year, but its been an experience 
I ihall never forget: Timnn and Skid, and Seagrams kid (KopasK Mary and her nghi- 
hand man B«>r>cr (who showed me dogs in the sky). TEAJ. my faust> friend. Cave. The 
Girls (keepondancin' Claire). Miguel Bu>i a-nut. those Island people, M> Gt^d. Milush'. 
TechntvDancc Man. Mike and T> (or was ihai T\ ixnd Mike^t. every hod> else in Ketchum. 
Ccri(Wcll \. Manin(Slix)pid) Denauli. B man (kmg o'lingo). Crym" Blarke. Christie 
Phil. Mace. Shells. Chewy; and my Folks for <thelling exit so I could live here I espe- 
cially ihank Dr Bermingham. Father Seagram. Tom Langford. aiKl Mr Wright for ihcir 
guidance and wisdtim. To any student out ihcrc who feels the weight of stres.4 Let loi.>*e 
your shoulders, and enjoy this oppi>rtunit\ given unto vihj There IS indeed life be>ond 
ISPs aixJ precis Seek it 




Mr. Chainiuin, governors, colciigues on the faculty, parents and 
guests, students of Trinity College School. 

Welcome to sleepy little Port Hope and the Prize Giving com- 
ptinent of Speech Day - the 124th m our history. 

This is always a grand day, a very special day, not only because 
It signals the beginning of summer holidays, but it alkms us to 
properK ettect the transition of this class to their next step in life 
- v^ilh all due acknowledgement of what they have meant to us, 
and with a little bit of pomp and some circumstance to make it 

.•\s usual, I get to make the 1st speech on Speech Day (because, 
I'm Headmaster) This speech is a respsonsibility I don't take lightly. 
The Leaving Class has had a moving Chapel Service, a good brunch 
with their families. They are focused, alert, they are all here, and 
they are in the middle of one of the most important days of their 
life. I actually agonize over this speech for most of the month of 
May because not too many people get an opportunity like this, 
to try to say something meaningful to an intelligent, poised group 
of young people about to begin to make their mark on this world. 
I don't want to blow it. 

I will keep it short. I am mindful of a graduation address I heard 
from a graduate of Yale who used his university as an acronym 
to make his point. After dwelling rather too long on a "Y" for 
youth, ".A " for ambition. "L" for loyalty and the "E" for eng- 
ery, my only thought was. thank God he didn't go to Massach- 
ussetts Institute of Technology. Don't fear. I won't be that long 

As much as it would be neat to have the youth, optimism and 
relative innocence of being 18 years of age again, I don't think 
I'd like to be leaving high school in 1994. In my generation you 
could be assured of doing ok, at least in material terms, if you 
had a reasonable education and were prepared to work hard. Even 
that simple relationship is thrown out the window these days. The 
only certainty our youth face in 1994 is uncertainty. The instabil- 
ity - economic, social, political - of institutions worldwide, puts 
extraordinary pressures on the graduates of 1994. It is time for 
extraordinary skills, and it would be my hope that the most basic 
contribution that TCS has made on their behalf is to help them 
reason and think more sharply, more clearly, more critically and 
more effectively - essential ingredients in coping with the rapidity 
of change. The Class of '94 needs to be very flexible - which can 
only be done with a very fiexible, acute mind. 

As much as it is going to be tough-sledding for the Class of 
"94, I think they are going to do just fine. For the most part, they 
really liked each other. Sure, the class broke down into groups, 
but so many of our teams, clubs, siKieties, houses, cut across many 
groups and tended to bring them together. They certainly wanted 
to serve the School and the wider community and, so, many of 
this class provided the backbone to Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Com- 
munity Service. Peer Counsellors, Pat Moss Society. Notwithstand- 
ing, some of the sterling athletic and scholastic success of the class 
of 94, I think their willingness to serve will be the class's most 
enduring legacy. 

I have a very good feeling about this class. There are many ster- 
ling people in it. They've all contributed to the richness of our 
school community - some in more interesting ways than others 
and. judging by how difficult it was for the faculty to determine 
some of our major awards. I think the class's character ranks very 

At the same time, I think Trinity has sei^'ed them well. They've 
had the finest group of teachers I think, in Ontario - all of whom. 

as you know, were willing to go the extra mile for them. So the 
match was good. However, if we have missed the boat on any of 
them. I am truly sorry. 

One thing, I'm sure, that Trinity has given everyone, is life-long 
friends. It is not a hard thing to provide; it seems to be a natural 
by-product of this sort of environment. Still, you all graduate with 
that prize today and, in many ways, it is the finest prize of all. 

It is always interesting to postulate what such an electric class 
will be up to 15 years down the road. Perhaps 

1) Joannah and Leroy will have been married for 17 years. 

2) Rob Armstrong will have less hair than Mary Evans. 

3) Andrew Harrison and Adam Cota will be conducting coed tours 
of Niagara Falls. 

4) Andre DaCosta will still be getting beaten up by people 1/2 
his age. 

5) Brett Hayhurst will be a Top Shelf Boom operator at Canadian 

6) Kabir Jamal will open his own coffee shop called Maximus 
Dunkus Doni. 

7) Rob Kamal will still be brutal. 

8) Andrew Boyd will be a dancer at Chippendales with Bryson 
and Moss in the front row. 

9) Ian Lederer will be owner and GM of the Swedish National 
Ballet Troupe. 

10) Richard Nanka-Bruce will run be the owner and GM of the 
Grade 9 & 10 escort service. 

11) Kim Nopper will be the leader of the 4th Reich. 

12) Matt McKane-Pirtovshek-Kavander will have a problem get- 
ting his name on a parking slot. 

13) David Crosbie will be on some mountain top communicating 
with the Delhi Llama. Rob Mehler will climb by. 

14) Francois Bourbeau will be taking English classes from Joe Ma. 

15) Rob Magwood will star in the remake of Gentle Ben. 

16) Rachael Scott will be a professional Masseuse! 

17) Kerry Revill will be driving Bart's get-away car. 

18) Scott Winfield will still be looking for his neck. 

19) Kirk Rodrigues will be a shepherd. 

20) - and our own quiet guy HP - will be a movie star - and he'll 
get all the juciesl parts. 

Although I've been talking primarily about the Leaving Class, 
the final part of my modest address is directed to the Leaving Glass 

I always feel awkward dispensing advice. I certainly don't cor- 
ner the market on virtue and wisdom. I didn't learn about these 
things in Headmaster's School (in fact. I never went to Headmaster's 
School - I'm sure you can tell). But, I have lived here longer than 
Stephen Lee, but not as long as Paul Godfrey, so I should have 
picked up something to pass on to you. 

Essentially, on a day when we are giving out tons of prizes as 
a result of judging you against various criteria, I wish to speak 
about the nature of judging and giving. 

JUDGING: a tragic story of a young man who worked for a 
tyrant of a boss who was demanding and overbearing - they had 
sort of a modern day Scrooge/Bob Cratchit relationship. 

Well, the Bob Cratchit type was a devoted, conscientious em- 
ployee. Unfortunately, his work began to tail off. He became re- 
peatedly late, distracted and tired. The boss, who never took the 
time to find out. didn't know that Cratchit's daughter was quite ill. 

One day, Cratchit didn't show up and Scrooge got really worked 


up and practiced his firing speech Cratchit nnally appeared atv>ul 
21X) pm and he was hauled into Scrixige's olTice and inmieduiIeK 
dismissed, fired on the spot ScriH>ge said. "Do you ha\e anything 
to say tor yourself'" Cratchit said. "My daughter died last night " 
Now, our cases of prejudging are not as dramatic or poignant but 
they, tix>, can be hurtful 

How often have you heard "He's a nice guy when you get to 
know him." But, when you didn't know him. what did you think 
of him Did you form an opinion on him based on where he's from, 
what he lix>ks like, what he's wearing, the way he talks' I would 
submit - not to form any opinion at all - don't conipare him or 
rate him in any total sense - |ust accept him! For example, a new 
student comes into the 6th form, a guy , say. from Nonh Bay. He 
has a militar> hair cut and and the only sp*irt he is gixxl at is curl- 
ing. He speaks in short, clipped sentences, dropping the occasional 
"g" and has this silly but endearing smile, 't'ou might think, what 
a Dweeb. BL'T NO - just Corbelt! 

The pi>int I'm trying to make goes far fiirther than don't judge 
a book by its cover. It is - don't judge - period! 

- Be open-minded about people, don't make pronouncements or 
assessments unless positive. 

- Try to think generously about your neighbour. 

- Make no apologies for being tix> trusting. You may get burned 
from time to time but. in the long run. you will be trusted. 

- Try to deal w ith other people's faults as gently as we all do with 
our ov^n. 

- Forgive and really forget. 

Essentially, as I've said before in these Speech Day gigs, be 
tolerant. Tolerate your flawed family, your flawed friends, your 
flawed school, your flawed Headmaster 

I'm usually not a big fan of using the Bible as a reference be- 
cause 1 don't do it well enough. But. I did ask Fr. Seagram for 
the expanded text of a reading he made one Sunday on Judgement. 

Luke: Pass no judgement, and you will not be judged. 

Do not condemn, and you will not be condemmed. 
Forgive, and you will be forgiven. 
Give, and gifts will be given you. 

This is perfect segue into my second and final point - 
GIVING: "Give and gifts will be given you. " 
It means, in order to receive certain personal rewards, you have 
to give of yourself. Ironically, you give to receive. I've already 
mentioned that, if you want to acquire trust, you must give trust. 
Think of the faculty whom you've trusted the most - they are the 
ones who trusted you. The faculty respected the most - they are 
the ones that showed you respect. Try to remember thai when you 
are in a position of responsibility involving other people 

One of the great benefits of a boarding environment is the op- 
portunity to make incredible friends In the business of friend mak- 
ing and keeping, the same principle applies - you must give 
friendship to receive friendship. 

This point was driven home to me a few weeks ago. It was the 
evening of the Fashion Show. I had 4 of my oldest buddies and 
their wives for dinner at the Ltxlge. We were great pals, we played 
the same sports, chased the same girls, went our separate ways 
to university, ended up back in Toronto, started working, saw each 
other all the time, knew what was going on in each other's lives. 
What's more, we showed interest in each other. We remembered 

JUNE 11, 1994 

little things which demonstrated we cared 

But, in I4S.1, I moved to Port Hope and my .1 friends remained 
in Toronto We began raising families I knew what was going 
on back in TO, vaguely, and saw them once or twice a year, but 
1 had to struggle to remember their kids' names I was busy at 
res. and I must adiiiil. I didn't really put much lime into keeping 
in touch When I saw them a month ago. .^ ol them were still very 
tight and. although I was still tnends with them all. I wasn't quite 
there. 1 wasn't quite with them. I missed that feeling of closeness, 
1 envied what they still had. 

But. I really hadn't invested much in our relationship and so 
1 didn't get much back I hadn't given to the Iriendship, so 1 couldn't 
expect to receive much Anyway, I'll be ok, BUT remember, you 
always have to give to receive 

This precept is so evident in the whole service comp<inenl of 
TCS in which your class has so admirably demonstrated. 

Ask Joannah Boddcn "When does she really feel good". The 
answer might be just after she has visited Mr. George Jacob, or 
Bunny and Joe Larivey who are 90 and 94 years old, respectively. 
They can't wait for her visit. Or ask Adrian Lee. Paul Krisdaphongs 
and Sunny Tarn how they feel after they've visited their adopted 
Senior Citizen at Regency Towers. I'm sure they feel great. In 
fact you've heard this from your Mothers. If you really feel down 
in the dumps, do something nice for someone else and you'll feel 
much better. 

Enough preaching. I know many in this class are neither quick 
to judge nor fail to give of themselves at every chance. But, if 
you remember anything from my speech, please remember: "re- 
sist judging and you will not be judged" - "insist on giving and 
gifts will be given to you." 

In a minute or so, we w ill move to this banquet of prizes to my 
left. We will be recognizing normal benchmarks of success for 
people your age. That's all fine; it feels good; it means a lot; it 
is well deserved. But, 20 years from now, who won awards and 
why they won them will, like this speech, be distant, hazy me- 
mories. They will be irrelevant They will have little bearing on 
who is happy, fulfilled, content and successful. 

What w ill deienmine contentment are the lessons you have learned 
here and in intervening years; lessons like the value of honest work, 
tolerance, courtesy, team work, respecting others regardless of 
status or station, openness, integrity. Although we cannot reward 
you for these attributes, if you have got this far at Trinity, chances 
are you have an appreciation of these ideals and you have begun 
to practice them. 

That, in a nutshell, is the value of TCS and thai we can all cel- 
ebrate with each one of you today. So, enjoy the rest of the day 
- your last day as students on campus. It's an emotional day for 
us all. Just be grateful for simple blessings - being literate, being 
healthy, being free, having people that love you and care about 
you, having friends to share a day like this with. 

I look forward to welcoming you as Old Boys and Old Girls 
of TCS. 1 am very glad that our paths crossed at Trinity. Thank 
you for leaving such goixl footprints here m Port Hope. 

Good luck and take care of each other. 




Lower First Form 

Erin Revill 

Isl Form 

Erin Black 

2nd Form 

Ken Haukioja 
Simon Rowland 

3rd Form 

Ted Wright 

F.A. Bethune 


Form 2 

Keri Haukioja 
Simon Rowland 

Form 3 

Ted Wright 

Form 4 

Andrew Ho 

Form 5 

Sarah Moorjani 

Headmaster's Awards 

for Academic Excellence 

in Fourth and Fifth Form 

(85 % and over) 

4th Form 5th Form 

Trisha Bevan 
Catherine Denault 
Barbara Finn 
Jeremy Hammond 
Andrew Ho 
Amanda Irvme 
Laura Kucey 
Kris Omland 
Julie Pepler 
Jason Seagram 
Lesley Slade 
Christopher Willmore 

Rachel Abraham 
Kevin Chan 
Michael Cogan 
Paul Futhey 
Maxime Legault 
Jason Liddell 
Sarah Moorjani 
Natalie OToole 
Carol Phelps 
David Pugh 
Emily Rose 
Daniel Salmon 
Ben Sandford 
Irene Zouros 

Subject Prizes 
4th Form 

The D'Arcy Martin Prize in English 

French Prize 

Spanish Prize 

Environmental Science Prize 

Music Prize 

Social Science Prize 

Dr. Forrest Prize in Art 

The Hugel Prize in Geography 

The Armour Memorial Prize for Comuputer 


The Ingles Prize in Classics 

Physical Education Prize 
Accounting Prize 

5th Form 

The D'Arcy Martin Prize in English 

French Prize 

Geology Prize 

Music Prize 

Economics Prize 

History Prize 

Dr. Forrest Prize in Art 

The Hugel Prize in Geography 

The Armour Memorial Prize for 
Computer Science 
Physics Prize 
Chemistry Prize 

Biology Prize 

Physical Education Prize 

Law Prize 

Christopher Willmore 

Jeremy Hammond 

Carol Phelps 

Jilan Kamal 

Lesley Slade 

Laura Kucey 

Laura Kucey 

Natalie Harford 

Andrew Ho 
Trisha Bevan 
Jilan Kamal 
Ainslie Ellis 
Andrew Ho 

Sarah Moorjani 

Michael Cogan 

Randall Jamieson 

Meghan Johnston 

Rachael Abraham 

Jeffrey Ruhl 

Michael Cogan 

Robyn Hung 

Ben Sandford 

Sarah Moorjani 

Barbara Finn 

Irene Zouros 

Sarah Moorjani 

Austin Brown 

Irene Zouros 

Leroy Smith 

The Jubilee Math Awards 

2nd Form 
3rd Form 
4th Form 
5th Form 

Keri Haukioja 
Ted Wright 
Ivan Cheung 
Kevin Chan 

The Everett McNutt Prizes 

Mathematics, Grade Seven David Robertson 

Mathematics, First Form 
English, First Form 
English, Second Form 
English, Third Form 

Erin Black 
Erin Black 
Simon Rowland 
Jilan Kamal 
Ted Wright 


General Proficiency 

in First, Second, 

and Third Form 

First Form 

Jaime Garcia 

David Robertson 

Benilla Ho 

Kathleen Seagram 

Travers McCord 

David Trennuni 

Cavan O'Reilly 

Second Form 

Andrew Angus 

Peter Lui 

Melissa Bevan 

Katherine MacFarlane 

Katie Emer> 

Bungane Mehlomakulu 

Colleen Feddery 

Jeremy Milloy 

April Gadd 

Christine Norman 

Luis Garcia 

Geoffrey Phipps 

Br>n Hamilton 

Katy Spiewak 

Megan Irwin 

Third Form 

Tyrell Ashcroft 

Jilan Kamal 

Anthony Black 

Kinglsey McCart 

Ryan Conacher 

Andrew McFadzean 

Jaime Cook 

Christopher Milne 

Joseph Costello 

Miho Nakagawa 

Gordon Cudney 

Melissa Niziol 

Frank Depalma 

Jenna Rinas 

Karenza Elliott 

Amanda Salmon 

Samuel Gamble 

Sarah Stuart 

Tessy George 

Chris Tomlinson 

Courtney Green 

John Trenholme 

Cheryl Horsley 

Margaret Turner 

Daniel Ip 

Helen Vaughan 


Arts and Activities 

1 he Miirioii Osier Award lor 

Head Sacnslan 

Michael Pohoresky 

The Pal Moss Society Award 

Kenneth Bignell 

Michael Pohoresky 

The Archbishop of Toronto Pn/c 

lidan Howell 

Rachael ScotI 

I'hc \i BoNd Heaven Library Award 

Thomas Adamek 

The Headmaster's Purchase Award 

Corbet Ball 

The Fred Manin Memnnal Pn/es tor 

Art and Music in the 1st horiiis (an) 

Mitchell MacKay 

(music) Erin Black | 

I'he Stevenson Award tor the 

Best Actor 

Ceri Warwick-Foster 

The Buttcrtield Trophy and Prize for 

Outstanding Contribution to 


Kenneth Bignell 

The Gavin Ince Langmuir Memorial 

Prizes for Writing Overall Timothy Lee | 

Shon Story 

Jennifer Howse 


Melissa Stewart 


Hilary Rowland 

The Armour Memorial Prize for the 

Editor of The Record 

Paul Futhey 

The Barbara Erskine Hayes Prize for 


Kabir Jamal 

The Speaker's Gavel - given by 

Mrs. J. Irving Lawson 

Kabir Jamal 

The Most Promising Junior Debater 

Jeremy Milloy 

The J.D. Kelchum Music Prize 



The Headmaster's Pins for Music 

Erin Black Milosh Mills 

Paulina Gonzalez Miho Nakagawa 

Meghan Johnston Kathleen Seagram 

Sang Hun Lee Scott Tottenham 

David Lin 

Music Distinction Awards 

Adam Cota Philip Sword 

Riz Hassan John Thompson 

Sarah Keelan Julian Whike 

Stephen Lee 

The Music Director's Award 

(The Jesse and Joses Jones 


Philip Sword 

The Class of '89 Award 

Riz Hassan 

The Tony Prower Choral Award; 

Wells Baker 

The 1970 Trophy for the Out- 

standing Contribution to the Arts 

Ceri Warwick- 



Subject Prizes at the OAC Level 

The D'Arcy Martin Pri/c in 

The French Prize OAC I 

Advanced French Prize OAC 1 
OAC I . Francophone 
The Spanish Prize OAC I 

OAC 2 
The Rigby History' Prize 
The Kent Prize for Canadian 

The Music Prize 

The Economics Prize 

The University of Toronto Prize 

The Dr. Forrest Prize in Art 

The Hugel Prize in Geography 

World Issues 

The Founder's Prize for Physics 

The Peter H. Lewis Medal for 


The Armour Memorial Prize for 

Computer Science 

The Ingles Prize in Classics 

OAC 2: 

The Classical Civilisation Prize 

The Biology Prize 

The Science in Society Prize 
The Phvsical Education Prize 

Timothy Lee 
Drew Spence 

Atiianda Irvine 
Catherine Denault 
Paul Futhey 
Joannah Bodden 
Julian Whike 

Tara Hamilton 
Kyle Nichols 
Ri/ Hassan 
Kathcrine Wan 
Riz Hassan 
Ginger Busch 

Robert Magwood 
Michael Pohoresky 
Sunny Tarn 

Sunny Tarn 

Riz Hassan 

Tara Hamilton 
Philip Sword 
Garth Nichols 
Melodic Rodriguez 
Katherine Wan 
Joannah Bodden 
Adam Cota 

Jlie Heads of Houses Gifts 

Francois Bourbeau 
David Crosbie 
Jamie Geekie 
Kabir Jama! 
Sarah Keelan 
Robert Magwood 
Rachael Scott 








The Prefects Gifts 

Tara Hamilton 
Brett Hayhurst 
Stephen Lee 
Garth Nichols 

Kyle Nichols 
Isabel Tremblay 
Ceri Warwick-Foster 
Julian Whike, Head Prefect 

The Centennial Prizes 
for Effort and Progress 

Ancha Bala-Gaye 
Mary Evans 
Geoffrey Phipps 

Julian Powell 
Kerry Revill 

Headmaster's Awards 
for Academic Excellence 
in the Sixth Form 

Wells Baker 
Joannah Bodden 
Ginger Busch 
Adam Cota 
Hamish Cowan 
Martin Denault 
Tara Hamilton 
Andrew Harrison 
Riz Hassan 
Brett Hayhurst 
Ivan Ho 
Edan Howell 
Kabir Jamal 
Sarah Keelan 
Sarah Kisilevsky 
Steven Lee 
Timothy Lee 

Stephanie Lloyd 
Wilson Ma 
Curtis Mack 
Robert Magwood 
Karene McDonald 

Garth Nichols 
Michael Pohoresky 
Rachel Scott 
Philip Sword 
Sunny Tam 
John Thompson 
Katherine Wan 
Julian Whike 
Denji Yiu 
Jason Yue 

Prizes for Outstanding 
Contribution to School Life 

1st Form The Philip Ketchum Cup 
2nd Form The Hamilton Bronze Medal 
3rd Form The Margaret Ketchum 

4lh Form The 1945 Challenge Trophy 
5th Form The Langmuir Challenge 


Kathleen Seagram 
Bryn Hamilton 

Jilan Kamal 
Cameron Snaith 

Maxwell Saegert 
Daniel Salmon 


Arhlefic Awards 

The Heber Rogers Memorial Trophy 
tor the 
Outstanding Under 14 Athlete 

The Patterson I'rophs lor the 
Outstanding Under 15 Athlete 

The F.G. Osier Cup lor the 

OutstanJini; l.ittleside Athlete 

The de Peneier Trophy lor the 

Outstanding Middleside Athlete 
The Stewart-Halarlampides Award for 

Gixxl Spirit and Achievement in 

The Ingles Trophy for 

Keenness in Athletics 

The Jack Ma>nard Memorial Trophy 
for Leadership m Athletics 

The Brian "Toby" Kent Memorial 

The Grand Challenge Trophy 

The Gavin Ince Langmuir Memorial 
Trophy for Inter-House 

J.iimc Ciarcui 
Hrvii Haiiiilloii 

Gordon Cudney 
Keri Haukioja 

Brvcc Gibson 
Andrew McFad/ean 
Irene Zouros 

Thomas Adamek 

Ian Lederer 

Kyle Nichols 
Ryan Rodrigues 

Isabel Treniblay 

Frani;ois Bourbeau 
Anikka Foster 
Garth Nichols 
Kyle Nichols 
Isabel Tremblav 

Bickle and Brent 

Special Presentation and Tlianks 

Martin Sandford - Leaving Faculty (5 years) 

Siobhan Tarasick - Leaving Faculty (3 years) 

Jeff McGee - Leaving Faculty (9 years) 

Junior Faculty 

Jane Armstrong 

Rowing Distinctions: Adam Cota 

Jason Liddell 

Robert Mehler 

Garth Nichols 
Director's Award for Outstanding Perfomiance 

Sean Dempsev 
Earl Thompson (Retiring) 
Brian Hednev (25 vears on staff) 

Special Prizes 

The Boulden Award for Integrity in 

The Lutra Award Stephen Lee 

the Middle School 


Ceri Warwick- 



Lieutenant-Governor's Medal for 

The Angus and Loma Scsoti Award 


Fdan Howell 

for Outstanding Contribution to 

The Jubilee Exhibition Award for 

School Life Kenneth Bignell 


Tara Hamilion 
Sunny Tarn 

The Men Anthony Award Joannah Sodden 

The Jim McMullen Memonal Tro- 
phy Edan Howell 
The Chancellor's Prize Tara Hamilton 

Kabir Jamal 
The Bronze Medal Julian Whike 







Mr Jom; Abed 

Mr. Arthur D. Angus 

Dr & Mrs N.V. Baker 

Mr Mousa G. Bala-Gayc 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Ball 

Mr & Mrs. Donald Bayne 

Mrs, Violel Bcvan 

Mr. & Mrs. David Bignell 

Mr & Mrs. George Bryson 

Dr. & Mrs. V.G. Buchanan-Smith 

Mr & Mrs. Guy Chapdelaine 

Mr Tommy Chen 

Mr. & Mrs. William Costello 

Mr & Mrs. Mark Conacher 

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Cota 

Dr. & Mrs. Geoffrey De Caires 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Dempsey 

Mr & Mrs. Domenico De Palma 

Mr. Leslie W. Drover 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Feddery 

Mr. & Mrs. John Fulhey 

Prof. & Mrs. J.D. Gorrie 

Dr. & Mrs Ari Haukioja 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Higgs 

Mr & Mrs. Walter Howell 

Dr. & Mrs. Mcxin Wai Ip 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Jauvin 

Mr Gord Kavander 

Mr & Mrs. George Khattar 

Mr. Eric Lai 

Mr. & Mrs. R.F. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Legault 

Dr. & Mrs Robert Lubin 

Mr. & Mrs. Siu Lung Ma 

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Marleau 

Mr. & Mrs. John Martin 

Mr. & Mrs. Malsubara 

Mrs. Clarice McCarthy 

Mr. & Mrs. Eckhart Mehler 

Mrs. M. Gibson & Mr. M. Mehlomakulu 

Mr. & Mrs. David Mirvish 

Mr. Marc Morin 

Dr. & Mrs. Keith Morley 

Yoshihisa Nakagawa 

Mrs. Allison Phelps 

Mr. & Mrs. H.M. Pohoresky 

Mr. S.K. James Poon 

Mr. & Mrs. S.M. Pugh 

Mr. & Mrs. Gil Remillard 

Mr. James Sheehy 

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Slade 

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Swackhamer 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Tomlinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Guy Tremblay 

Mr. T.G. Trenholme 

Mrs. W.H. Wan 

Mr. & Mrs. C.L.F. Watchorn 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Westlake 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Whike 

Mr. George Will 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Wilson 

Mr. & Mrs. R.C.N. Wright 






Mr. & Mrs Anions Abraham 
Mr & Mrs HA Alcazar 
Professors Nabil & IaxIi Anlaki 
Mr & Mri M T Ashcrofi 
Mr & Mrs. Donald F Black 
Mr. & Mrs William Black 
Mr. & Mrs Andrew Bourbcau 
EIniar A Busch 

Mr & Mrs D. Ngok-Chow Cheng 
& Mrs. Frederick Cogan 
& Mrs John Corsi 
& Mrs Claude Denault 
Mrs. Sheila Ebcns 
Mr & Mrs Robert F Ellis 
Prof. & Mrs. Peler Ennals 
Mr & Mrs. Gregor> Erwin 
& Mrs. Andrew Gamble 
& Mrs Donald Gibson 
& Mrs. Roben Gome 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Green 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Hammond 
Mr & Mrs. George W .P Hayhursi 
Mrs. Robyn Keelan 
Dr. & Mrs. Roben Kisilevsky 
Mr. & Mrs. Michoke Knsdaphongs 
Mr. & Mrs. John Lederer 
Mr. & Mrs. Chul Lee 
Chul & Sung Sook Lee 
Mr. & Mrs. Pui Wan Lee 
Mr & Mrs. Luc Legault 
Mr. & Mrs. A. PL. Lived 
Mr. & Mrs. Kam Chiu Lui 



Mr. & Mrs Carl Mack 
Mr & Mrs Scon MacKay 
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Macklin 
Mrs Gcraldinc dc Male) 
Mr. David McCarl 

& Mrs J Mcintosh 

& Mrs Ian Millar 

& Mrs. Carl Mills 
Professor & Mrs Frank Milne 
Mr. & Mrs. Alvaro Morales 

& Mrs Thomas Moss 

& Mrs Robert Ogilvie 

Roger Pepler 

J. & Dr. C. Pierce 

& Mrs. Trevor Rcid 

& Mrs. Ian Revil 

& Mrs. Rory Roberts 
Mr. & Mrs Joseph Rixiriguez 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rose 
Mr. & Mrs. Wade Rowland 
Dr. & Mrs. S. Sanborn 
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Scolt 
Mr. Peter Yu-Ho So 
Dr. John Spcnce 
Mr. & Mrs. George Swan 
Mrs. Regina Tong 
Mr. & Mrs. P. Douglas Turner 
Mr. & Mrs. James Walker 
Mr. & Mrs. Dana Wells 
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Willmore 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wilson 







Iliis Pu|;c Sponsored hs MRS M 


Bci^inners Band 

Hack Row (1. to R): Mr McGcc. Mr. 
Hjhcrcr. R Harisson, J Gurcid. M. 
MacKii) , Bryn HaiiiillDn. J Abed. T. 
McCord. Mr Wri(;ht From Row: 
Mrs Alldri-d. P Gon/akv. K. Sca- 
i;rani. M Nakagawa. J Wilson. J. 
Ni/ii)l, D Rcihensiin, J Gorric 

Junior Concert 

Back Row (I. to R): P Johnston. S. 
Morales, B Mchlomakulu. D. Lin. 
M Eaton, C O'Reilly. D Trcnnum. 
Middle Row: Mr Wright. S Row- 
kind, J Milloy, C, Fcddery. E. Re- 
vill, D, Cheng. C Wells, M. Irwin. 
Mr Sinnott Front Row: P Lui. Car- 
men Wong. B Ho. K. Emery. K. 
Spiewak. E Blaek. K. Haukloja. Ca- 
naan Wong. In Front of Front Row: 
M, Chestnut. 

Concert Band 

Back Row (L to R): A. McCaughey. B. Mch- 
lomakulu. G Bertram. D Lin. P Lui. S 
Rowland Middle Row: Mr Wnghl. P John- 
ston. D Cheng. T. Wright. V Bharadwaj. 
R Conacher. F, Cook. Mr Sinnott Front 
Row: T George. K Haukioja. A Barr. Car 
men Wong, K Bughwan, K Elliott. H 
\ luihn. K Spicwak. K Emery In From 
"I I mm Row: .M Chestnut 


This Page Sponsored by MR 

Junior Choir 

Back Row (I. to R): Fr Seagram. L. 
Shechs. B Erwin. J Phelan. A. An- 
gus. S. Tonenhani. T. George. F. De- 
Palma. E. Revill. J. Niziol, Mr. 
Wrighl. Front Row: K. Seagram. C. 
Horslcy. E. Gorsline. S. Stewart. J. 
Coslcllo. E Black. 

New Edition 

Bock Row (L to R): Dr Bermingham. 
A. Bala-Gaye. M, Towle. C. Will, 
C. Green. S. Kisilevsky. M Rodri- 
guez. Mr. Wright. Front Row: M. 
Johnston. T. Montgomery. M. Mack- 
lin. A. Barr. G. Busch. K. Wan. 

Senior Choir 

Back Row (L to R): W Baker. J 
Ruhl. M Rodic-Mills. C. Ball. B. 
Denton. Middle Row: Dr. Bcrming- 
ham. A Bala-Gaye. M Towle. P. 
Gon/iilcz. C Will. S Kisilevsky. Mr. 
Wrighl Front Row: M. Johnston. T. 
Montgomery. M. Macklin. A Barr. 
G. Busch. K. Wan. 


String Ensemble 

Hack Row (I. to R): A McCaughcy, 
J Kamul. Mr Wrighl. Mr Sinnoll. 
1 Chcunj;. S RohjyoShcndan Front 
Row: S. Tarn, t. Lai. Kevin Chan. 

Little Big Band 

Back Row (L to R): Mr McGee, C. 

Donault. B Sandlord. J Whikc. A. 
Cola, J Thompson, Mr Wright. 
Front Row: P Sword, A Marsh, A. 
Ennals, S. Lcc, C. Snailh, R Hassan, 
L. Slade. A. Virick. 

Senior Wind 

Back Row (L to R): P. Sword, A. 
Cola, J. Yuc, J. Thompson, T Ham- 
ilton, S. Kecian, Mr Marsh, D. 
Swackhamer. Middle Row: Mr 
Wrighl, A Virick, S-H Lee, L. 
Sladc, C Snailh, L Wu, B Sandford. 
J Whikc, D Salmon, S Feddery, J. 
Kamal. Mr McGee Front Row: J. 
Seagram, C .Mi Inc. S U-c. R Has- 
san, Mr Sandford, K. McFarlane, 
Karen Chan, T Ashcrofl. 


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D.A^' packages avail- 


It's an uplifting ex- 

Never underestimate the 

Opposition for they may be 




Election time. However, 

Since the 

Nineteen ninety-three voting. 

Other positions in parliament 
have become 
Vacant, and 

Old members have 

Time on their hands. Will the 

Election prove to be the 



^arkfn ^Ijoto Centre Htb. 

277 Division Strecl 
Cobourg. Oni. K9A 3R3 
372-7961 • 372M97 

■18 Walton Street 

Port Hope. Ont. LIA IN'l 








Julian Abed 

Cjrreten FeiJenil Mexico Puebia 


Puebia. Puebia. Mexico 72660 

Oil 5; ::-47i375 

Rachel Abraham 

*) Wentvhonb Coun 

t'nionville. Ontario L3R 7N6 


Thomas Adamek 

R R>l 

Cjmpbelkrofl. Onurio LOA I BO 

"JOJ")? :.'.': 

Chris Akazar 

n Mace Place. Halebml Park. 


Pon of Spain. Tnnidad. W 1 


Teaj Aiiderson 

iU Maple Street 

LilchtHeld Conneticut USA 


M.l 567.0042 

Andrew Augus 

24 Strathgowan Credent 

Toronto. Ontario M4N 2Z7 


Karim Anuki 

1025 Ave de^ Braver 

Quebec Cit>. Quebec CIS 3C9 


Robert Armstrong 

2094 Emerald Crescent 

Burliniion. Ontario L7R IN3 

905 6.VJ-O4I6 

Laird Amoldi 

1 Queen Strecl East #2200 

Toronto. Ontario M5C 2Z2 

416485 0016 

Doug Amot 

P O box 7 

Vu\lanc. Swaziland. Africa 

Tyrrell Ashcroft 

R R »6 

Cobourg. Ontario K9A 4J9 


Wells Baker 

416 [-dirMe\^ Dri\c 

Whilb). Ontario LIN 3A8 

905 668 9422 

AiKha Bala Gave 

157 Cape Point. P O Box 894 

Banjul. The Gambia. 

West Africa 

01 1 220 .394846 

Corbell Ball 

142 Silver Lady Lane 

North Bay. Ontario. PIB 8C4 


Damola Balogun 

ECA MRAG. P O Box 3005 

Addis Ababa. Ethiopia 


Fiona Bamell 

2186 Roscberry Avenue 

West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 2Z7 

Ashley Bart 

262 Walton Street 


li.K.urj:, Dnlano K9A 3W8 

905 372 (1465 

Michelle Bawden 

Cordwallcs Schmil 

Pns BG 9063 

Piclcrmarn/burg. Africa 3200 

Michael Baync 

187 Clcmou Avenue 

Ottawa. OnMriii KIS 2B3 

613 2.14 7(191 

Francois Ba/in 

70 Church Street 

Elorj. Ontario NOB ISO 


Curtis Begg 

45 Mizzenlop 

Wjrvnck. Bermuda WK06 

8(19 236 2541 

Tyler Benedict 

107 First Avenue 

Ottawa. Ontario KIS 2G3 

613.563 1321 

Chanlal Benoit 

11 OReilly. #1802 

Nuns Island. Quebec H3E 1T6 


Geoff Bertram 

5507 Elm Street 

Vancouver. B C V6N 1A3 

Melissa and Trish Bevan 

R R #1 

Port Hope. Ontario LIA 3V5 

905-753 2480 

Vivek Bharadwaj 

1 Ifi Caddy Avenue 

Sault Sic Mane. Ontario 

P6A 6H9 

705 942-9678 

Kenneth Bignell 

146 Cavendish Court 

Oakville. Ontario L6J 5S2 

905 844-2449 

Ross Birchall 

285 Maple Street 

Collingwwxl. Onurio L9Y 2R3 

705 445-1623 

Erin Black 

R R »5 

Cobourg. Ontario K9A 4J8 

905 372-4255 

Anthony Black 

I 125 Studley Avenue 

Halifax. Nova Scotia B3H 3R8 

902 429 2799 

Joannah Bodden 

P O Box 1347G George Town. 

Grand Cayman 

Cayman Islands B W I 

809 949 7508 

Malhieu Boisvert 

201 Claude Daujal Rue 

Bouchcrvillc, Quebec J4B IL9 

514 655-M79 

Christian Boos 

Hilkresl'. Golf Club Road 
Christ Church. Barbados W.I. 
wn 415 6733 
Francois Bourbeau 
1011 du Pcrche 

Boucherville. Quebec J4B 2V2 
514655 7020 
Andrew Boyd 
1 1660 Riverside Drive East 
Windsor. Ontario N8P 1A6 

CIdirc Brooksby 

Swamsthorpe Hall. 


Norwich. NR14 80A. England 

Austin Brown 

540 LyndcbriKik Road. R R.#2 

Whitby. Ontario LIN 5R5 

905 6554164 

Shiela Bryson 

71 McRae Drive 

Toronto, Ontario M4G 1S3 

416 696 2296 

Rachel Buchanan-Smith 

Pilcaple Farm R R #22 

Cambridge, Ontario N3C 2V4 

519822 1859 

Kiran Bughwan 

PO Bos 33225 

Monlclair 4061, Africa 

Ginger Busch 

159 Frederick Street, #801 

Toronlo, Ontario M5A 4P1 

Miguel Bustamante 

14A Sur No 3912 

Puebia, Puebia, Mexico C.P. 


Oil 52-22-451427 

Megan Callender 

PO Bos N 7117 

Nassau, Bahamas 

809 327-608: 

Sean Casgrain 

135 Alexandra Boulevard 

Toronlo. Ontario M4R 1M3 

416482 7046 

Arjun Chada 

Ici Hsc 34 Chossringhee 

Cakulla 70(X17 1 , India 

Karen and Kevin Chan 

Flat SB, Residence 7 

Chinese University. Shatin, N-T, 

Hong Kong 

on 852 603 .5684 

James Chang 

60 Greenland Road 

North York. Ontario M3C 1N2 


Francois Chapdelaine 

3592 Si Zolique 

Montreal. Quebec HIX 1 E4 

514 722 .1408 

Albert Chen 

1706 7250 Yonge Streel 

Thornhill. Ontario L4J 1V8 

905882. 5096 

Alex Cheng 

298 Dunview Avenue 

North York. Ontario M2N 4J5 


Derek Cheng 

No 147 Cypress Dr . 

Palm Springs 

Yuen Long. NT Hong Kong 

011-852-482 2-100 

Matthew. Shannon Chestnut 

142 Lakeshore Boulevard 

Kingston. Ontario K7M 6R5 

613 389-1610 

Ivan Cheung 

Flat IC. 24 F, Hsin Kuang 


120 Lung Cheung Road 

KowltHin, Hong Kong 

01 1 852.123.7.509 

Ada Chiang 

7 Bishop Avenue # 2409 

North York. Ontario M2M 4J4 

416 733-8,147 

Cheryl Chow 

6C Jade Mansion. 32 Fort Street 

North Point, Hong Kong 

Oil 852 571,8107 

Brodie. Bourtney Christ 


Claremont. Ontario LIY I A2 

905-683 67,19 

Brian Clarke 

Worths Park iFaclorsl Ltd 

Ewanon, P O , StCalherine 

Jamaica W.I 


Lise Cocker 

792 Wellington Street North 

London, Ontario N6A 3S3 

519 419-65-16 

Michael Cogan 

564 Hillsdale Road 

Ottawa. Ontario KIM OSl 

613-746 7297 

Ryan Conacher 

263 Bclsize Drive 

Toronlo. Ontario M4S 1 M5 


F.J. Cook 

314 Bunon Road 

Oakville. Ontario L6K 2K8 

Jaime Cook 

P O Box 744 

Devonshire. Bermuda DVB,\ 

809 2-16-9021 

Mike Corsi 

97 Braemar Road 

Kingston, Ontario K7M 4B5 


Joseph Costello 

525 Oxbow Road 

WalerliKi, Ontario N2K 1Y5 

519-747 1571 

Adam Cota 

58 Rhonda Boulevard 

Bowmanville, Ontario LlC 3Y2 


Hamish Cowan 

Box 500, Station "A" (Moscow) 

Ottawa, Ontario KIN 8T7 

Oil 7 501 956-2074 

Jane Crawford 

31 Riverside Drive 

Sault Ste. Marie. Ontario 

P6A 3R9 

705 946 5858 

David Crosbie 

42 Chestnut Park Road 

Toronto, Ontario M4W 1W8 


Balazs Csaszar 

1240 Bona Park. #10 

Pickering, Ontario LIW IE4 

905-831 4915 

Mary-Claire Cubberley 

■Chelwynd' R R,#2 

Burks Falls. Ontario POA ICO 

705 382 3841 

Gordon Cudney 

67 Thomas Street 

Ottawa. Ontario KIM IM7 

613 744-0762 

Andre DaCosIa 

Congo Road. St Philip 

Barbados. W I. 

Ok« DaC'usu 
H O Bo> 5JI0. Ck»«gc Timn 
GrdiiJ Cd>nun. C'<i>nMn IsljnJ^. 
B Vt I 

Ucvfr Dc Cdlrn 

;r l>u^dnl^ 

WW 4:» mm: 

A>n«ic> OrliK'r 

l^ Hi|;hljixl Ascnue 
Toionio Onuriti M4^ 2\2 

Aimcr> Dc Main 

10 Njpicr Ri>aJ 
kcn\in^(on. U>nti(>n. I' K 
»I4 »iy 

ON 44 'I eUJ (INS 

Sc«n Dcmpic) 

R Rf< 

Pun Calling. Onuiix PUB IJO 

■n)5 765 55>1 

CdlhcriiK. Manin Dcruull 

10:4 B.Hil \ incl 

Bclxeil. yucN^ IM JV7 

514 467 lOVl 

Brad Demon 

425«* Kcnic C»>un 

Bcllckillc. Onurio K8R IG2 

6I< '<6» ;5«» 

Frank. Paul Dc Painu 

15 Pirl»ood Dn>c 

CohtiuTii. Onuno k'JA 411^ 

W5 r: 6.V16 

Giada Dobrvzefuk> 

1 144 WrM HaMings. >404 

WickloM. W Bu. VancvHiver. 


V6E JT5 

Andreas Dom 

Krru/berg Promciude 24 

50:6 Salibufg. Austria 

Oil 66: 6*M 74 

Jertmy Dossor 

2 Zenith Asenuc 


Soulh Auslnlia 5066 

Aaron Drover 

6 Timberlanc Court. Bos A-6 
Counicc. Onurio LIE 2H1 
<)05 576-4692 

Michael DuRield 

1 1 Pembroke St 
College Park 

S AuMlaha 5()64 
Man Eaton 

7 Gamett Drive 

Ajav. Ontario LIS 4X7 

Frances Ebbrell 

R R»2 

Port Ho()e. Onurio LI A 3V6 

905 885 6926 

Karma Elliolt 

PO Bo> 1108 

Grand Cavnun. Ca>nun Islands 

B W I 


AiniUe Ellb 

\}0 Glenrosc Avenue 

Toronto. Onurio M4T IKS 


Hi;ar> Else 

4615 Russell Rd . R R '7 

Duncan. B C V9L 4W4 

Katie Emcr> 

261 Rankin Boulevard 

Cotiourg. Onuno K9A 4B8 

905-372 8073 

Andrew Ennals 

PO Bo« 1733 

Sackville. New Brunswick 



Blair Exwin 

300 Dawlish Avenue 

Toronto. Ontario M4N IJ5 


Mar> Evaits 

49 Nelson Street West 

Godench Onuno N7A 2M4 

519 524 1327 

Nicholas FascI 

Perollcs 10 

Fribourg. Switrciland 1700 

0IMI3 728 5522 

Colleen. Scon Fedderv 

248 Kingvleigh Court 

Milton, Onurio 1.9T 1X7 

9U5 878 1621 

Rudrlgo Fernaiidet 

Puebla «vl2 Nlc 

Cd Obregon S«m. Metico 

011-52 641 .12796 

Barbara Finn 

32 Ijnuravk Crewenl 

tonJon llmano N6K .1J7 

519 657 8H79 

Kendrick Fong 

43 Glenarv K>viJ 

Toronto. Ontario M5P ^W 

416 4S2 489(1 

Anikka Foster 

465 ttcUei Sticel 

Pctilboroogh Ontario K9H 2N7 

705 748 5765 

Borja Frajle 

l.a VcrediUa 4. I.a Moraleja 

28109 Madrid. Spam 

on V41 650 3956 

Bernard Francis 

Mtffi.ur> Street. CiKilidge 

P O Bov 194 St John's. Antigua 

809 461 3112 

Lee Frew 

R R «l 

Pim Hope. Ontario LI A .W5 

905 786 2t).»8 

Paul Futhc.v 

281 Wolselcv Sltcel 

Thunder Bav . Ontario P7A 3G8 

807 344 7h44 

April Gadd 

P O Box 334. 202 Church 


Cobourg. Ontano K9A 4K8 

905 372-2867 

Sam Gamble 

129 Dagneais Drive 

Yellowknife. N W T XIA 3A5 


Jaime Garcia 

14 Sur 3301. Colonia Anzutes 


Puebla. Puebla. Mexico 


Luis Garcia 

CO Camimv sur N-51 La 


Alcobcndos. Madrid. Spain 


01 1-34- 1 -650- .3962 

Slefane Gaudr>' 

624 Lavallec 

Calixa Lavallec. Quebec 



Jamie Geckie 

R R»2 

Pon Hope. Ontario LI A 3V6 


Tessy George 

74 Disrsei Street East 

Pon Hope. Ontario LI A IE4 


Br>'ce Gibson 

78 Glenvieu Avenue 

Toronto. Onuno M4R 1P8 


Clare Glassco 

175 Dublin Street 

Peterborough. Onurio K9H 3B4 


Michael Golani-Fox 

501-50 Prince Arthur Avenue 

Toronto. Onuno M5R 1B5 


Paulina Gonzalez 

Palmeras 106. Col Refornu. 


Oaiaca. Mexico 68050 

Oil 52 951 53.373 

Jim Gofric 

1 36 Bedford Park Avenue 

Toronto. Onuno M5M IJI 

416-188 6240 

Robert Gorric 

55 Teddington Park 

Toronto. Ontano M4N 2C5 

416-487 2675 

Emma Gorsline 

138 Dorset Street West 

Pon Hope. Onurio LI A IC2 


David Grant 

1 5546 Redington Dr 

Redington Beach llotida 13708 

813 3916181 

Olivier Gram 

22 Alice dev Delieuvev 

t-ouveviennev. France 

Tucker Grant 

12 Blythwoixi Crescent 

Toronto. Ontarui M4P 2K3 


Heather Graves 

4 2290 (iaivilicdc Dine 

Kaliiloopv. British Ciiluinbia 


6(M 828 2927 

CtHirtnev Green 

174 tircen Sircci 

Cobouig. Ontario k9A tW4 

905 372 K921 

James Gregory 

397 Dune Street 

Toronto. Ontario M6S 3G5 

416 769 9969 

Michael Grimihs 
40 Wales Avenue 
Matkhani. Ontario L3P 2C5 
905 294 6168 
Alana Hall 

Liikeview Road. P O Box 

Nassau. Bahamas 
809 3916103 
Mark Hall 
.190 High Street 
Carleton Place. Onurio 
613 257 1267 
Andrew Hamilton 
99 church Street 
Bowmanville Ontano LIC IT3 
905 6230381 
Brook. Brvn. and Tara 

36 Ro)al Oak Urnc 
Barrie. Onurio L4N 7S5 
Jeremy Hammond 
"Blue Harbour" 
3 Bay side Lane 

Hamilton Pansh, Bermuda CR03 
Russell Hansson 
498 Roosevelt Drive 
Kingston. Ontario K7M 4B1 
613 .184-0.186 
Natalie Harford 
10 Rust Street. St Clair 
Pon Of Spain. Trinidad. W I 
809 622 1404 
Andrew Harrison 
PO Box 1047. 16 Weslwixxl 
Avenue, Wolfville. Nova Scotia 
BOP 1X0 
902 542 7236 
Rizwan Hassan 

10 496 Range Lake Road 
YelUmknile. N W T XIA .3R5 

Keri Haukioja 
363 George Street 
Cobourg. Onurio K9A 3M2 
905 .372 0077 
Brett Hayhursi 

11 St Aubvns Crescent 
Toronto. Ontario M4N 3K3 
416-488 8115 
Johnalhan Herrera 

112 Alexander Road. 


Carcnagc. Trinidad. W I 


Kathryn Higgs 

PO Box N 41.19 

Nassau. Bahamas 

809 393 1749 

Andrew, Bertila Ho 

50 Mosedalc Crcsccnl 

Willowdalc. Onurio M2J 3A4 

416-190 1947 

Ivan Ho 

Flat 2A. BliKk 1 1 . 

Wciodcrest Hill 

8006 Tai Poon Road. Shatin. 

N T Hong Kong 


Mac Hoover 

R R f 3 

Port Hope Onuno I lA 1V7 
905 751 2552 
Cheryl Horxle) 

I l-eaiiHk Houlrsald 

I'oit Hope Onuno I lA 2X2 
9(l^ H8V r»92t) 
Fdan. Trent Howell 
45 I'aliHiiino Dnve 
Sault Ste Mane. (Jnuiio 
P6A 6K4 

7I1X 7S9 0967 

Jennifer Howie 

R R >4 

GanantHjue. Onurio K7G 2V6 

613 549 2994 

Kevin. Robyn Hung 

5785 ^ivngc Sltcel f608 

Nonh Vork Ontano M2M 4J2 

Daniel, Deniie Ip 

Wi Belleview Drive 

I'F Repulse Bay Garden. 

Hong Kong 

Oil 852 812 2589 

Amanda Irvine 

II I'll/hugh Une. Box 9(M 
Cobouig. Ontario K9A 4W4 
905 372 7662 

Julian Irwin 

8 Dale Avenue 

Toronto. Ontario M4W IK4 

416 925 7997 

Megan Irwin 

P O Box 500 (BPESTI 

Suiion "A" Otuwa, Ontario 

KIN 8T7 

on .161 1556 128 

Kim Ilo 

R R 02 

Baltimore. Ontario KOK ICO 

905 372 3725 

Kabir Jamal 

604 Forest Lane 

Edmonton. Albena T6R 2C4 


Randi Jamieson 

R R «l 

Ottawa. Ontario. LOM IPO 

705445 6284 

Francois Jauvin 

827 Heben 

Mont-St-Hilaire. Quebec 

J3H IS8 


Jessica Johnson 

3 Lynwood Avenue 

Toronto. Ontario M4V 1K3 

416-960 9690 

Meghan, Michael Johnston 

Red Cloud School Road Box 

161. R R '1 

Caslleton. Ontario KOK IMO 

905 .144-7063 

J-F Jourdain 

1072 Du Peiclie 

Houvherslllc Quchev 14B SN) 

514 655 1515 

Jamil Juma 

5 Mklniies CrcMTent 

ScarNirough. Onuno MIB 5E7 

416 :«: 7592 

Jilan, Ruben Kamal 

Condorniniuni I Cunimudore's 


1098 King Street West KingvUHi. 

Ontario K7M 8J2 

611 5470621 

Tamara Kavaniier 

U Ukc linvc B..> ;4S9 

Hunlvvillc (Jnufiii HtJA IKO 

705 7K9 2669 

Sarah Keelan 

707 Charlevwonh Drive 

Samu. Onurui N7V 2S1 

519 112-t519 

Bill Kelletl 

1214 Boldcau Glove 

Glouvevter Onurio KIC 2M7 

611 8,V) 1687 

Declan. Maeve Kerin 

■Aivhling Farm' . R R »2 

BalliiiHiic. Onuno KOK ICO 

905 172 1134 

Craig Khatlar 

5 MacDougall Heights 

Sydney River, Nova ScxNia 

BIS 3A8 

902 562 1.140 

Sarah Kisileviky 

120 Cairn Grove 

Kingston. Onurio K7M 4B9 

613 .1896020 

Jeffery Kopas 

59 Douglas Drive 

Toronto. Onuno M4W 2B2 

416920 2268 

Paul Krisdaphongs 

PO Box 160 

Kelligrews, Newfoundland 

AOA 2T0 


Laura Kucey 

92 Augusu Street 

Pon Hope. Onuno LIA 1G9 

905 885-8269 

Erkka Laakkio 

Kiiskeneva 2 E 45 

02170 Espoo. Finland 

on 358 90-422-355 

Eric Lai 

House No 52. I Hereford Road. 

Sunderland F.sUlc. Kowloon 

Tong. Hong Kong 

011-852 337-9978 

John Lai 

22 Hawlcaf Crescent 

Nonh York. Onuno M2H 1H4 


Alan Lao 

2 0.t«.» R.^<d 

IVin Millv Onuno M.'B :AI 

Un Lctkrtr 

52 Bitfucrc^ Avenue 

S<.Mrlti<iD>igh. Onuno MIC" 'IW 

4ift;8j 65;: 

Adrian U< 

271 PrtiKCki Avenue 

Nonh Yoel. Onurio M2N JS5 


Ben Ln 

.W> Kinyvdile Avenue 

Wilh»tlile. Onufiu M2N .1X!I 


Edward Lev 

Mil I2W Onn Millv RiMd 

Don Millv. OnuiM M)B 3N8 


Sang Hun Lev 

**(N 1 Jujn-dong. Nam-ku 

In^ht^n, Korej 

on S2 '2-»25-50)i* 

Stephen Lee 

IM>* ?? Elmhurvl Avenue 

Nonh YoiL. Onurio M2N 6G8 


Tinw<h> Lee 

PO 8>'» HM 1551 

Hamilton HM KX, Bermuda 

80» 2><2 1I7J 

R>an Lcvsui 

407 OnUfKv Sireci Wcvl 

Which). Onurio LIN 6J4 


Kevin Legault 

54 Rij^evjllev Cre^'enl 

Elobivolc. Onurio M9A 3)6 

416233 2450 

Maximc Legaull 

5*M Mane-Viclonn 

BoucherMlle, Quebec J4B 1X3 



50 Protea Gardens 

Willo»djle. Onurio M2K 2W6 


Jason Liddell 

Forhrock Street. R R i»l 

Pickenng. Onurio LIV 2P8 


David Lin 

1743 Bough Beeches Boulevard 

Mivsisvauga. Ontario L4W 2B7 

905-625 3767 

James Lloyd 

1 19 Highboume Road 

Toronto. Onurio M5P 2J5 


Stephanie Uoyd 

433 Downic Street 

Peterborough. Ontario K9H 4J5 

795 749 1233 

Marina Locke 

Sadadeen Veterinary CI 

PO B<n 1990 

Aliic Sptinit. N T . Auvlralia 


Nicholu-\ Lok-Juck 

16 Cavvia Drive. Lady 


Port of Spain. Trinidad. W.I 

S09 622 I25H 

Peter Lui 

8 Cimnlcigh Court 

Richmond Hill. Ontario 

L4B 3C9 

905 508(M25 

Wilson Ma 

Flat H' . Boland Court. 7 Fl. 

Phase 2 

No 12 Brt«dcasl Drive 

Kowloon. Hong Kong 

011-852 337..1623 

Joao Ma 

Edificio Comcrcial Chong Kian 

Rua De Santa Clara. 1-3. 14 

Andar. Macao 

01 1 853 -563585 

Peter Mac Donald 

.39 Chestnut Park Road 

Toronto. Ontario M4W 1W7 


Alet MacFarlane 

95 Rivcrvicw Drive 

Toronto. Ontario M4N 3C6 

416 486-6671 

Kalherine MacFarlane 

P O Bo« 436 

Penh. Ontario K7H 3C.1 


Curtis Mack 

53A Hubert Ranee Street. 


San Fernando. Trinidad. W' 1 

809 652 .1092 

Mitch MacKay 

540 Wilder Slrccl West 

St Marys. Ontario N4X 1B5 

519 284 1914 

Megan Macklin 

R R«l 

Gores Landing. Ontario 

KOK 2E0 

905 .342 3614 

Rob Magwood 

1 1 1 Rochester Avenue 

Toronto. Ontario M4N 1N9 


Jason Marleau 

,369 James Street 

Wallaceburg. Ontario N8A 2N6 

519-627 8907 

Scott Martin 

18 Kingsgardcn Road 


Toronto. Ontario M8X 1S6 

416-233 1221 

Luis Murtinez-l.avin 

Rio Tama/ula No 504 Colonia 

Vista Hcrmosa 

Cuernavaca. MoreUis, Mexico 


Oil 52 7316-0571 

Andrew Matsubara 

508 Dawson Avenue 

Ottawa. OiiLino Kl/ 5V7 

613 722 4614 

Kristin Matthews 

P O Bos 43 

Port Hope. Ontario LIA 3V9 

905 885 9872 

Jason Maynard 

PI) Bos N l(l(«l 

Nass.iu. Bahamas 

8IN 19V 11 72 

Joseph Maynard 

P.O. Bos N ItXNl 

Nassau. Bahamas 

809 325-2229 

Kingsley McCart 

399 Codrington Sirecl 

Barric. Ontario L4M 1S9 

705-728 1612 

Anne McCaughey 

268 Henry Street 

Cobviurg. Ontario K9A 3Y6 


Travers McCord 

R R.^l 

Camphellcroft. Onuno l.OA ISO 

905 797 2849 

Doug McCoy 

42 FallmgbfiH.k Drive 

Scjrbvirough. Ontario MIN 1B6 

416 691. 5453 

Steven McCuaig 

2 Sellers Court 

Nepean. Ontario K2H 7Y7 

61.1 820-4062 

James, Karene McDonad 

1287 Abbes Road 

Pickering Onurio LIX 1W5 

905 831 6860 

Andrew McFadzean 

Bos 195 

Tamworth. Onurio KOK 300 

613 379 2650 

Graeme Mcintosh 

70 Cheltenham Avenue 

Toronto, Ontario M4N 1 P7 

416-482 3326 

Gill McLeod 

P O Bos 96 

Malkcrns. Swaziland. Africa 

Alex. Andrew McMillan 

R Rd 

Charlottetown. P E 1 CIA 7J6 

902 5694279 

Robert Mehler 

18 Sandl'icld Road 

Don Mills. Onurio M3B 2B6 

416 441. 1383 

Rungane Mehlomakulu 

I Concord Drive. R R »1 

Kingston. Onurio K7L 4V 1 

611 545 1121 

Mariku Mibayashi 

12 5 712 koshienguchi Kitamachi 

Nishinomiya. Hyogo 

Japan 663 

Amy Millar 

Millar Br.Hike Farm R R *5 
I'crlh. Dnurio K7H 1C7 
611 267 4393 
Jeremy Milloy 
1 75 Dublin Street 
Peterborough. Ontario K9H 1B4 
Christopher Milne 
196 Churchill Crescent 
Kingslon. Ontario K7L 4N2 
613 545 lUll 
Rachael Mirvish 
4 Shorncliffe Avenue 
Toronto. Ontario 
416922 9799 
Tara Montgomery 
84 Dorsel Street West 
Port Hope. Ontario LIA 3G2 
905 885 6186 
Sarah Moorjani 
"Shalimar" 9 Atlantic Shores 
Christ Church. Barbados. W I 

809 428 1742 

Steven Morales 

59 Lakeshore Boulevard 

Kingslon. Ontario K7M 6R4 

613 389 9275 

Marc Morin 

35 Phvhs Street 
Nepean. Ontario 
611 825 2989 
Katherine Morley 
4 Kearsev Coun 
Barrie. Onurio L4N 4R8 
705-722 1)591 
Carolyn Moss 

"Yer Ti/" 15 Garthowen Road 

Devonshire DV07. Bermuda 

809 2.16 7321 

Brad Mountain 

17 BliHimsgrove Avenue 

I'on Hope. Ontario I.IA 1X3 

905 885 2063 

Bryon Mumford 

R R «1 

Port Hope, llnl.irio 1 lA 1V7 

905-786 2hlKl 

Friederike Nagel 

Parvdorlcr Wcg I I. W 8011 


Bavaria. Germany 

Oil 498 IU61 2491 

Miho Nakagawa 

791 8 Ooiwa. Fujinomiya shi 

Shi/uoka 418. Japan 

01 1 8154427 8366 

Richard Nanka-Bruce 

Sue 17, Bos #58, R R «2 

Sudbury , Ontario P3E 4M9 


David Ncedham 

19 Steeplechase Avenue 

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Scarborough. Onuno MIN 1B6 
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Johnathan, Melissa Niziol 

Millbrook. Ontario LOA IGO 
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Smgcncr Str 42A. Germany 
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Christine. Jennifer Norman 
55 Connaught Street 
Oshawa. Onuno LIG 2H1 
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Rory Ogilvie 

"Bay Rum". Eastern Road 
P O Bos N-7774. 
Nassau. Bahamas 
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875 Connaught Avenue 
Sudbury. Ontario P3E 5H9 
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Kris Omland 

1033 Westminster Avenue East 
Pcnlicton, British Columbia 
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Samson Ootoowak 

P O Box 90 

Pond Inlet. N W T ,\0A OSO 

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Cavan O'Reilly 

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Port Hope, Onurio LIA IC4 

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Natalie O'Toole 

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Heights Drive 

New Glascow. Nova Scotia 

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4815 St Fclis 

St-Augustin de Desmaures. 

Quebec G3A 1B2 


Veronica Parliament 

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Baltunotc. Ontario KOK ICO 

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Lusaka, /.ambia 


Jian payandeh 

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ll/F. Wing Lung Bank Building. 

Hong Kong 

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Calgary . Albcna TZI 2T9 


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2161 Mac Donald Sireel 

Halifax. Nova Scolu B3L 3G3 




Ltr> sec . . . It's June I'-Kh. it's eight iJa\s .il'tcr Speech Day, 
jnd I'm Mtting here working, with this final thing to write. Yes. 
life diK's have its bad points 

This is the seetion where I'm supposed to say something about 
the sehottl. the year, and this book. Well. 1 mean, what do I 
say'.' Do I wrilc stuff like "... We stand together, bound in 
spirit and sharing knowledge ... We have reached the peak. 
the brink of inevitable fate, and we look into the awesome bar- 
ren face of the future . . .". complete w ith a picture of me look- 
ing skyward, or one of me sitting at a desk, pen in hand, ready 
to work, all bright-eyed and smiling.' There's nothing wrong 
with that of course, just that I can't write that stuff very well. 
and I'm sure all of you have heard, seen, and read It all already. 
The picture by the way was used due to the fact that there were 
really none other. 

After taking a quick glance around the Computer Room, I 
realized I was pretty much alone. There was no Mr. Ramsay. 
no Mr. Venter busting people for food in the labs, and no Peter 
Hobbs waiting to week-end confine me. Forgive me if this Isn't 
written very well, but I have to write one. and this is the last 
thing I have to complete, before I finally jump ship. 

Well, the 129th year of Trinity was a tairly smooth one. as 
one might assume Now in its third year of co-ed. the school 
begins to balance more, regarding the number of males to fe- 
males. It was a strong year academically (I bet you're falling 
asleep now. just as I am), with about a third of the school in 
Group 1. We were led by a strong bunch of Prefects, who put 
the needs of the school ahead of their own. They were a great 
example to all. and we hope that next year's can do the same. 
We did all right in Athletics, with Bigside Girls Basketball be- 
coming the Tirst girl's team to win a title. Bigside Guys going 
to OFSAA. Bigside Rugby just rocking everybody and numer- 
ous other results. I'd go on. but if you really want to know . 
you'll find out inside the book. Thai's what it's for 

As for the b<x)k. well. I didn't know what to expect to begin 
with. Being the first Grade 12 Editor. I had the dubious honour 
of being the test-trial guinea pig. It was determined that the 
Sixth Form editor would have tix) many other things to do. and 
besides, people want the editor to return the next year so that 
Ihcy know he or she is still in town for talking to. (ie. I have 
to really watch what I put in! ) I didn't know how well prepared 
I was. and I was in for a surprise when I learned that this was 

a pretty big job. Fortunately. I had plenty of help from lots 
of eager and willing people. Sean Dempsey and Tamara Kav- 
ander helped raise over five thousand dollars for this book 
through patrons alone. Congratulations on a job well done. As 
well, thanks to Tony. Brook. Jer. Nanka. who helped out when 
needed. Thanks to all photographers, especially Alex who was 
usually there to run to Parken's if I needed him to. I'd really 
like to thank my Assistant Editors Laura and Ashley for 'lelp- 
ing out so much, especially after Speech Day, when the last 
seventy pages were done. I'd silll he working If it weren't for 
you two. Many thanks to Mr. Wright for always having a pic- 
ture box I could raid when 1 needed it. and to Mrs. Morgan 
and Mrs. Closs for pictures, some write-ups and any other de- 
tails that needed kwklng after. If I have forgotten anybody, please 
be assured that my forgetfullness is unintentional (apologies 
to Evan Spencer, Mr. Hay's first son). 

1 have done my best to help produce a book that is not of- 
fensive to anyone. If anybody Is, I can again assure you that 
It was not Intentional. I know already that there are mistakes, 
but nobody Is perfect and don't be too harsh In judging this. 
My apologies to those groups who didn't make It In. Had there 
been a few more pages, that would have been accompllsed. 
There are more candid pictures than previous years. In an at- 
tempt to give students what they really want in a book, and 
although there are eight more pages than last year (152), an- 
other eight would have been better. 

Well, I've bored you long enough, and I've just about filled 
this page up. as well. Even though Vw Record doesn't know 
where they will be next year (a grand piano Is moving In), a 
strong portion of the staff will be back. To Laura who Is next 
year's editor; you'll do fine, you're better prepared than I ever 
was. To the grads of '94; good luck, and to the other readers; 
read the book, try and tolerate it if you can, and remember 
most Importantly, this Is TIte Record of '93-'94. This is as It 
happened, and this is how It will be. 

I'm outta here. 

Paul Futhey. Editor. June 19. |iW4 


J ruNished 


Published ^l 


\rs,.\ty,\ I It?